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Activity Check

It's that time of year! Time for WWN's quarterly activity check!

What is an activity Check you might ask? Well it's a check we do to see who is active on the board and who isn't. Those who are inactive will lose their claims and free up spaces for new members. We engage in an activity check every 3 months. March, June, September, and December.

Activity checks last for ONE WEEK and close. If you don't sign before the end of the week your characters will all be placed on Voluntary Inactivity, for which you can read the guidelines below. If you are a member of staff, this will constitute losing your staff position, as you will not have active characters and you must have at least 1 active character to be on staff.

But Lilythe, what do I need to do?
It's simple! Fill out the code below for every character you have. If your character has posted  and average of once per month for the last three months, or is less than 3 months old since approval/pulled back out of the archive, it is safe! If it is not, the character will be placed as inactive.

How long do I have to wait to reactivate if I fell inactive?
To give new members a chance to grab at spots that they may not have had a chance to otherwise, we ask that you wait until the end of the month the activity check was conducted in. For example, if it is June, then you can reactivate as early as July.

Your Options:
Keeping: Keeping means that you are choosing to keep the character. They must meet the requirements for staying active, which is to say that they have at least 3 posts since the last activity check.
Voluntary Inactivity: Have you lost muse for a character but are hoping they'll come back soon? Maybe you couldn't reach the 3 post minimum for the 3 months due to real world obligations. This is the category for you! If your character falls in this category, don't worry. As it says above, you can reactivate once the month is over, or whenever is convenient for you after that. Your positions are safe for up to 1 AC after this one. If you are inactive for more than one additional AC (i.e. 3 or more activity checks), you may lose rights to your face claim and limited positions (i.e. positions that have a limited set of positions available) but you won't lose anything else (i.e. creature status, OWLs/NEWTs, etc.)
Retiring: This means you are dropping this character permanently. Your spots will immediately open up as soon as the activity check finishes at the end of this week, and this character can never again be reactivated. Be careful when choosing this status, we don't even put people who have left the site in this status unless they specifically request it. Once it is done, we will not undo it. Choosing to retire a character will award you 100 Galleons per active year awarded to a new character of your choice. Characters retired before they have met the year mark, but more than 6 months will receive 50 Galleons. Characters who were retired before their 6 month mark receive no Galleon bonus.

The Code

Characters you are Keeping:
Characters you are Making Inactive:

Characters you are Retiring:

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