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Maeve Johnson

Personal Plot Related Mae's Love

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Alaric Marlowe and his twin sister Lavinia were Mae's first, and dearest, friends while at Hogwarts. As time went on, however, Alaric became far more than that for Mae. Her friendship became infatuation over time, and Ric was her first love. The two never truly dated, though many onlookers would have thought otherwise, and after graduation it became difficult to keep in contact. Mae never forgot her first love, however. To this day she wonders "what if".

I'm not set on the face claim, so if you have someone else in mind I'm pretty flexible. They're just in a show together and dating in real life so it's easier to find pictures together.
  • Daring
  • Impulsive
  • Quirky
  • Oblivious to Mae's Affection
  • Funny
Wanted By: Lilythe
For Character: Maeve Johnson
Face Claim: Tom Hughes (negotiable)
Alaric Marlowe

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