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Rosalyn Harkiss

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Rosalyn Marie Harkiss



  • Full Name: Rosalyn Marie Harkiss
  • Age (D.o.B.): 34 (04/07/2035)
  • Nicknames: Roz, Rosie
  • Gender: Female
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Blood Status: Pureblood
  • Position: Hogwarts Headmistress
  • Wand: Blackthorn, Dragon Heartstring, 13 in., Unyielding
  • Place of Birth: Galway, Ireland
  • Current Location: Hogwarts
  • Education: Hogwarts, Gryffindor Alumni
  • Languages: English, Gaelic (Irish)
  • Other: Apparation


  • Likes: Cinnamon, Horses, Challenges, Teaching, Standing Up for Others, and Firewhiskey
  • Dislikes: Dishonesty in all forms, Rude people, Bullies, Raisins, and Slugs.


  • Relationship Status: Single
  • Significant Other: None
  • Past Relationship(s):
    NAME: James Taylor-Jones, Hogwarts Sweetheart, parted on good terms, still friends
  • Family:
    Father: Elijah Harkiss, 75, Ministry Official (Department of Magical Games and Sports)
    Mother: Evelyn O'Neil-Harkiss, 74, Housewife
    Grandmother: Kathleen O'Neil, 102, Deceased
  • Pets: Tawny Owl named Pyxis

Writer Information

  • Writer Alias: Lilythe
  • Writer Age: 29
  • Writer Pronouns: she/her/hers
  • Timezone: Arizona
  • contact: PM Here or Discord
  • will not write:
    Anything is fair game, but please discuss mature themes with me first so I know what your expectations and limits are.

Before Hogwarts

The first born and only child of Elijah and Evelyn Harkiss, Rosalyn was their pride and joy. That was, until she could walk. At that point the little one got herself into mischief left and right. Her mother would place her in a playpen, but sure enough Rosalyn would find her way out of it, and Evelyn never could figure out just how. It was almost like magic! But certainly a toddler was too young to apparate.

At the age of five, Rosalyn's parents placed her in horseback riding lessons just to give her an outlet for all her excess energy. She took to it with enthusiasm and it quickly became her favorite pastime. By a year later, Rosalyn was already capable of riding without assistance. Before long she was able to take on grooming and mucking out the stables to ensure that the horses were taken care of. While it wasn't her favorite of chores, Rosalyn was willing to do just about anything to ensure she could continue to ride and feel the wind in her hair. It was as close to true freedom as a six year old could have, and she loved it.

Like most Pureblood children, Rosalyn was taught to read, write, and do basic arithmetic by a governess until the age of 11 when she received her letter confirming that she would be attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Her parents were excited for her to attend, and Rosalyn's eyes grew wide with wonder.

Hogwarts Years

Rosalyn took to witchcraft like a fish to water. While she wasn't particularly great at anything, she worked very hard and found joy in every success. Magic gave her an entire new world to explore. There were new adventures every day and she was thrilled.

After a few years a Hogwarts, Rosalyn had seen just about as much of the castle and Hogsmeade as she was capable. Her curiosity began to get the better of her once more, and she began to fall back on her old habits. Once, she ventured into the Forbidden Forest and spent the weekend there. When she returned to the castle she was quickly met with an angry professor and a full week's worth of detention. In her mind, however, it was worth it.

Rosalyn retained mostly Exceed's Expectations grades while in school, but found that she thoroughly enjoyed helping her peers with studies and that she was quite good at it! The one subject she worked her way--with great effort--into being a true master at was Care of Magical Creatures. With her love of animals, and dedication to learning, she was able to eventually work herself into an Outstanding grade. And by graduation she was almost an expert on magical beasts.

After Hogwarts

For the first 5 years after graduation, Rosalyn served as a magizoologist for the Ministry. She studied and helped preserve several species of magical creatures. While she was happy with her choice of career, she felt something was missing. She often found herself mentoring the new recruits as the years went on. It came as no surprise to anyone when the Care of Magical Creatures position opened at Hogwarts that she jumped on it. After a successful interview, she secured the position and taught it for the next 12 years.

No teacher loved to teach more than Rosalyn. While Care of Magical Creatures may not have been the most advanced subject, her teaching methods certainly were. Children loved going to her classes and that only made her enjoy the task more. When Professor Longbottom retired, and Gryffindor needed a new Head of House, Rosalyn filled the void. Then when the Headmaster needed a new Deputy, she was the first asked to fill the position. Eventually culminating in her placement as Headmistress when the Headmaster retired.

Character's Personality

Rosalyn has always been a fearless individual. When she was little, there wasn't much that could stop her from doing whatever it was she felt like. Any attempts at scaring her were met with laughter and she took denial of her capabilities as a challenge. This often got her into more trouble than necessary, and earned her the title of reckless at an early age. Not one to sit still, Rosalyn's need to find adventure coupled with her brave nature were far more than her parents bargained for. She would go out of her way to ensure that her day has at least one new experience in it to keep herself out of tedium.

Ever the staunch defender of those in need, Rosalyn doesn't let anyone bully others in her presence. While she won't immediately jump to violence, she isn't above doing so and her fiery temper will sometimes get the better of her. It is infuriating to her when she finds that someone is taking advantage of others, and she will go out of her way to make sure they regret that decision. However, despite her noble intentions, Rosalyn's stubbornness and temperamental character often ensures that conflicts don't resolve as diplomatically as they might have otherwise. She finds herself, in hindsight, regretting using sharp words instead of forming a well thought out dialogue.

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