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Multiple Births Claim

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Multiple Births Claim
  • Those who have a wanted ad up for a multiple can also place themselves on this list utilizing the "Wanted" reserve below. The person playing the twin/triplet/other will need to claim it once they've been accepted.
  • Reserves are for 7 days only, unless you're under review or roleplay in progress, then please update it to an under review reserve
  • Reserves run out at Midnight Arizona Time on the 7th day.
  • Failure to claim may result in someone else taking it from you!
  • Reservations are not a claim. Once your application has been approved by staff you will need to come back to claim it
  • Reserve requests lacking a date will be deleted and not posted
  • Do NOT use the HTML converter for your reply post!


Current Twins 0/7
Current Triplets 0/5
Other Multiples
Current Other Multiples 0/5
The Codes


Under Review Reserves

In Progress Reserves

Wanted Reserves

By member group it means your group color name. They are as below, make sure you put them exactly as spelled or it wont work.
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