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Important! About the Daily Prophet

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About the Daily Prophet

The Daily Prophet is an in-character news source. It is written in character about real events happening on the site. These events can be as commonplace as playing your guitar at the Leaky Cauldron to the results of a Quidditch match to events from the site plot to just about anything! And getting your name on the paper will earn you an award if you claim it!

The Daily Prophet is, allegedly, a reputable newspaper. But will that remain true with certain staff members on its staff? Stay tuned to find out!

How Often Does the Paper Publish?

In our early days, we will simply publish single articles as events happen. Once we feel we have enough members, and a full staff, to create an actual paper, that will be published once a month (to give writers time to find quality content, write a full article, and design the page to publish).

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