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  1. Dorea Rosier


    Hearing a voice, Dorea looked over. "Oh! Minister! Hello!" She smiled politely. After all, maintaining an appropriately public reputation was of utmost importance. "Why yes, I have a few errands to run and I appear to have decided to do them myself." She smirked softly. It was just such an uncommon sight to have her doing the shopping herself. The Rosiers, like most pureblood families, were rather well off. They had people to do this for them, usually house elves, but Dorea would send the newer recruits to the family business more than not. "I hadn't expected it to be so crowded, I certainly must admint." "What brings you out here today? Certainly you could have had someone purchase your items for you. You must be terribly busy at the Ministry this time of year." She asked, tilting her head as she looked at him. It wasn't often you got to have a conversation with the Minister. She could make a good impression, perhaps it could keep her family out of suspicion for ages to come. How fortuitous today had turned out to be. Perhaps I should run my errands more often.
  2. Dorea Rosier


    Don't I have errand boys for this? Dorea thought to herself as she stepped out into Diagon Alley. The truth was, she did. She very easily could have sent one of her goons out to grab the supplies she was after. That, however, would have meant another day at the manor doing nothing. The same thing she seemed to do every day lately. There wasn't much to do when the smuggling business ran smoothly and there were no leads on new artifacts. So now she found herself impulsively going out on the town to do her own errands. Regretting that choice on almost every level. Couldn't I have found a more entertaining reason to leave? Oh well, since I'm here... Peering into the windows of the various shops she passed, Dorea strolled along the alleyway. Children, freshly on break from school, were lining up at Florean Fortescue's to get ice cream. Parents shopping left and right, trying to hide the presents they were buying for the rapidly approaching holidays. Teenagers window shopped at every store, trying to break away from both parents and siblings. It was all chaos, and that was oddly soothing to Dorea. She thrived in chaos. Preferred it, actually. She would have to in order to live the kind of life she did.

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