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Character Creation Jamboree!

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Character Creation Jamboree

We are having our first annual Character Creation Jamboree! Every year in January we will host an event that allows members to create characters on a much more massive scale. During this event our application limit increases to 3 active applications at a time allowing you to ring in the new year with all the characters you want!

In addition to being able to create more characters, you will also be able to claim an extra 50 galleons per accepted character during the month of January! These galleons, as we've hinted at before, will be able to be used for some interesting things on the site. In fact, we're planning on launching that part of the site very soon! *Likely February or March depending on activity).

While limits on claims will still be enforced this year (since most are still wide open and we want everyone to have a fair chance), next year's Jamboree will also include adjusted claims limits.

So come on everyone! Let's get going!

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