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House Points Updated 05/14/20, House Cup Awarded
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The Quill

Open Sorting Ceremony: September 1, 2070

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The school is abuzz with the chatter of the older students as the doors swing open, allowing the first years their first glimpse of the Great Hall. For some, it will be among their first wizarding experiences, while others will consider the floating candles to be rather normal. However all students will likely be impressed by the ceiling, bewitched to look like the skies outside.

At the end of the path between tables, sits a stool and a hat. The hat looks worn and rumpled, as if it had been worn by countless individuals over the years. But as the First Years are brought to a stop before it, it begins to chant.

"I sit and sort and think of rhymes,
To tell the children how and why
Their sorted into houses four
Shall I start with Gryffindor?
In this house they're brave and bold
Their banners colored red and gold
Some noted for their chivalry
Knights would find them good company
Next I'll talk of Hufflepuff
For them labor is not so tough
They are among the most loyal friends
Yellow and black unto the end
Now Ravenclaws are quite clever
Without an answer they are never
Stunning individuals it's true
They decorate in bronze and blue
Finally, I bring you Slytherin
The house of utmost ambition
They go all out for their dream
House colors are silver and green
As you put me on I'll see
In which house you ought to be
I never get a placement wrong
So come on down and try me on."

With its song finished, @ Maeve Johnson stands ready with a list of names. She begins to read them off in a seemingly random order.

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