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  1. Eris Kerrigan

    Alias: NickynackCharacters you are Keeping: eris and Donovan Kerrigan, Edwin degerlund
  2. Eris Kerrigan

    Being back in the school was slightly different for her at the moment. She couldn't remember all the things she did when she was younger. Like how her and her sister teased the Fat lady and how she and Cullen left their common room and hung out all night long. Making out among other things. Though having remember that part she made a face. Cullen had left her for a little while and if she was being honest, she missed the guy way to much. She wanted to know how he was but she was a little to chicken to go and write him. She sighed as she walked from the great hall. After all the students had be
  3. Eris Kerrigan

    Chance (last name up to writer) Playby: joe weir (Or anyone face you can find that has pictures with Nick Bateman) Most of the history is up to the writer. However, Chance has been a huge part of Donovan and Eris' life. From Childhood. Chance is also very protective of Eris and had watched over her when she entered the school. He was also a slytherin. Not much more than that was talked about in Donovan's history so you have free reign on the rest.
  4. Eris Kerrigan

    If you want to rp please feel free to post here or pm me. Link to RP: clicky ~~~~~~~ Have ideas let me know: Share the wealth
  5. Eris Kerrigan

  6. Eris Kerrigan

    Single not plotted - younger sister to Donovan - unofficial Slytherin Alumni Could use: Flirts, flings, friends, enemies. Everything. Active Rps Trying to get warm with Maeve Johnson Inactive Rps
  7. Eris Kerrigan

    Hazel eyes rolled as she watched the other witch at the counter, when her name came out of someone else mouth. Eris turned her head to see the woman and couldn't help but smile brightly as the lady made her way to her. The younger girl placed down her book and waited as the other sat down. "Maeve, what brings you here?" She questioned. Not that she was at all upset to see a familiar face. Matter of fact she was pretty excited to see her. "Oh, I was walking around trying to get some motivation." She mused with a tilt of her head. "Donovan is around somewhere. I think that he's getting a little
  8. Eris Kerrigan

    Eris had told her brother that she was going to be around Hogsmeade for a little bit so if he had to find her then she would be pretty easy. However, she was just now starting to get a little cold from the chilly weather As long as she had lived here she hadn't been able to get use to it. For some reason it hurt her bones just a little. He sighed as she walked into the tea shop to grab a hot tea. Something that she knew would help warm her up inside. Her eyes darted around the room trying to find herself a seat. She was finally starting to get warm as she pulled out a book for herself. Someth
  9. Eris Kerrigan

    Eris Kerrigan Basics Full Name: Eris Lee Kerrigan Age (D.o.B.): 25 (10/28/2043) Nicknames: LeeLee Gender: Female Sexuality: Heterosexual Blood Status: pure-blood Position: Astrologist Wand: 14 inch Acacia wood with dragon heart string Place of Birth: London, England Current Location: London Education: Hogwarts, Slytherin Alumni Languages: English
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