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Contest Of the Month Voting: February

Of the Month Voting: February  

8 members have voted

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  1. 1. Out of Character of the Month

    • AdelynnWilde
    • Lilythe
  2. 2. Male Character of the Month

    • Adrian Wolfe
    • Nash Phillips
  3. 3. Female Character of the Month

    • Eris Kerrigan
    • Rosalyn Harkiss
    • Maeve Johnson
  4. 4. Roleplay of the Month

    • Hot Butterbeer and Snow
    • A Nice Day for a Walk

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  • Poll closed on 02/01/2020 at 06:59 AM

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Of the Months

How do we decide who is nominated?
2 weeks before the end of the month the staff gets together to nominate who should be put forth. We cannot nominate any of our own characters or roleplays, so any nominations of staff-owned characters or staff-participated roleplays were done by another/non-participating staff member. Furthermore, any writer, character, couple, or roleplay that is nominated cannot be nominated again for 3 months, regardless of their station. This is to help increase the variety in nominees and reduce bias as much as humanly possible.

Can I vote multiple times?
You may vote once per active character, currently. However, if we notice a problem occurring where voting becomes too skewed towards certain members we will adjust this rule accordingly. Please vote responsibly.

Why is voting only open a few days?
Voting is open the last week of the month. It is only open a week to ensure that one must be active to vote, as well as allows us to have the winners up for the full month they won for, rather than a partial month.

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Of the Month Winners!

Out of Character:
Runner Ups: AdelynnWilde

Male Character:
Adrian Wolfe
Runner Ups: Nash Phillips

Female Character:
Rosalyn Harkiss Runner Ups: Maeve Johnson, Eris Kerrigan

Roleplay of the Month:
Hot Butterbeer and Snow
Runner Ups: A Nice Day for a Walk

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