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Table of Contents

We recognize that one massive document detailing all the rules of the site can be fairly overwhelming, so we've decided to break this up into smaller, easier to process sections. Each section is titled by what it contains, and what would be considered relevant to it. Each Article and Section is hyperlinked for your convenience!

Table of Contents

Article I: Code of Conduct

This section details what we consider to be appropriate and inappropriate out of character behavior for our members
Section I: Site Rules
Section II: Harassment Policy
Section III: Dating Policy
Section IV: Catfishing Policy
Section V: Leaving the Site

Article II: Registration and Character Creation

This section details how to register for the site types of accounts, and what the rules regarding character creation are
Section I: Registration
Section II: Character Creation

Article III: Aging, Advancing, and Careers

This section details how character aging, advancing, and career opportunities work
Section I: Aging
Section II: Advancing
Section III: Careers

Article IV: Site Hierarchy and Reporting

This section details positions of importance both in-character and out of character and the appropriate issue escalation procedure for problems
Section I: In-Character Hierarchy
Section II: Out-of-Character Hierarchy
Section III: Issue Reporting Procedures

Article V: Regarding Canon and Hogwarts

This section details the hierarchy of canon lore and how Hogwarts works for students and staff
Section I: Canon Hierarchy
Section II: Hogwarts Classes
Section III: Hogwarts Additional Information


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Article I: Code of Conduct

In this section we will detail out many of the rules of the site. These rules are site wide, however they are not the only rules that will be in effect. All other rules within this document, as well as any updates made to it, will always be in effect. Updates will be announced as they are made.

Rules on this site are enforced through our warning system. You will need to acknowledge receiving a warning before being able to post again. This is so that staff knows you received your warning and read it so that there is no room for "I didn't know" should further action need to be taken. However, any posts made prior to staff's sending of the warning will all be considered within the same warning to avoid a "double jeopardy" situation.

Section I: Site Rules

Subsection I: Writer Age is 18+

While the administration will always strive to keep the content on this site as appropriate as possible, we are human and may miss something. To avoid as many problems as possible, we ask that our Roleplayers/Writers be at least 18 years of age and capable of discretion.

This is an adult site, which means we allow adult content. Failure to adhere to this 18+ rule will result in immediate banning upon discovery.

Subsection II: Profanity Clause

For some characters swearing is as natural as breathing. We understand that. But swearing just for the sake of swearing is unappealing to most writers. It may offend others as well, and we ask that our writers be sensitive to this.

Subsection III: Respect Others

We all come from different places, different cultures, and different lifestyles. What offends one may be commonplace for another. We ask that our members be understanding of our differences, and if you offend someone, apologize.

Subsection IV: Spamming

We do not allow spamming on this board. Here we define spamming as posting unnecessarily often, back to back, or in threads which don't belong to you. Additionally, it includes excessive use of PMing others or inappropriate use of the PM function. If you are found to be spamming on our site, staff will be forced to take appropriate action.

Subsection V: Advertising

We have a section of the board for advertising. If you wish to advertise your own board, please do so there. All we ask is that if we link to you, please link back to us as well!

Anyone found advertising outside of their board will be under violation of the spamming rule. This is also considered to be an inappropriate use of PMs.

Subsection VI: Patience

We know you're excited to get your characters up and running, or for that next post in your thread, etc. And we are thrilled that you have that excitement! But please remember that everyone has lives. The following are suggested timelines of appropriate waiting periods before checking up on things.
  • Application: Please allow 72 hours for staff to review your application before asking about it
  • Reply Posts: Please allow 1 week between posts before reminding your partner about a missing reply.
  • Awards: Please allow 72 hours for staff to apply an award to your account.
  • Sorting: Please allow 48 hours after your claims for staff to sort you.

Subsection VII: Awards and Benefits

You can earn an award on the site for completing a designated task. These are things like post counts, time accumulated on the site, OWL/NEWT completion, etc. A benefit is something purchased from the shop. These include things like: activity check immunity, extra reserve time, etc.

Both of these items are things that must be earned and are not freely given.

Subsection VIII: Godmodding

Godmodding comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, all of which are equally bad. The first kind of godmodding is taking control over another person's character by saying how they react. This should never be done without the expressed consent of the other players. Those who participate in this kind of godmodding are subject to disciplinary action.

Godmodding can also mean creating a character without flaws. In other words, if your character does everything perfectly every time, that is also a form of godmodding. While we cannot really do much about this form of godmodding, we feel it our duty to inform you that most writers will not react well to this and often will not wish to write with people who engage in this kind of godmodding. You've been warned.

Subsection IX: Topic Archiving

Everyone has a life outside of our site and they sometimes are kept busy and away. However, if a topic has not been updated in 4 weeks (30 days), the roleplay will be archived unless an active "away notice" has been created. If you wish to continue the RP after it has been archived, simply go to the help forum and request for it to be moved back.

Subsection X: Word Count

We do not have a minimum word count, however, we ask that you please be considerate of the those you are roleplaying with. If they write several paragraphs and you give them a sentence or two in reply you may be requested to extend the post a bit more. This is up to the discretion of the writer, and is not a punishable offense by any means. We do consider it common courtesy though.

Subsection XI: Character Knowledge

Just because you know something as a writer, this doesn't mean your character would know. Please make sure your character responds to situations, information, etc. appropriately to what they would know.

Section II: Harassment Policy

Harassment is not tolerated: period!

We define this as: "any form of action that is meant to disrupt or upset someone or a situation"

Characters may not get along, this is understandable. But none of the Role-Players/Writers should feel that this is personal. If you wish to be an "enemy" of another character, you should first notify the individual that this is your intent via PM. They also must respond with an acceptance.

 Keep the acceptance response as, should they decide to contact an administrator at a later time, this will be your protection. At that time the characters may not get along and begin harrass one another, but the writers should always feel cordial towards one another.

If a writer contacts you and says they feel you have crossed a line, you should apologize.

If you feel that you are being harrassed, please contact a moderator or an admin immediately.

Section III: Dating Policy

We know that often characters, and even writers, fall head over heels in love with one another. Love is a wonderful emotion and it drives many things. However, before you start shipping those characters, we'd like to clear up a few details. The Wizarding Wireless Network is not a dating site. If you find a writer that you're happy with and care about while on here, that is great. However, it is not what the site is for. If that is the only reason you are here, or if you make your in-character posts about any out-of-character relationships that may develop that is not okay. We ask that you keep your out-of-character life to the out-of-character forums only, and keep any dating that develops between writers off-site. This is to prevent situations in which parties are made upset because one of the writers involved in the relationship gets upset because their significant other creates an in-character relationship with a character that is not theirs. The writer is the writer, they are separate from their characters, and we will not get involved in relationship disputes. If a relationship dispute arises and it begins to effect the site, we will take appropriate corrective actions to spare the site.

No character can be in a relationship before the age of 14. Why 14? It's the age most students start High School. While we're not so unrealistic as to believe that kids don't "date" before the age of 14 in real life, the truth of the matter is that those relationships don't often work out and tend to be juvenile in nature in comparison with their High School and Adult counterparts.

Keep crushes realistic. Seven year olds develop little crushes from time to time, we've all seen it. But what do they do about it? Blush a lot and give the person candy. They don't buy flowers and take their interest to a five-star restaurant. In fact, most of these crushes barely last a week and then the child is taken in by other interests, like ninja turtles or barbies. That's just the nature of things. So make sure that your character is engaging appropriately for whatever age they are at when they have a crush.

Section IV: Catfishing Policy

Catfishing is when someone pretends to be someone they aren't while online. Here at The Wizarding Wireless Network we take this very seriously. If it is discovered that someone is catfishing, there will be serious consequences up to and including banning from the site.

Since we use aliases to keep track of our members, if you don't wish to share your real identity, you certainly don't have to. As a result, there's no reason to create a false identity (or assume the identity of another) other than for the purposes of deception which will not be tolerated. This includes using the images of another person and pretending to, as the writer (not your character), be that person. If you don't wish to share personal information with others, you don't have to, so we simply ask that you don't assume a false persona.

If someone pressures you to reveal personal information, please inform site staff immediately.

Section V: Leaving the Site

Everyone hopes that it will never come to this, but should you decide you wish to leave us there are a few things that need to be done.

Original Characters If you are Role-playing as an original character, your steps are very simple.
  1. Think about whether this is permanent or not. If it is due to a temporary inability to get online or be active, please let your Moderation team know. Your account does not need to be deleted, and when you come back you are welcome to use the same character. If, however, you feel it is permanent, or that if you return you would not use the same character, please contact Lilythe. She will delete your account so that you will no longer receive any e-mails from the website (please allow 1 week for full effect.)
  2. Wrap up plots and other events. Many writers forget this step and it can leave those of us who made plans with a writer left scrambling to find other things to do. Make sure you talk to people your character is involved with and let them know you plan to leave so that they can figure out what to do with their character in the aftermath.
  3. Contact anyone you wish to keep in touch with. Sometimes you make friends online. If you wish to keep in touch with anyone, you will need to private message them before logging off for the last time with your contact information.
Canon and Request Fulfillment Characters If you are roleplaying as a canon or request fulfillment character, your steps become a little more complicated.
  1. Are you leaving the site, or just the character? If you are leaving the site, please make sure that you start the process for canon and request fulfillment characters first, and then remove original characters. The steps for this process are longer and will require staff involvement, while originals do not.
  2. Regardless of level of permanency, contact Lilythe or the requester. While we would love to allow you to return to the canon character when you return, the position may need to be re-filled in your absence. Whether that is temporary or not will be up to the person responsible for that character. In the meantime, Lilythe will need to change the password to one she knows so that when the position is filled the new player will be able to access it.
  3. Finish any current roleplays. All roleplays that the character is active in will need to come to a reasonable conclusion. That means finding a way that makes sense for your character to leave the current RP, not just abandoning it.
  4. Make sure your thread tracker is up to date. For request fulfillment characters, this may not be necessary, but for canon characters it is obligatory. The next writer will need to be able to read where things left off with this character. It is important that they be able to find threads easily.


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Article II: Registration and Character Creation

As with any site, we have rules about registration and character creation. The rules here are to help ensure that we keep the site flowing smoothly and maintain consistent expectations regarding character development in the early stages. Before creating your character, it may also be wise to consider reading Article III so that you know what kind of opportunities are available to your characters at present.

Section I: Registration

Subsection I: Character Accounts

They should be written with both a first name and a last name, with a space between the names. Just like this: 'Jane Doe'.

This means that we do not want to see any canon Harry Potter names, nor do we want to see names from another series (i.e. no names from Vampire Diaries, Divergent, etc.). There is a list of canon characters that may be applied for, you are welcome to apply for one at any time.

Subsection II: Out-of-Character Accounts

Out of Character accounts are reserved for staff members only, and any accounts found to violate this rule will deleted immediately, without question.

Subsection III: Canon Accounts

There is a list of canon characters that may be applied for, you are welcome to apply for one at any time. Their profiles have already been completed and the process for application is quite different than creating your own original character.

Canons belong to the site and by applying for one, you acknowledge that should you leave, or be relieved of your character, it is within the site's right to remove that character from your possession and give it to another member. Anyone creating issues from this will be issued a warning.

Subsection IV: Request Fulfillment Accounts

Request fulfillment characters belong to the member who placed the request and by applying for one, you acknowledge that should you leave, or be relieved of your character, it is within said member's right to ask that we remove that character from your possession and give it to another member. Anyone creating issues from this will be issued a warning.

Subsection V: Character Limit

Since we require a profile to be completed before sorting, we don't have a character limit per se. However we do ask that all members be realistic about how many characters they can keep active. If you are already struggling to keep active, please do not create another character. The requirements before creating a new character are as follows:
  • 25 in-character posts on your most recent account
  • At least 2 weeks since previous application's approval to allow staff to look at other members' applications
  • All other account active within the last week (as determined by an in-character post, not login)

Section II: Character Creation

The most important part of any site is ensuring that we have characters that people want to interact with. We also, however, have to protect certain categories to ensure that they maintain their uniqueness. So to make sure that happens the staff here as created the following rules to help you understand how character creation works here on the Wizarding Wireless Network.

Subection I: Application Process

All non-canon characters require an application. This application must be completed with the site template, and reported as completed in appropriate thread in the applications forum. Once you've completed your application and alerted the staff that it has been completed, staff will review it.

Your application will be reviewed by 2 staff members to ensure minimal bias (positive or negative) in character approval, pending, or denial. At any point you may check the thread and see who has been assigned to review your application and where it is at in the review process. Once the process is complete, you will be given the appropriate response. Those with a pending or denial response will also have a letter containing reasons.

Subection II: Regarding Creature Status

Any not fully human character must be applied for. The list of the available options and their limitations can be found in the Claims. There are limitations as to what is available at any given time. These will reset once a year. When the new openings are released, all old claims will still be valid. Once you are approved for this, that approval cannot be rescinded.

Subection III: Regarding Ability Status

Any magical ability, beyond spellcasting with a wand, must be applied for. There are limitations as to what is available at any given time. These will reset once a year. When the new openings are released, all old claims will still be valid. Once you are approved for this, that approval cannot be rescinded.

Subection IV: Regarding Families

Anyone can create a family. We do ask, however, that once the first member has been created that you not add any non-newborn members to the immediate family (i.e. suddenly they have a 15 year old sister), however adding uncles, cousins, etc. can be acceptable so long as they adhere to creating their immediate family appropriately. Newborns can be added at any time, provided that the mother is still within reasonable childbearing age.

Subection V: Regarding Multiple Births

Since twins, triplets, etc. are a rare occurrence--and writers seem to have an affinity for creating them--we have decided to limit the number that may appear on the site at a given time. These will reset every year to allow opportunities for new writers to create more, but will help limit the quantity at any given point. When the new openings are released, all old claims will still be valid. Once you are approved for this, that approval cannot be rescinded.

Subection VI: Regarding Non-First-Year Students

In addition to the aforementioned requests, there is an option to create older students or adults without having to age them through the usual process. To do so you must request a slot and submit a modified profile of the student that shows what that student did during the time that would have already passed. (i.e. if you wish to make a 3rd year, you must explain what they did in their first and second years.). More information can be found in the Claims section.

Hogwarts students 2nd-7th year should look at the student claims while adults should look at the jobs claim. Anyone seeking to create a child newborn-10 years old should contact Lilythe


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Article III: Aging, Advancing, and Careers

This information may seem trivial at first, but it impacts a lot of things on the site. It's important for you to know what you're getting into and how things work.

Section I: Aging

The site takes place in real world time. That means that for every real world year we only age one year. That may seem slow, but it allows for quality RPs to develop and for real world events to occur without writers feeling rushed to reply. As such, aging is automatic. Your character will age up every single year on their birthday.

It is incredibly helpful if you put the month and day of the birthday in your mini-profile so that staff can easily identify whose birthday it is to age them up!

Section II: Advancing

Similarly to aging, since this world moves in real world time, we auto-advance characters. That means that every June 15th student characters will be auto advanced to the next year. We understand that some sites require milestones for this to happen, however, we feel that it's better to have those milestones mean something else rather than prevent any advancing at all. After all, it seems kind of silly to have someone that was in 7th year when you start as a 1st year still be a 7th year when you're in 3rd Year simply because they couldn't complete a milestone needed.

Since we auto-advance, however, this means that any student who fails to complete their OWLs will be labelled as a "Drop-Out" since those exams are required to determine your 6th and 7th year courses. For more on this please see Article V Sections II and III.

Section III: Careers

Adult witches and wizards need to have jobs to survive. However, some jobs are really hard to obtain and require quite a bit of schooling and training. These are considered protected jobs and have requirements that must be met before a character may apply for the position.

Canon characters who are created as adults are exempt from these requirements, and their jobs will already be assigned to them. Additionally, staff reserves the right to waive these requirements should there be need of them for site plot related purposes. Should that be the case an announcement will be made, and a specific quantity of these positions will be allotted for the purposes of the plot.

Canonically speaking, there are just certain jobs that had required OWLs and NEWTs to be completed. Just like how in the real world we have certain degrees or tradeschools required, so, too, does the magical world have requirements. Here below are the jobs that require specific OWL/NEWTs and their requirements. The following jobs are considered protected and have requirements that must be met for a character to obtain them.


NEWT in Astronomy


NEWTs in the following:
Defense Against the Dark Arts

Must have passed:
Apparitions Class
Patronus Class


OWL only Arithmancy

NEWTs in the following subjects:
Defense Against the Dark Arts
Ancient Runes

Dragonologist or Magizoologist

NEWT in Care of Magical Creatures


NEWTs in the following:
Defense Against the Dark Arts


NEWT in Herbology

Hit Witch or Hit Wizard

NEWT in Defense Against the Dark Arts


NEWT in Potions

Spell Inventor

NEWT in the following subjects:
Defense Against the Dark Arts


NEWTs in the following: Charms
Must have passed the class


Must have NEWTs in the following:

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Article IV: Site Hierarchy and Reporting

Staff and other site members have a lot going on. So it's important to make sure that you're getting your information to the right people so that way your issue can be resolved as quickly as possible. This section is intended to help you identify who is in charge of what, and the order in which to report things.

Section I: In-Character Hierarchy

Subsection I: Hogwarts

  1. Headmaster/Headmistress
  2. Deputy Headmaster/Headmistress
  3. Head of House
  4. Professor
  5. Other Staff
  6. Head Boy/Girl
  7. Prefects
  8. Older Students

Subsection II: Ministry

  1. Minister of Magic
  2. Department Heads
  3. Office Level Management
  4. Office Level Supervisors
  5. Employees

Subsection III: St. Mungo's

  1. Head Healer
  2. Floor Healer-In-Charge
  3. Healer
  4. Mediwitch/wizard
  5. Other Hospital Staff

Subsection IV: Quidditch

  1. Team Owner
  2. Team Manager
  3. Team Captain
  4. Team Members

Subsection V: Daily Prophet and Quibbler

  1. Editor-In-Chief
  2. Column Editor
  3. Reporters, Correspondents, Writers, and Photographers

Section II: Out of Character Hierarchy

  1. Administrator
  2. Moderators
  3. In-Character Hierarchy

Section III: Reporting Procedures

While the site staff would love to say that we have all the time in the world, we simply don't. And it may take us a day or two to see a PM from you regarding an incident. As a result, we recommend following these steps to ensure that your issue gets resolved as quickly as possible. Reporting to people with fewer site responsibilities may mean that things get resolved faster. However, we do ask that if your issue impacts the site as a whole that you skip the In-Character hierarchy and go straight to the Moderators step.

Step 1: Identify the Concern Level

Not every problem is a major problem, nor is every problem small. Making sure that your issue gets sent to the right person for the job is crucial! Many problems can be solved simply by talking to the other people involved, however, if they can't it's important to identify the right source.

If your problem is something you feel only impacts a small area of the site, try talking to the In-Character hierarchy person appropriate for the task. For example, if you are seeing a new student who appears to be lost on what to do around the site (or if that student is you), try contacting a Prefect! And if things don't improve escalate from there. However, if the problem is going to impact the site as a whole, or doesn't fall under any obvious in-character jurisdiction, please don't hesitate to reach out to staff. We really want to help, we just also realize our plates can get fairly full and that may mean a delay in response and would rather your issue get solved as quickly as possible.

Step 2: Send Your PM

Once you've figured out what the level of concern is, and who to address that issue to, send your PM. This step probably seems obvious, but a lot of times people will start talking in chat rather than sending their PM. Oftentimes those comments get lost before staff ever sees them, and depending on the issue putting it in chat may cause unnecessary drama for you and others.

Step 3: Await Your Reply

It may take a day or two, but you will get a response. We ask that you allow 48 hours for a response before escalating it up the chain of command.

Step 4: Enact the Plan

Whatever the reply says, try to adhere to it. It may not be exactly what you wanted, but it's a starting point. If things don't work even with the plan you can always revisit the problem or escalate it up the chain of command after the honest effort has been given.

When to Escalate

Escalating further up the chain of command may seem appealing, especially if the initial responses aren't what you had hoped for. However, it's a double edged sword because undermining the authority of others can leave a bad taste in their mouth. Here's a good rule of thumb for when it's appropriate to escalate things further:
  • You've been told to: Sometimes the person you message may not have the authority or ability to resolve the issue for you. They'll pass you along to the right person though!
  • It has been more than 4 days since you've PMed someone: While we'll normally try to get back to you in 48 hours, if it has been more than 4 days without a response you should probably escalate the issue.
  • You've tried the resolution, and it's not fixing the issue and the person you spoke to cannot give another option: Perhaps the recommended resolution isn't quite working out. Perhaps that person you worked with is out of ideas on how to help. That's okay! It's why we have a team. Move on up the chain.
  • The problem is with the appropriate command level: Maybe you have an out of character concern with someone who writes for multiple characters in the same house and one is a Prefect. If you have a problem with their student that cannot be resolved with the writer directly, you'll want to escalate it to the next person in the chain of command.


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Article V: Regarding Canon and Hogwarts

There is a lot of canon out there for the wizarding world. There's also a lot of conflicting information. We felt that it may be in our best interests to identify where we stand on canon.

Additionally, since our Hogwarts is run according to canon, we felt it relevant to explain how it works here.

Section I: Canon Hierarchy

Since there is a wide range of canon and canon sources, here is the order to which the site values canon information:
  1. Books
  2. Wizarding World (formerly pottermore) articles
  3. Movies
  4. J.K. Rowling Interviews
  5. Games
  6. Fan Wikis

Section II: Hogwarts Classes

We abide by the schedules in the books. This means that you will have several courses at a time, however don't fret! We have ensured that earning your passing grade will be as easy as possible!

Compulsory classes for the first 5 years are: Astronomy, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, History of Magic, Potions, and Transfiguration

In addition to these classes First Years, and only First Years, will take Flying.

Starting in your 3rd Year you will be asked to submit up to 5 electives you would like to take from the following: Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Care of Magical Creatures, Divinations, and Muggle Studies. You will continue to take these electives through your 5th year, and on pending O.W.L. results.

In your 5th Year you will take O.W.L.s for all the classes you are taking. Your results will be given to the professors, and you will be notified which subjects you are able to continue in. At this time you may drop any of your courses you no longer wish to take, but please be aware that some jobs have high requirements (Aurors for example) in how many O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s you may take.

During your 6th and 7th years, several new electives are available to you: Alchemy, Animagus, Wandlore, Patronus, and Apparition. They have requirements that must be met, however. Those requirements are listed in the additional information section.

In your final year, 7th Year, you will take N.E.W.T.s for all the subjects you continued to take after O.W.L.s were completed. Once you have completed your N.E.W.T.s you will be ready for graduation and to receive Alumni status.

How do I choose my electives?
Each of the elective classes will have a sign-up in the bottom of the "About This Class" section. You'll be able to choose your electives simply by signing up for them. You may sign up for any elective course you wish from year 3 through year 5. After your 5th year you will need to have passed the appropriate OWL to continue in your chosen elective.

I registered after the start of term, am I still able to take classes?
Yes. However please note that if you registered as a 6th or 7th year, you are limited to the core classes only. All new students are responsible for PMing Lilythe to let her know your year. Third years through fifth years are still responsible for signing up for electives just like their peers who started at the beginning of term.

Because our classes are cumulative, you will still be graded as if you started at the beginning of term, however you only need to post enough to reach the totals listed below for your desired grade. It is not advisable, however, to create a fifth or seventh year too close to the end of the year, as you will have to achieve a passing grade and do an OWL/NEWT for the subject to achieve the necessary things to advance in that area. Should you choose to create a fifth or seventh year, you are stating that you understand the risks associated with doing so.

Section III: Hogwarts Additional Information

Class Structure

Seeing as the course load is rather heavy, we here on the Wizarding Wireless Network strive to make this as enjoyable as possible for you. Therefore, there will be one lesson per month. Each lesson will have the following class requirements:
0 posts - Troll
1 post - Dreadful
2 posts - Poor
3 posts - Acceptable
4 posts - Exceeds Expectations
5+ posts - Outstanding

This means that for a 9 month term you will need the following amount of posts in a single class for every class:
0-8 posts -- Troll
9-17 posts -- Dreadful
18-26 posts -- Poor
27-35 posts -- Acceptable
36-44 posts -- Exceeds Expectations
45+ -- Outstanding

We structured it this way so that you need merely post 3 times a month in each of your classes throughout the term to achieve a passing grade.

It is up to the Professor as to whether or not they will be giving you extra credit opportunities and exams to grant you additional chances to enhance your grade.

OWLs and NEWTs

These are considered part of the classes you are taking, however the OWL/NEWT are completed separately from the classroom. As such you must sign up for the ones you want separately from signing up for the class. Taking your OWL/NEWT guarantees a passing grade for that year, assuming you have posted at least enough to obtain an "Acceptable" in the class. You will have from the time you sign up for your OWL/NEWT until June 7th to complete your OWLs/NEWTs to allow time for grading.

Grading of OWL/NEWT exams is fairly subjective, all OWLs/NEWTs are graded by the same person to ensure that they are held to equal standard. However, the information for the exams can be found in the Library textbooks. This will also help keep equal standard, as it keeps the informational sources the same. Please know that using sources outside of the library will yield variable results.

Classes for 6th and 7th Years

As you may have noticed, there's a lot of special classes listed for years 6 and 7. Additionally, to keep taking your core classes you'll have had to pass their OWL. This last part comes from canon, the first part, however, is unique to our site. This is to allow character growth and development while acquiring specific skills on the way to your careers and other aspects of your character's life. Below are the requirements to get into your 6th and 7th year classes.

Core Classes and Electives
Pass the OWL/NEWT of the same name

Earn an Outstanding in the OWL for:

Animagus Studies
Earn an Outstanding in the OWL for:

Apparition Studies
Earn an Exceeds Expectations in the OWL in Charms

Earn an Outstanding in the OWLs for:

Patronus Studies
Earn an Outstanding in the following OWLs:
Defense Against the Dark Arts

What if I don't pass any OWLs?
Then you will be labelled as a dropout, earn your award for dropping out, and be sorted as an adult. This is because our classes are participation based (even the OWLs). As long as you complete them in a reasonable manner (i.e. you don't slack off and actually follow the instructions for the OWL) you should pass.

How do I Register for Special Classes?
Lilythe (or whomever is the test proctor professor) will be giving a list of the students who meet the requirements to each professor. They will be automagically added to the roster for their 6th year, and must maintain a passing grade to be kept on for 7th year.

I registered as a 6th or 7th year, what classes can I take?
Core classes, with an assumption that you passed the OWL/NEWT for those classes. Unfortunately, you cannot take the special classes. Since people who create younger characters have to wait longer to be adults, this is their one perk they get early on. Since your perk is that you'll graduate within 1 to 2 years, it was the most fair way to go about it.


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