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Important! Quidditch Rules and Sample Game

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Quidditch Rules and Regulations

One of the biggest events in the Wizarding World are the games of Quidditch!

Witches and wizards of all walks of life enjoy the sport of Quidditch. So it only makes sense that we would cover Quidditch as well. Below you will find the rules for Quidditch here on this site, how the game is scored, and a sample of the game in the following post.

Please read through the entirety of the post so that you are familiar with it before you first game!


All Quidditch games will begin with the Referee writing a descriptive post of the game and asking a question. Chasers for both teams will then write a descriptive post with an attempt to catch the Quaffle and the answer to the question. The referee will determine if their attempt was successful with their reply. If they were successful, they become the offensive team and their offense can attempt to answer questions to score. The other team, defensive, will have its Beaters attempting to interrupt their combo. Keepers can answer on the 5th question as a defensive team member, or questions 1 through 4 as an offensive member. 5 consecutive correct answers from the offensive team will result in a goal for the offensive team. Meanwhile, in their PMs the Seekers will be responding to a battery of 25 questions. The first Seeker to reply with all 25 answers correct will catch the Snitch. If neither Seeker gets all 25 questions correct, the Seeker who answered the most correctly will catch it. If there is a tie, an additional set of 10 tiebreaker questions will be sent out. This will continue until the tie is broken.
  1. All descriptive sections, except for Seekers must be at least 75 words to count. Otherwise the referee will assign an appropriate foul.
  2. Chasers may only post while their team is on offense or else an appropriate foul will be given.
  3. Beaters may only post while their team is on defense or else an appropriate foul will be given.
  4. Keepers may post as offense or as the 5th defense question, anything else will result in a foul.
  5. Seekers must wait for the referee to tell them that they have caught the Snitch before they can post in the game.
  6. A Seeker's descriptive post must be at least 150 words long for catching the Snitch.
  7. The referee, and only the referee, confirms whether you succeed or not. Claiming you succeed in your post will result in the referee calling a foul on you.
To ensure that your posts are long enough there is a word counter located here.

All scoring or advancing for a post is voided if you commit a foul. So be certain you're following the rules, because the referee will check before they write theirs. If you commit a foul, it basically is as if the post didn't exist because you are neither closer to scoring, nor can you score.

The MVP will earn 500 Galleons! So it's worth it to be extra descriptive!


Game Scores
After 5 correct offensive posts by Chasers or Keepers -- 10 points
Successful Snitch Catch -- 150 points

MVP Scoring
Fouls Commited (these impact your score negatively)
Private team votes
Game points earned

Offensive Fouls

In the event of a foul being committed the Referee will God-Mod your character committing the action. As a player and writer, you must accept that this occurred and continue to write as if it had. Any players found to be unable to follow this rule during the course of the game will be asked to sit out the next game and replaced with one of the alternates.

Should you believe that the Referee made a call unfairly, please PM Lilythe after the game is over and she will review it. In the event that you are correct and the call was made unfairly, there will be compensation but the game will not be overturned.

Offensive Fouls

Blatching Description: When a player intentionally rides their broom into another player.
Actual Mechanics: When a Chaser posts during their team's Defensive phase (i.e. when the other team has the Quaffle).
Consequence: That post will not count towards their team retrieving the ball, and the Chaser will have to sit out for the first question of their team's offensive run.

Description: When a Chaser (or Keeper) is still holding onto the Quaffle as it goes through the hoop.
Actual Mechanics: If a Chaser or Keeper states that they made the goal during their post, rather than leaving it open for the Referee to determine in case their answer was wrong.
Consequence: That question won't count towards the offensive chain and the referee will issue a new question altogether. After the 3rd Haversacking foul committed by the same player in a game, there is an additional consequence of the team Quaffle being moved to the other team and the Offensive streak ending for that team, as well as that player being removed from the game and replaced by an alternate.

Defensive Fouls

Description: When a beater (or Keeper) hits a bludger into the stands.
Actual Mechanics: When a beater posts during the offensive play for their team, or a Keeper posts on anything defensive that isn't the 5th defense for their team.
Consequence: That question won't count towards the defensive chain and the referee will issue a new question altogether. After the 3rd Bumphing committed by the same player in a game that player will be removed and replaced with an alternate.

Both Sides Fouls

Description: Grabbing another player's broomstick tail.
Actual Mechanics: Anyone posting less than required word count while attempting to answer the question or catch the Snitch.
Consequence: That post, its answer, and all content within it, won't count. Which means if you would have scored, you don't. If you would have caught the Snitch, you don't. For Chasers, Keepers, and Beaters, this means that another member of your team will have to answer the question. For Seekers, this is especially bad, as it means that the Referee will enter "tie breaker" mode and you will have to answer "tie breaker" questions via PM.

Description: When any player but the Seeker catches the Snitch.
Actual Mechanics: If any player other than the Seeker claims to have caught the Snitch in their post.
Consequence: Immediate removal from the game and replaced by an alternate.

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Sample Game

Referee: It was a dark and stormy day. The wind howled as the players took the field. Whysper would have hated to be them today. It was far too dangerous for her liking. The weather was unforgiving and the rain stung as it hit her skin. She was certain they had to be cold, and by the end of the game they would be chilled to the bone. Mentally, she made note to remind the Hospital Wing to prepare sufficient Pepper-Up Potion for the lot of them. Once she was certain they were ready, Whysper raised her whistle to her lips and tossed the Quaffle straight into the air. Sounding the whistle, the game began.

What is Headmaster Dumbledore's full name?

Ravenclaw Chaser: Damara watched as the referee heaved the ball up into the sky. It was hard to keep it in sight as the rain battered her goggles, but she made the best of efforts. Quickly she lifted off from the ground and made her way towards the Quaffle. Up, up, up she rose pushing herself as close to the ball as she could and then she darted her hand before her, hoping that she would seize control of the ball.

Albus Percival Wolfric Brian Dumbledore

Referee: Correct!

Whysper watched as Damara Scott of Ravenclaw House seized the Quaffle. The girl had managed to snag it fairly quickly and she was certain that no fouls had been committed during its capture. Releasing the Bludgers into the air, she watched as the Slytherin beaters eyed them. Next she released the snitch and watched both Seekers take off. Whysper watched the game intently, her eyes darting across the field. During storms like this it was tricky to ensure everyone's safety, so she remained vigilant.

Ravenclaw Offense and Slytherin Defense here is your question: What subject did Professor Cuthbert Binns teach?

Current Offensive chain: 1 of 5

Ravenclaw Chaser: Liliana raced forward once she had seen that Damara had caught the Quaffle. She made her way towards the hoops and tried to create a clear path between her and the other chaser. The team was off to a great start and if they could just score enough points it wouldn't matter whether the other team's Seeker caught the Snitch. Still, she hoped that theirs would pull through. Right now all she could focus on was helping to score as many points as possible. Keeping herself open she signaled to Damara to toss her the Quaffle!

History of Magic

Referee: Correct!

The students had all taken off, Whysper watched as their brooms soared into the air. With lightning speed, Whysper watched as Liliana bolted forwards towards the hoops. After some time her teammate managed to pass her the Quaffle. It was now in her possession. In the crowd, Whysper could hear the student commentator saying "And they're off, Ravenclaw Chaser Scott secures the Quaffle and passes it off to Dimov! They're heading towards the hoops!"

Ravenclaw Offense and Slytherin Defense here is your question: What was the name of Tom Riddle's mother?

Current Offensive chain: 2 of 5

Slytherin Beater: Delaney watched as her sister had taken off with the Quaffle. Despite the fact that they were siblings, Delaney couldn't find it in herself to be proud of her sister just yet. Right now she needed to have her head in the game. There would be plenty of time to be proud of her sister for winning the throw later. Picking up her bat, she watched as the Quaffle was passed onto the next Chaser. Finding a bludger, she aimed for Dimov as she swung.

Merope Gaunt

Referee: Correct!

The Ravenclaw team had made its way towards the hoops, but the Slytherin team clearly had not given up the fight. Whysper watched as Delaney whacked a Bludger in Liliana's direction. In order to dodge the bludger, she had to drop the Quaffle, leaving it open for the Slytherin Offense to take control.

Slytherin Offense and Ravenclaw Defense here is your question: What creatures does Luna claim she can see with her Spectrespecs?

Current Offensive chain: 0 of 5

Slytherin Chaser: Cassiopeia found herself diving for the Quaffle as the the Ravenclaw team dropped it thanks to her teammate's excellent beater skills. The game was off to a thrilling start with action occurring every moment. This is what Quidditch is all about, Cassie thought to herself. There it was, right in front of her, the Quaffle. As she continued to dive, she reached out for the Quaffle and made an attempt to secure it to her.


Referee: Correct!

Whysper watched as the Slytherin team went to recover the Quaffle. It ended up in their Chaser, Cassiopeia's arms once it finally was retrieved. She watched as the ball was moved tightly to the girl's chest and she began to make her way to the Slytherin goal hoops!

Slytherin Offense and Ravenclaw Defense here is your question: Who was headmaster before Dumbledore?

Current Offensive chain: 1 of 5

Slytherin Chaser: Cassiopeia bobbed and weaved through the field. She made her way with the Quaffle towards the goal.

Armando Dippet

Referee: FOUL

As the Ravenclaw Chasers moved closer to try and grab the Quaffle, Whsyper noticed that Cassiopeia reached out and grasped at their brooms. After blowing her whistle, she called out. "Miss Autenberry, that is a Bumphing Foul!"

Slytherin Offense and Ravenclaw Defense here is your question: Who was headmaster before Dumbledore?

Current Offensive chain: 1 of 5

Another Slytherin Chaser/Keeper must answer to continue the Offensive Chain.

Slytherin Chaser: Zeke saw the Chasers around Cassie and he flew his way over there as quick as he could. He listened as the foul was called on her. Even though he could understand the need, he knew that Professor Walker was a stickler for scoring on fouls. Someone else would have to grab the Quaffle from her before Slytherin would score. He decided this time it would be him. As he neared her, Zeke reached out and attempted to grasp the Quaffle.

Armando Dippet

Referee: Correct!

As the Slytherin team passed the ball off to Zeke Whysper smiled. The Ravencalw Chasers moved off of Cassie, which freed her up to try and assist her team once more. This was quite the Quidditch match!

Slytherin Offense and Ravenclaw Defense here is your question: What are McGonagall's distinctive markings as an animagus?

Current Offensive chain: 2 of 5

Ravenclaw Seeker: (Only after having replied to their PM with the correct answers, and being given the approval from Professor Walker, the Referee)

This game had been intense! It had been nonstop action since it had began. Hugo almost wished he was in the stands so he could enjoy it. After catching himself watching the game, rather than hunting for the Snitch, he shook his head to focus himself. Rapidly he raced around the track in search of the minuscule ball as it flew through the air. This was his first game and he didn't want to let his team down. His eyes darted around the field in search of his quarry. Suddenly, there it was! A flash of gold on the other side of the field. Hugo raced through the center of the field, his eyes fixed on his target. He zoomed past the chasers and beaters. He dodged a keeper as they nearly collided in his effort to grab the golden object. And as he neared his target, Hugo reached out his hand hoping to grasp the tiny ball before it fluttered away.


All of a sudden, Whysper watched as the Ravenclaw Seeker darted through the center of the field. Her eyes darted between the Quaffle, the Beaters, and Hugo as she tried to keep up with the game. It was hard in the rain, but she managed as best she could. It wasn't long though before it was all over. Gallagher had captured the Snitch.


The final score is: Ravenclaw 150 and Slytherin 0


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