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Found 6 results

  1. Edwin Degerlund

    So things in Edwin's mind had been going a little strange here as of late. He honestly had no idea why he had that strange dream about Mila. It was strange and something that he wasn't going to be able to tell his best friend. Because, well he didn't want to get punched. But what was worse was, he had grown up with the girl. AND NOW! She was some how invading his dreams. It wasn't something that he was to pleased with. Mila was the girl that they picked on the most, well because he had known her longer and that was just that right? He didn't have a thing for his best friends sister? What kind
  2. Eris Kerrigan

    Chance (last name up to writer) Playby: joe weir (Or anyone face you can find that has pictures with Nick Bateman) Most of the history is up to the writer. However, Chance has been a huge part of Donovan and Eris' life. From Childhood. Chance is also very protective of Eris and had watched over her when she entered the school. He was also a slytherin. Not much more than that was talked about in Donovan's history so you have free reign on the rest.
  3. Stella is the agent of former Quidditch star Adrian Wolfe, and she is very good at her job. She is incredibly quick-witted, sharp-tounged, and good at getting what she wants out of business situations. When it comes to the more emotional side of life though, she is not quite so adept. While she is genearally driven by logic, her client (Wolfe) is a far more emotional fellow. The two will start as mere collegues, but eventually develop a frienship and hopefully a deeper relationship thereafter. She will teach him not to be so naive and reckless, and in turn he will help her to realize that vuln
  4. Mila needs her big brother! He is a _______ Year Gryffindor. He's basically a wonderful brother, who would protect his sister through anyone else harming her...but is still willing to pester and prank her himself. Him and his friend are ambitious and want to become famous someday. His best friend is Edwin, and the two of them are constantly pestering Mila together... eventually Edwin will fall for Mila and that will cause him and Harvey's friendship to struggle, as well as his relationship with his sister become more rocky, until the two finally get married and everything comes together. Edwin
  5. Lilythe

    Rosalyn Rosalyn Harkiss Rosalyn has always been a fearless individual. When she was little, there wasn't much that could stop her from doing whatever it was she felt like. Any attempts at scaring her were met with laughter and she took denial of her capabilities as a challenge. This often got her into more trouble than necessary, and earned her the title of reckless at an early age. Not one to sit still, Rosalyn's need to find adventure coupled with her brave nature were far more than her parents bargained for.
  6. Maeve Johnson

    Alaric Marlowe and his twin sister Lavinia were Mae's first, and dearest, friends while at Hogwarts. As time went on, however, Alaric became far more than that for Mae. Her friendship became infatuation over time, and Ric was her first love. The two never truly dated, though many onlookers would have thought otherwise, and after graduation it became difficult to keep in contact. Mae never forgot her first love, however. To this day she wonders "what if". I'm not set on the face claim, so if you have someone else in mind I'm pretty flexible. They're just in a show together and dating in re
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