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The Sorting Process

Sometimes when making a first year character, we don't have a clear idea which house our character should belong to when we make them. Or maybe there's a plan for exactly what house you want to be in. On WWN we try to be flexible enough to accommodate everyone. Below are the various options for how someone can be sorted.

First Years
When making a first year you can either tell us exactly what year they are in your application, or allow the sorting hat to do the work for you! If you'd like for our staff to sort you using our sorting hat (we review your application and decide where their personality fits)then all you have to do is post with your character in whatever the current school year's Sorting Ceremony is within the Great Hall and tag @ Maeve Johnson in your post. She'll take care of the rest!

Second Years to Seventh Years
Unfortunately, this time period requires reservation of a spot on the claim, so you will have to choose your house on your own. However, if you're trying to decide on a house feel free to PM @ ★Lilythe and she'll be willing to help you out based on the personality/availability.

Alumni from Hogwarts have the freedom of not requiring a claim reserve. This means that you are free to choose wherever you graduated from as long as it complies with canon (i.e. no Hufflepuff Dark Wizards, etc.). But if you would much rather have staff help in sorting your character based on their personality, we can arrange that! Your application will need to have your alumni house in it for approval though, so you have 2 options. You can PM @ ★Lilythe  for a quick PM decision. Or, if you're feeling like you'd rather enjoy having the "sorting experience" you can create a Character Enrichment thread to go through their sorting ceremony and tag @ ★Lilythe  in your post. You will need to sign up for a Subforum if you don't already have your own though! This process is longer, but can be very rewarding.

As you can see there are many options for how we can sort your character for you. So please pick whatever works best for you!
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