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Found 10 results

  1. Maeve Johnson

    It was now winter. The students would be leaving for their holiday soon, and Mae had little to do now that midterm grades had already been recorded. Times like this drove her mad. Mae was one who needed to keep busy, so when she had nothing to do she often found herself falling into her more melancholic moods. For the sake of her sanity, she forced herself to leave the castle and go for a walk. The chill of the wind was fairly typical for a Scottish evening. Mae had grown far too used to them as a student here, now that she was a professor they were almost comforting in a way. That strang
  2. The school is abuzz with the chatter of the older students as the doors swing open, allowing the first years their first glimpse of the Great Hall. For some, it will be among their first wizarding experiences, while others will consider the floating candles to be rather normal. However all students will likely be impressed by the ceiling, bewitched to look like the skies outside. At the end of the path between tables, sits a stool and a hat. The hat looks worn and rumpled, as if it had been worn by countless individuals over the years. But as the First Years are brought to a stop before i
  3. Dorea Rosier

    Don't I have errand boys for this? Dorea thought to herself as she stepped out into Diagon Alley. The truth was, she did. She very easily could have sent one of her goons out to grab the supplies she was after. That, however, would have meant another day at the manor doing nothing. The same thing she seemed to do every day lately. There wasn't much to do when the smuggling business ran smoothly and there were no leads on new artifacts. So now she found herself impulsively going out on the town to do her own errands. Regretting that choice on almost every level. Couldn't I have found a more ent
  4. Alexia Warren

    Why... why... Why in heavens name did she agree to do this!? Alex paced back and forth behind a large study table, running her hand along a shelf of books. Her nerves were getting the better of her again. Small footsteps hit the floor in a repeating patting. Step. Step. Step. Why? Why? Why? This library had been a place of solace for her during her free time. While some of her more studious peers did frequent the room, they tended to keep to themselves. She had spent many an ideal evening in this library, curled up in a chair with only a good book for company.These books were her friends more
  5. Rosalyn Harkiss

    Rosalyn hadn't gotten out of Hogwarts much. The school year was always busy and a headmistress always had something to do around the castle. During break, however, when the kids were, mostly, home and the classes were on hiatus, Rosalyn had little to do. With her free time she had decided to make her way to Hogsmeade village. The taverns there were always so warm and inviting at this time of year. The smell of fires wafting through the air and all the decorations surrounding the village made it look like something out of a Christmas catalog. With so much festivity, it was begging to be visited
  6. Eris Kerrigan

    Eris had told her brother that she was going to be around Hogsmeade for a little bit so if he had to find her then she would be pretty easy. However, she was just now starting to get a little cold from the chilly weather As long as she had lived here she hadn't been able to get use to it. For some reason it hurt her bones just a little. He sighed as she walked into the tea shop to grab a hot tea. Something that she knew would help warm her up inside. Her eyes darted around the room trying to find herself a seat. She was finally starting to get warm as she pulled out a book for herself. Someth
  7. Adrian Wolfe

    Professor Wolfe felt a shiver creep up his back as he waited by the dungeon entrance. This place had always set him on edge, even when he was a student himself. Especially when he was a student actually. The dark, musty halls had done their part in scaring a young detention-bound Adrian into better behavior. That was most of the reason he was standing here now. But he did have to admit the area still wasn't his favorite place to be. Terror had given way to mild discomfort, but it was uncomfortable nonetheless. He smiled at a few Slytherins that were heading to their common rooms, but the taps
  8. Adrian Wolfe

    Adrian found himself in the Leaky Cauldron once again. He hadn't necessarily intended to end up here, but here he was nonetheless. He supposed it was only natural that after a couple years of bar-hopping his mindless walks would lead him to a pub. It had been a while since he'd frequented these places (though every Wizard in London frequented the Leaky Cauldron for one reason or another), but habits were habits and it seemed they were hard to shake. First his chance meeting with the Headmistress at the Three Broomsticks and now this. Was it fate or his own mind that drew him to such places? We
  9. Axel Walkwood

    ADELYNNWILDE ✥ AXEL'S PROFILE Year 1 - September The castle was a magnificent place, unlike anything Axel had ever seen. The tall spires, winding staircases and elaborate paintings were all new to him. Newer still were the floating goblets in the grand hall and the undead that traveled about the room. He hugged his robes a bit closer, though the cold fabric offered little comfort. The young hybrid had been looking forward to this moment since he had received his invitation, but the sheer largeness of this room made him a bit uneas
  10. Alexander Wright

    Alexander Wright The minister's office was a musty sort of place. Not the disquieting must that brings to mind abandoned warehouses and unread tomes. Rather, it is the kind of musty that comes with a well-used but not so well-kept library. The books strewn about the place only added to this impression. Many were marked up and dog eared, with interesting passages jumping out with neon highlights. The place gave off a quiet sense of chaos. Along with the books, documents and knickknacks cover the furniture save for two chairs. The true nightmare for any janitor though was t
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