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Activity Check

It's WWN's first activity check! What is an activity Check you might ask? Well it's a check we do to see who is active on the board and who isn't. Those who are inactive will lose their claims and free up spaces for new members. We engage in an activity check every 3 months. March, June, September, and December.

But Lilythe, what do I need to do?
It's simple! Fill out the code below for every character you have. If your character has posted within the last three months, or is less than 3 months old since approval, it is safe! If it is not, the character will be placed as inactive.

How long do I have to wait to reactivate if I fell inactive?
To give new members a chance to grab at spots that they may not have had a chance to otherwise, we ask that you wait until the end of the month the activity check was conducted in. For example, if it is June, then you can reactivate as early as July.

The Code

Characters you are Keeping:
Characters you are Dropping:
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Activity check was completed, and extra time was allotted (2 weeks longer than usual). At this point we feel it is time to close it. 

If you missed the AC, don't worry! You can reactivate by July 15th (we are doing mid-month since we extended this AC so long) after new members have been allowed their chance to claim any newly opened spots.

If you lost a Staff or Application Protected Position (such as Head of House, Editor, Minister, etc.) you must, unfortunately, reapply for the position you lost.

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