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Site Setting and Plot

Current Year: 2070
Current Chapter: Prologue

Overall Plot

Things have been relatively quiet since the fall of Lord Voldemort at the Battle of Hogwarts in 1997. The occasional dark artifact has been found. And of course there was that pesky business with Harry Potter’s son and his friends. But everything else has, otherwise, seemed to be fairly peaceful since his demise. The wizarding world has been continuing on with relative ease. And now in the year 2069, memories of the once powerful Dark Lord are all but forgotten. Life is quiet.

Quiet, however, does not always mean that there is nothing to fear…

In the dark, seedy underbelly of the wizarding world, there are 3 names that are spoken in hushed whispers. There are 3 families, each vying to fill the void that Voldemort left. These families are the Avery family, the Burke family, and the Rosier family.
The Avery Family

Gideon and Alcestis Avery lead a small, almost cult-like group of followers. On the surface, they appear to be very benevolent and generous individuals. It isn’t uncommon to see them making donations to St. Mungo’s or Hogwarts. However, if one were to actually attend one of their groups, they would find the teachings to be less than heartwarming. The Avery family lost a lot during the previous wizarding wars in service to Lord Voldemort. But rather than take time for reflection on values and change their ways, the family has passed their pureblood supremist views down through the generations.

They hate anyone who is muggleborn, and blame them for the state of the wizarding world, which they believe is substandard now that blood purity no longer matters in society. The Avery’s have gathered a group of like-minded individuals together and formed a church of sorts. They preach and spread their views. The occasional act of terrorism has been attempted—but thwarted—by some of their followers.
The Burke Family

Led by their patriarch Erasmus Burke, the Burke family runs much like the mafia. They utilize the connections they built during the prior wizarding wars and a thug-like rule to maintain their standing in the darker corners of the wizarding world. While they aren’t exactly quiet about the questionable nature of their operations, they are very good about making sure that any actual law breaking is done by people that aren’t directly blood related to them who can easily be intimidated into silence.

This keeps the Ministry suspicious, but unable to actually pin them for any crimes. The Burke’s aren’t so much worried about blood purity—though they will certainly promise to preserve it if they feel it suits their interests—they are more about furthering their own personal family, and supporting those who serve them, than they are concerned with actual blood lines.
The Rosier Family

Dorea Rosier is the matriarch of the Rosier family line. While she has always been a blood purist, she is not above recruiting muggleborns and halfbloods to do her dirty work, so long as they know their place. Her whole empire is built on smuggling dark artifacts and creatures. She isn’t above getting her own hands dirty, or those of her family, but she engages in subterfuge and memory charms when necessary.

In her mind she, her family, and their contacts, are fighting for freedom of choice. She believes individuals should be allowed to practice the Dark Arts if they so choose and finds the Ministry to be an oppressive organization that silences that freedom. However she’s intelligent enough to know that outright stating so would be enough to get her and her family a one way trip to Azkaban. So she bides her time and enables those who would practice Dark Magic.
The three families are in constant competition to become the new leaders of a world they wish to see come to fruition. They will work together when their goals align, but will readily stab one another in the back should they feel it necessary. Things have been building slowly in the years since Voldemort’s demise, but now they are about to come to a head…

Prologue: And All Was Well...

This story is just beginning, we are in the Prologue. At this time most of the wizarding world is blind to the inner machinations of the dark families. But that doesn't mean they aren't scheming... (the plot will begin once all heads of families, and key ministry positions are filled)

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