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Professor Wolfe was hovering above the field, expertly balanced on the handle of his Firebolt Ultimate. Once the fastest broom on the market, this model had taken the Wizarding World by storm after its predecessors the Firebolt and Firebolt Supreme. These days it was more of an old relic. A lot like me... he thought with a smirk. That thought would have made him sad once upon a time. Now it merely struck him as fact of life. He'd had enough trouble moving past those feelings though, and had no intention of stirring them up again. Still, while new models had long since come and gone, this was the broom that had stuck by him. He had taken good care of it and it had supported him in turn. It did so now too, remaining perfectly steady as he stood on it.

"Colovaria!" he declared, making strong movements in the air. He looked as comfortable up there as he did on solid ground. Maybe more.

The color change charm flowed from his want, painting the grass below with distinctive red lines. Soon the whole field had been marked in lanes. There was barely enough space between them for a single flier, and each twisted and crossed the others in a crazy pattern. This was one of his favorite lessons. It usually resulted in quite a bit of chaos, but every teacher knew that the most hectic lessons were always the most memorable. He only had these kids n their first year, so he always made an effort to get his lessons stuck in their minds. Besides, there was no real danger here. Professor Wolfe had become quite adept at the Cushioning Charm. (If he hadn't, the Headmistress would've had his hide long before now.)

The stage was set. The Professor lowered himself to sit on the broom the correct way, and it shifted along with him to support his weight. Just in time, too. The Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws were filing out of the castle doors. While he was very comfortable standing on his own broom, he definitely didn't want to give the first-years any ideas. There were a few Gryffs in his house who he knew wouldn't hesitate to try it, so he didn't doubt there were similar minds among the Puffs and Claws. The students' early morning dreariness disappeared as soon as they laid eyes on the crazy, colorful grass.

"Ah... Professor?" A soft-spoken Hufflepuff was giving him a concerned expression. "What's this?"

"I'm glad you asked!" The teacher ginned broadly. He had been hoping someone would question his methods. "You all have been getting pretty good on those brooms! You've got a good handle on steering and control." There were a few stragglers in the group, but overall the first years have indeed been a pretty decent group. They were receptive to his teachings, and he was trusting them today with something a bit more dangerous... and a bit more fun. "Today we're going to practice breaking. But more importantly, we're going to practice the third rule of flying! Does anyone here know what that is?"

A Ravenclaw girl raised her hand. He recognized her - she raised her hand for nearly every question. But since she was the only one who seemed willing to volunteer an answer, he had little choice but to call on her. "Yes!"

"The third rule of flying is to be respectful!" She declared in a matter-of-fact tone. As though she were reciting from an invisible textbook.

"That's correct. It's always important to remember that you aren't the only flier in the sky. This one goes hand-in-hand with rules one and two. When in doubt, pull to a stop. You should be respectful of other fliers, but also of yourself and your own health. I do hope you recognize that. If not now, then after today's activity..."

He gestured to the field with its' twisted lanes and crossings. "Line up by the start of these lanes. There are five of them, so we'll only have five fliers at a time." Any more than that would've been a serious risk. Even with the Professor on watch. "Stay within the lines and clear the course as fast as you can. But be careful!" He indicated a cross section between two lanes. "Your path is going to intersect with other fliers. When that happens, what should you do?"

"Pull to a stop!" A Hufflepuff shouted without raising his hand.

"That's right! Stop, and be respectful! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If not... let's get started!"



In-Class Assignment (Bonus!)

(Answer these questions in your RP for house points!)


  1. Please describe in your own words: What is the third rule of Flying, and why is it so important?

  2. What other obstacles might you need to look out for in the sky (besides other fliers)?

  3. Describe an event in your character's life that could have been resolved by being respectful (but wasn't).

No double posting please!  Professor Wolfe will be posting once per week, so everyone will have the opportunity to make at least three replies. All answers should be written in-character, and roleplay responses to other's answers are encouraged. For grading information, refer to the "About this Class" post in the course shell.



Attendance and Post Count

(Students who do not post will be considered Absent)


Amanda Winterbourne - 1



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"Cool!" Mandy exclaimed. She'd never seen an activity quite like this one. This was why Professor Wolfe was her favorite, he was always coming up with the wackiest and most fun things to to do! (Nothing to do with how young and cute he was, of course.) The little girl watched with starry eyes as he explained the activity they'd be doing. It sounded kind of dangerous, but surely Professor Wolfe wasn't actually going to let anyone get hurt. While Mandy did have a multitude of girlish crushes (she was basically a middle-schooler after all), what she felt toward the professor was more a deep admiration than anything romantic. His story was just the sort of tragic glory that she loved from all those cheesy movies. But he didn't act like the brooding protagonists of her favorite stories. He was always, always smiling. Very Hufflepuff of him, she thought.

Eager to impress, she raised her hand high. "I want to go first!" 

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Professor Wolfe watched as the children completed the task. There were certainly a few bumps along the way, many a potential collision he had to prevent. That wasn't unexpected by this point of course, but he did find himself more exhausted than he normally would have been. Teaching was a passion, but definitely a tiring one. "Alright!" he barked, grabbing the students' attention. They all looked about as worn out as he felt, particularly the ones who had struggled with today's experience. But it was clear they had gotten the idea. "Time's up!"

He looked over the group of first-years. So small, so full of life. He couldn't help but smile. "Well then, you all have officially mastered the three rules of flying. Keep these in your minds and hearts, and we should be able to have some real fun here." Indeed, with the basics of curriculum out of the way, he had some great plans for this course. "I look forward to seeing you all next Friday."

"Class dismissed!"

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