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Regarding Personal Plots

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Regarding Personal Plots

Personal Plots are things that occur on a character level. They are things that do not have an impact on the wizarding world as a whole, but certainly impact your character's life. These can be things like:

  • Relationship Drama
  • A singular incident of crime
  • Discipline for an action at school
  • Minor prophecies that only impact 1 character or a family etc.
These are just a few examples but there are many different types of personal plots out there.

What Isn't Appropriate

There are many things out there that you can do for your personal plots. However there are definitely just as many things that wouldn't be considered appropriate. These are things that wouldn't impact just you, but the entire community as a whole. Some examples of this include:
  • Serial killers
  • Major Prophecies that impact the whole community, anything with a "Chosen One"
  • Attacks on major places in Harry Potter canon (i.e. Hogwarts, Ollivanders, Flourish and Blotts, etc.) etc.
Again, these are just some examples, and not all the possibilities that exist. A good rule of thumb to figure out whether it's appropriate or not is: "Does this impact just my character and those I'm writing with directly?", "Would this make major headlines or otherwise ensue panic or happiness on a massive scale?". If the answer to either of those is yes--or if staff feels it is "yes"--then it's probably not something that is appropriate to do on an individual scale. You could, however, talk to staff about working it into the site plot so that you could participate in it down the road.

Why It's Like This

We are trying to create a highly interactive site where you and your ideas can shape what happens. However, we can't please everyone at once and have 12 "Chosen Ones" at any given time. That would be very inconsistent. We like to be consistent in our site content. This means that if something major is occurring, like a massive crime spree or "chosen one" type scenario, that would impact all of our writers, not just you. Because that would be in the headlines. That would be something that caused ripples and waves and would change how characters interact with one another; the same way that the active site plot will impact all of them. By joining our site, our members agree to the plot and the setting of our world. However, they have not agreed to the ideas of other writers necessarily. In order to maintain a setting that everyone agrees to, we cannot allow members to have major plots that impact the site as a whole because members may not agree with any plot proposed by other members and then staff is left with the terrible job of choosing a side.

Should I Ask the Staff?

The questions mentioned in the earlier section should help you keep yourself from needing to talk to staff. However, if you're still uncertain you're welcome to ask @ ★Lilythe  if it would be appropriate. As canon coordinator and loremaster for the site, this is her area of site responsibility. We ask that you accept her answer, with the understanding that she will do her best to figure out a way to accommodate any request that is reasonable.


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