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    The Rules Character Enrichment subforums are designed for people to post their trackers, shippers, whatever else they might need to flesh out their characters. The rules are pretty simple. With the exception of the occasional sorting thread for adults, these are not roleplay forums. This allows the Unsorted Member group to post in them so unapped characters can plan things out. But as such we require that no RPs be done in these subforums. That would defeat the purpose of our application process. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in the removal of
  2. The Sorting Process Sometimes when making a first year character, we don't have a clear idea which house our character should belong to when we make them. Or maybe there's a plan for exactly what house you want to be in. On WWN we try to be flexible enough to accommodate everyone. Below are the various options for how someone can be sorted. First Years When making a first year you can either tell us exactly what year they are in your application, or allow the sorting hat to do the work for you! If you'd like for our staff to sort you using our sorting hat (we review your a
  3. The school is abuzz with the chatter of the older students as the doors swing open, allowing the first years their first glimpse of the Great Hall. For some, it will be among their first wizarding experiences, while others will consider the floating candles to be rather normal. However all students will likely be impressed by the ceiling, bewitched to look like the skies outside. At the end of the path between tables, sits a stool and a hat. The hat looks worn and rumpled, as if it had been worn by countless individuals over the years. But as the First Years are brought to a stop before i
  4. Using the Members Store The Member's Store was created to allow our members alternative paths to the careers they wanted without having to go through classes and attend school. Some people don't enjoy writing student characters, and we get that. However, there are a few rules that must be followed when using this store. Purchasing OWLs An OWL is always available for purchase on a character, but you must purchase it with the character you want it on. Funds may be donated to accounts, so you can send Galleons over from an account with more Galleons to th
  5. Regarding Personal Plots Personal Plots are things that occur on a character level. They are things that do not have an impact on the wizarding world as a whole, but certainly impact your character's life. These can be things like: Relationship Drama A singular incident of crime Discipline for an action at school Minor prophecies that only impact 1 character or a family etc. These are just a few examples but there are many different types of personal plots out there. What Isn't Appropriate
  6. How Students Get Invited to Schools Each of the wizarding world schools has their own unique way of letting their students know that they will be attending. We are all familiar with Harry getting his letter from Hogwarts, but students in other countries--and indeed even of different blood status--are introduced to their school very differently. Hogwarts Purebloods Letter from the Deputy Headmaster of Hogwarts informing them of their acceptance and school supplies. Unless orphaned and without other family to live with, in which case they w
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