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  1. Eris Kerrigan

    If you want to rp please feel free to post here or pm me. Link to RP: clicky ~~~~~~~ Have ideas let me know: Share the wealth
  2. Eris Kerrigan

  3. Eris Kerrigan

    Single not plotted - younger sister to Donovan - unofficial Slytherin Alumni Could use: Flirts, flings, friends, enemies. Everything. Active Rps Trying to get warm with Maeve Johnson Inactive Rps
  4. Eris Kerrigan


    Hazel eyes rolled as she watched the other witch at the counter, when her name came out of someone else mouth. Eris turned her head to see the woman and couldn't help but smile brightly as the lady made her way to her. The younger girl placed down her book and waited as the other sat down. "Maeve, what brings you here?" She questioned. Not that she was at all upset to see a familiar face. Matter of fact she was pretty excited to see her. "Oh, I was walking around trying to get some motivation." She mused with a tilt of her head. "Donovan is around somewhere. I think that he's getting a little more protective over me now." She said rolling her eyes. "I'm surprised that you didn't see him around." It was true with everything wrong with her, she could see why but it was still very annoying. She noticed that she was just going on about her brother before she blushed a little and smiled moving her book to her bag. "How's work?" She asked smiling some. "I always thought that you would make a very fun professor." Maeve had always been studious from what Eris could remember. Well, either fun or be that one professor that the kids were scared of because of all the home work that she could give them. Either way. She loved the woman sitting in front of her.
  5. Eris Kerrigan


    Eris had told her brother that she was going to be around Hogsmeade for a little bit so if he had to find her then she would be pretty easy. However, she was just now starting to get a little cold from the chilly weather As long as she had lived here she hadn't been able to get use to it. For some reason it hurt her bones just a little. He sighed as she walked into the tea shop to grab a hot tea. Something that she knew would help warm her up inside. Her eyes darted around the room trying to find herself a seat. She was finally starting to get warm as she pulled out a book for herself. Something that she had started on just a couple of weeks ago. It was on Astronomy of course. Something that she had been into since she could remember. She let out a little sigh as she heard some loud voice closer to the front and watched in amusement. Some people didn't know how to be in the world today.
  6. Eris Kerrigan


    Eris Kerrigan Basics Full Name: Eris Lee Kerrigan Age (D.o.B.): 25 (10/28/2043) Nicknames: LeeLee Gender: Female Sexuality: Heterosexual Blood Status: pure-blood Position: Astrologist Wand: 14 inch Acacia wood with dragon heart string Place of Birth: London, England Current Location: London Education: Hogwarts, Slytherin Alumni Languages: English Other: Blood malediction Preferences Likes: Having things feel the same. Astronomy, Laying on the ground on a fall day, Being right about things, having fun with her family. Dislikes: anything that is orange , getting treated like a baby, people worrying about her. Snow days, not being strong enough. Relationships Relationship Status: Single Significant Other: NAME: None Past Relationship(s): NAME: Cullen Hudson, still in love with. Family: Father: Mr Kerrigan, 52, Ministry Mother: Mrs Kerrigan, 51, house wife Sister: Krystal Wood, 25, Herpetologist Brother: Donovan Kerrigan, 28, Professor Pets: King the scorpion Writer Information Writer Alias: NickyNack Writer Age: 28 Writer Pronouns: She, her Timezone: EST contact: Contact on here will not write: Anything is fair game, but please discuss mature themes with me first so I know what your expectations and limits are. Before Hogwarts Eris was "born" twenty five years ago to Mr and Mrs. Kerrigan. The woman had always wanted to have a girl that she could dress up. Though the woman had a dark secret that she was keeping about the girl that she had gave birth too. Growing up, Eris was pretty much treated like a princess. Always getting things that she wanted without asking for them. Her brother and his friend had always looked out for her if something happened to her. Or if she was getting a little to adventurous. The day that her brother got his letter for school, Eris couldn't contain herself. She was excited to be going to look at the stores. She was hoping that she was getting something herself. It was going to be a couple years before she was going to get her letter. As the family walked down the crowded street to get Donovan's school supplies something began to happen to Eris. She felt her legs go weak and she grabbed onto her mother as she fell to the ground. She had no idea what was going on and looked at her mother with panicked eyes. She noticed the worried look on her mothers face before she passed out. Sometime later she finally woke up in the hospital with healers all around her. She couldn't really remember what happened all that she could remember was they were getting into town to get things for her brother. She spend the next week in the hospital with the healers looking over her. Her mother and father taken turns coming to stay with her. She was finally able to leave just in time to see her brother off on the Hogwarts train. She waved to him as the train pulled away. However, her arm dropped to her side and she was soon feeling like she needed to eat something. Her mother and father took her home and she laid around the house until she was able to get enough strength to move herself around the house. The healers had told her parents something about her condition but she hadn't been able to get grasp any of the information that they were talking about. As she was in and out of sleep the whole time. Hogwarts Years Year one: The day that she got her letter was bittersweet to her. Eris hadn't been to Diagon Alley since getting her brother's supplies and having her fainting spell. She wasn't sure she was going to be able to go to get her things as she was afraid that she was going to be in the hospital like last time. Her fear included that was that she might miss the first day of school if this happened and she wasn't pleased with that at all. Getting into town she first went to get fitted for robes. The woman had looked at her sadly. Eris knew that she looked a little sickly but still held her head up high. The whole time she was in there, her brother was keeping an eye on her. Along with his friend Chance. It made her want to roll her eyes thinking about it. After all the shopping was done, the year was starting. She boarded the train. Found a place where a lot of first years were and started to mingle with them. Only to leave a little while later to find her brother. Knowing that she was starting to feel a little weaker now as the night went on. As the train came to a stop, she knew that she would see her brother at the fest. The door opened to the Great Hall and she walked in, looking all around the place. She spotted her brother sitting at the Hufflepuff table and smiled at him. Which she got on in return. She waited a little bit until her name was called and once it was, she walked to the sit and sat down. The hat falling over her head. She listened to it speak to her for a little bit before it shouted Slytherin. The rest of the year went by smoothly. She was able to meet friends and if something were to go wrong with her Chance was right in the same house as she was. He would be able to fix her up then go get her brother if it became really bad. Year two: Eris was getting used to feeling weak but she was able to act like everything was fine. She still wasn't able to gain any weight, but no one really said anything about it. This year she met a new friend that was almost the same person she was but not really. The girl looked like her but there were some differences. Her name was Krystal Wood. She had been given up for adoption when she was born and never knew her real family. Only that they were pureblood and from London. During the break both Eris and Kystal had been at their houses and found some rather interesting pieces of parchment: their birth certificates. Both had the same idea to bring the parchment papers with them when they back to school when they noticed something odd about them: their parents weren't listed as the parents on their certificates. However, it came a shock to the girls that they both were born on the same day, in the same hospital and to top it all off, born to the same persons. It bothered and shocked both girls enough for them both to go to Donovan about him all and he seemed to be bother by it just as much. After a couple days of trying to figure things out themselves. Eris finally got up the courage to write to her mother and ask what was going on with the situation. Her mother finally came clean to her and told her everything. About how, she had always wanted a girl but wasn't able to conceive again. However, her mother did write and say that she had no idea about her having a twin sister as when she and her father went through with the adoption there was only one girl left. Year three: Eris found herself loving astronomy. She had to offer help her brother with questioned. He seemed to have trouble with it which she found rather amusing. This was the year that she adn Krystal decided that they were going to cause trouble within the school. With her brother working on OWLS she was able to get away with loads of things. She was able to meet loads of different people. However this was also the year that she became very close to the hospital wing healers as well and was able to understand what was going on with her now. Year four: Eris and Krystal were still stuck together like glue. However, their classes had taken them different ways. This making Eris meet a boy named Cullen. They both clicked very well and he started helping her when her sister and brother weren't around. Donovan didn't really like the fact that his sister was hanging around with another boy but Chance had told him the boy was pretty cool and didn't wanted anything from her which keep her brother at bay for a while longer. Year five: Owls, for Eris this was stressing and the fact that her brother was in his last term as well bothered her more than anything. She didn't know what she was going to do without him. She didn't want to have to meet someone else that was going to help her if something bad happened to her. Sure she had Krystal and Cullen but they couldn't be there all the time. During the year Cullen had told Eris that he would be there with her not matter what and had told her that he liked her no matter what was wrong with her. She was a little hesitate, but with the work of her sister, Eris had told Cullen that she felt the same way about him. Though they didn't start dating until the summer after. She had gotten outstanding on most of the classes that she tested in and was surprised by it since she had a hard time with Charms and COMC. Year six: Cullen and Eris had been pretty happy with their lives at the moment. However, things were going to change for Eris soon. During the year she ended up getting really sick. Enough to where Cullen got to witness it first hand. He was scared and took her to the hospital wing. Where she stayed for about a week. He and Krystal would come and visit her daily. After a month of being out of the hospital wing, she was once again placed in it. This time unable to leave for most of the year. She had students and professor come in and help her with her classes so that she would be able to graduate on time. As it came time to leave the school. The headmaster apparated her to her house as she wasn't going to make it on the train. Year seven: Having the trouble of last term looming over her she had finally gotten to the point that she was feeling better. Though the healers had told her to come see them at least a couple times a day so they could help if she was starting to feel a little sick. Most of the days were spent studying with her twin sister and other friends. She knew that she was going to pass a couple of the test. The main one that were going to let her be an astronomer. It was the only goal that she had in her head at the moment. Mid term she and Cullen ended up breaking up as Eris didn't want him to have to deal with her being sick so much and maybe even dying on him before she was ready to say goodbye. It broke her into but she knew that she was only doing it to save his feelings later on. They remained close until the last day of school when she lost all contact with him. Though she had done it on purpose. After Hogwarts After she graduated she found herself a good job and was finally getting herself into the new life. She spent a year without any word from anyone but her family. That was until she read the paper one day and found out that Cullen had gotten hurt during one of the raids that he and his team did. She contacted him to make sure he was okay and they began talking again. Still not together though. They both harbor big feelings for each other. Now twenty five she is still doing what she loves and still talking to her family and Cullen. Character's Personality Eris is a very interesting person herself. She holds herself up to a high point making herself look strong even when she isn't at all. When she is around others she likes to be the center of attention. Though most the time its because she is sick, which isn't something that she likes to share with other. She is extremely loving with her family and those that she choices to be close with. Other times she is rather stand off-ish untill she is able to get to know them.

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