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    Character Name: Amanda Winterbourne Award/Galleons Claiming: 100 Galleons for Great Galloping Galleons Post Contest Link to Proof:
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    Amanda Winterbourne Basics Full Name: Amanda James Winterbourne Age (D.o.B.): 12 (10/31/2057) Nicknames: Mandy Gender: Female Sexuality: Heterosexual Blood Status: Pureblood Position: First Year Hufflepuff Wand: 8 1/2" Ebony, Unicorn Tail Hair Core Place of Birth: Windsor, England Current Location: Windsor, England Education: Public School Languages: English Other: N/A Preferences Likes: People, Smiling, Sweets, Helping Others, All Music, Sporting Events, Dogs, Stuffed Animals, Glitter, Romance Novels Dislikes: Being Alone, Cynics, Dishonesty, Spinach, Billywigs Relationships Relationship Status: Single Significant Other: N/A Past Relationship(s): N/A Family: Father: Sean Winterbourne, 56, Restaurant Manager Mother: Billy Winterbourne , 48, Waitress Brother: Sheldon Winterbourne, 18, Student Brother: Hector Winterbourne, 16, Student Brother: James Winterbourne, 16, Student Brother: Johnny Winterbourne, 15, Student Brother: Adam Winterbourne, 10, Child Brother: Davin Winterbourne, 7, Child Brother: Owen Winterbourne, 4, Child Pets: Runt the Rat Writer Information Writer Alias: AdelynnWilde Writer Age: 21 Writer Pronouns: She/Her Timezone: Arizona Contact: Discord AdelynnWilde#5772 or PM on Site Will Not Write: Scenes involving rape or sexual assault Before Hogwarts Mandy was a middle child, smack dab in the middle of seven brothers. So it came as a shock to nobody that her home life was a bit... hectic. Growing up with so many boys had both benefits and downfalls. Her four older brothers were there as bodyguards when she was bullied, but were relentless in their own teasing. They mocked her for anything "girly" she took interest in. But she was a resilient girl, and such mockery only made her cling harder to said interests. She was a little girl obsessed with "little girl" things. She loved ponies and unicorns, glitter, the color pink... half from genuine interest and half in defiance of her boy-filled household. When she grew a bit older, she took an interest in romance. A child-like interest of course, the kind that mimicked with no true understanding. She was the girl with a "boyfriend" in every class. She was also very into reading, mostly dystopian teen novels filled with strong women wrapped up in love triangles. She loved to draw too, and would draw a ton of fan art from these stories. Her positivity and creativity attracted other children to her, and she found making friends to be as easy as breathing. Friends were important to her too, and she latched onto people very quickly. Mandy went to every social event she could, every playdate and sleepover. She loved people and loved spending time with them, and these events came with the added bonus of getting her out of the house. It was always so crazy in the Winterbourne household. As she grew older though, her brothers started to leave for Hogwarts. Each received their letter, packed up, and left to school with a few teasing words for their little sister. As the house emptied out, Mandy found that she missed the constant bustle (though there was still plenty to deal with having the younger Winterbourne's around.) She longed for the day when she too would head off to Hogwarts and begin her own magical adventures. Whether own letter arrived, she could hardly contain her excitement. They had never had much with so many kids to provide for, but Mandy was happy to don her brothers' old school robes and worn out textbooks. She even got a wand of her very own! This was going to be a grand time, and she was more than ready to go. Character's Personality Mandy is extremely friend, artistic, and sweet. She is also a hopeless romantic. She is the type to obsess over a boy (real or fictional) and daydream about what they could be together. As such, she is equally invested in the love life's of her friends, often taking it upon herself to "set up" people she thinks would make good couples (a trait that ranges from somewhat to extremely annoying between her friends). Though she is still young enough to hold only the most idealistic views on romance. Mandy loves to draw, and spends much of her free time working on art projects. She is proud of her talents and will often show off her drawings to her friends. She is creative and colorful, wearing brightly-colored clothing whenever she can and dying her hair to match. She is obsessed with all things "cute", be it keychains, stuffed animals, or puppies. She's the first to squeal and "aww" at such things, and heavily incorporates that aesthetic into her artwork.

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