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  1. Amanda Winterbourne

    In Progress...

    "A-achoo!" Mandy wasn't feeling very well, and wasn't being very quiet about it either. She always got sick during the col months, much to the chagrin of the rest of her family. With all the germs and dirt she'd been exposed to over the years her immune system should have been impervious. But sadly it was not so. She was actually quite prone to illness, and she sniffled miserably on her way in to Transfiguration. She couldn't help but wonder why sickness was still a thing. They had potions and spells for everything here, and she hadn't learned how to get rid of a simple cold? Or maybe there was something like that, and the first-year just wasn't experienced enough to have learned it yet. She wished she was older. She always wished she was older. Mandy groaned a mucusy groan and sunk down onto a stool.
  2. Amanda Winterbourne

    In Progress...

    Mandy stopped about the grounds with no concern whatsoever for her shoes. They were just the standard black ones after all. The ones Dia had bought for her... now those she would have worried about. She still couldn't believe her friend had been so generous. She had wanted to wear them immediately, show them off. But Dia had managed to convince her that such a fine item should be saved for a special occasion. Mandy wondered what occasion would make the perfect excuse. Maybe a birthday or some other celebration. Nothing involving Herbology, definitely. When it came to this class, she needed to be ready to get her hands dirty. And she was more that willing. "Hello!" she waved to the room as she entered. It was time to learn about plants!
  3. Amanda Winterbourne

    Ready to Archive

    "Cool!" Mandy exclaimed. She'd never seen an activity quite like this one. This was why Professor Wolfe was her favorite, he was always coming up with the wackiest and most fun things to to do! (Nothing to do with how young and cute he was, of course.) The little girl watched with starry eyes as he explained the activity they'd be doing. It sounded kind of dangerous, but surely Professor Wolfe wasn't actually going to let anyone get hurt. While Mandy did have a multitude of girlish crushes (she was basically a middle-schooler after all), what she felt toward the professor was more a deep admiration than anything romantic. His story was just the sort of tragic glory that she loved from all those cheesy movies. But he didn't act like the brooding protagonists of her favorite stories. He was always, always smiling. Very Hufflepuff of him, she thought. Eager to impress, she raised her hand high. "I want to go first!"
  4. Amanda Winterbourne

    In Progress...

    Mandy was the first to reach the classroom, so she had her pick of chairs. Now... this was a predicament. Like she did with most choices of little significance, Mandy usually based her seat choice on that of her friends. But being the first one there prevented her from doing that. Her friends would likely just go wherever she went anyway, as she was the unofficial leader of the group. That was their social reality. Yet Mandy herself didn't share that perception, and because of this was caught in a nonexistent problem. She stood awkwardly at the back of the room, waiting for someone else to enter and break the (metaphorical - you had to specify that in this place) spell.
  5. Amanda Winterbourne

    In Progress...

    "Dia!" Mandy charged into the room, wrapping her bestie up in her arms. Her favorite classes were the ones she shared with Dia. There were a lot of misconceptions floating about Aradia Warbeck, but in Mandy's eyes she was the kindest, sweetest, most misunderstood first year at Hogwarts. Sure she came off as abrasive sometimes and she had this weird thing about Muggles, but once you got to know her she was a great person! The two friends embraced for a long moment until Mandy finally let go. "I'm so glad we have charms together. Let's be partners!" She looked over at the board. "Oooo, a fire spell! That sounds like fun! Talk about a hot topic! Get it... hot?" She giggled at her own joke. Mandy wasn't exactly the world's greatest comedian, but she nudged Dia's side expectantly.
  6. Amanda Winterbourne

    In Progress...

    Mandy stretched her arms far above her head. letting out a powerful yawn. She didn't mean to be rude or anything, but she couldn't help but feel sluggish during night classes. In Muggle school she'd never had any courses go this late. Even after school programs had only lasted until five thirty or so, so the evenings had been a time she was used to having to herself. Well... not to herself exactly. Many an evening had been spent in torment from her many siblings. But now she thought she may actually prefer chasing after them to this. Most things were better than Astronomy. She noticed that Axel had already arrived and was chatting happily with the Headmistress. A woman of her position inspired awe in most first years, but it seemed Walkwood was as brazen as ever. She slumped down into the seat beside his, half listening to the conversation and half longing to take a quick nap.
  7. Amanda Winterbourne

    In Progress...

    "Ohhh, haha..." Mandy laughed awkwardly. She didn't really know Jenna. Dia was most likely referring to one of those twins she was always hanging out with. Mandy had tried to approach them a couple of times, but they always just gave each other a look and took off before she could say hi. She had the feeling they didn't like her very much, but she had absolutely no clue as to why. Still, she didn't like thinking negatively of people. And it surprised her that Dia would make such a comment behind the girl's back. "I really couldn't say. But I guess I'll see you after class then." She ran off to sit with some fellow Hufflepuffs, hoping that Dia's mean joke was just a passing thing. After all, none of those rumors about her being a bully were true... were they?
  8. Amanda Winterbourne

    In Progress...

    "Sure!" Mandy winked. They'd come back to the subject of Dia's crush sometime or another. If she didn't want to talk about it right now, that was alright. Better not to push. But it did occur to the excited girl that there wasn't much else she knew how to talk about. Gossip and crushes were pretty much her thing. She could hold a conversation about pretty much anything, but when suddenly pushed to find a new topic it was a bit difficult. She looked around the classroom for some ideas. "Soooo, switching spells today, huh? That could be fun. If she asks us to do group work we should totally team up!"
  9. Amanda Winterbourne

    In Progress...

    "Mhm, I see..." Of course! She was frustrated that her love was going unrequited. But of course she was more than deserving, Axel probably just didn't see it because they had had a disagreement. There was plenty of material to work with. Though she did realize there were certain legitimate rots to Dia's frustration. Axel did have advantages when it came to confrontation. Of course it would seem like everyone was on his side. She didn't know what the argument had been about, but surely it wasn't as bad as Aradia was aking it seem. She probably just didn't know how to deal with... actually, did she even know? "You know he's part Veela, right? He can't really help it that people take his side. But I get how that could be frustrating."
  10. Amanda Winterbourne

    In Progress...

    "Oh?" Mandy raised her eyebrows. Something was flustering her friend, and the young romantic doubted that it was hatred. Dia wasn't a hateful person, not really. And her face was even going red. It was quite clear to her what was really happening here. Mandy grinned from ear to ear. "Oh, really?" Her mind was racing with ideas, mostly about matchmaking. Dia clearly liked Axel (who could blame her considering his nature) and she knew for a fact that the boy was a little dense when it came to romance. Two lovers who despised each other's guts, only to learn that they had more in common than they ever would have thought. It was a tale as old as time. Mandy herself had read of several similar encounters in her romance novels. The thought of making it come true was thrilling! She'd just have to nudge things along. "I thought he was a pretty nice guy. What makes you hate him so much?"
  11. Amanda Winterbourne

    In Progress...

    Mandy chatted happily on the way to class. She was absolutely thrilled to have made a new friend, especially one as fascinating as Dia. She always had this air of richness about her, like she was some majestic and magical being. Though all being were magical in some way or another. What was it Professor Johnson had said? That everything contained life? Mandy found that to be an absolutely beautiful thought. Everything had life in it, and as Mandy liked to believe, everything had good in it too. Her friend Dia was the epitome of that. When she had first met the girl, several people had tried to warn her that Dia was some kind of monster. They had called her stuck up and mean even though they hadn't really gotten to know her. Sure, she could be abrasive at times. But all Dia had really needed was a friend, and Mandy was more than happy to oblige. As she raved to her friend about who liked who, a sudden recollection brought her to a halt. "Hey, wait!" She stopped. "I heard you had detention with Axel Walkwood! You have to tell me about it. Isn't he just adorable?"
  12. Amanda Winterbourne

    In Progress...

    "Oh! Um..." Mandy trailed off. She really wasn't very comfortable letting someone she just met buy things for her. Dia seemed like a wonderful girl, but Mandy was one of those people who really didn't like to feel indebted to anyone. Gift-giving wasn't her main expression of friendship either, but she could understand where Dia was coming from. And that last line... she was straight-up telling her exactly how to make the newcomer feel included. She was honestly amazed by her new friend. If she had that kind of money, would she be so generous with it. She hoped she would, but there was no way to tell for sure. "Well, if you really want to I guess it's okay. I'll tell the others not to go too crazy though. And you have to let me pay you back somehow. Deal?"
  13. Amanda Winterbourne

    In Progress...

    "Sure you can come!" Mandy smiled. There was no reason for the girl to be embarrassed. From the Hufflepuff's perspective the girl was just picking up on the numerous hints she was dropping. The offer to pay was shocking though. Mandy hadn't grown up poor per se, but her massive family had always fallen square in middle class territory. She'd never met anyone who would refer to 150 Galleon shoes as "not that bad." It was a very generous offer, and Mandy had to wonder if Dia was trying beyond her means to make some friends. She definitely knew that feeling. "Oh, I couldn't ask you to do that though. We're mostly going to window shop..."
  14. Amanda Winterbourne

    In Progress...

    "Really!?" Mandy perked up, through she had been rather perky already. Crushes were her absolute favorite for of gossip. She fancied herself a bit of a matchmaker, and as such kept a detailed mental record of who liked who in her grade. She didn't have much information on the Slytherin house though, as she hadn't had many opportunities to interact with any of them outside of the class. Hogwarts was a bit cliquish almost by nature, what with the house competition permeating every aspect of their life on campus. So she knew a lot about the Hufflepuffs, a bit about the Gryffindors (a lot of mischief and therefore a lot of rumors seemed to come from Gryffindor), and next to nothing about the Ravenclaws and Slytherin. Learning the romantic preference of two Slytherin girls was a big step forward. She did have to worry though, sine he had seemed so unreasonably biased against her talking to someone from that house. Maybe those girls could talk some sense into him. "Nice to meet you, Dia! We were just planning a shopping trip! I found the most adorable boutique in Diagon Alley." She showed the new arrival her shoe sketch. "They have a pair of enchanted shoes that are just to die for, and bunch of other things too. They're like 150 Galleons so I obviously can't get those. But they have a lot of cheaper stuff that's still cute!" She hoped to extend an invitation to the girl, as including her in their outings would probably make her feel more welcome.
  15. Amanda Winterbourne

    In Progress...

    "Nope!" Mandy grinned at the new arrival. A pretty Slytherin girl was smiling back at her. Awesome! Her ploy to attract new friends was working. "You're welcome to sit down! You're in Slytherin, right? I'm Mandy!" Some of the other kids were giving her weird looks. One of the friends she had been talking to was even shaking his head and mouthing the word "Don't." Don't what? She didn't understand. Don't talk to the Slytherin girl? That couldn't be right. If it was, she had to admit she'd be pretty disappointed in the guy. Surely he did believe all those stereotypes about the house of green being bullies. Mandy had heard here and there that they'd had some bad eggs back in the day, with tons of former or at the time current Slytherins allying themselves with the Dark Lord, but that was ages ago! And even back then were Dark Wizards from others houses too. There was no reason she could see for anyone to still be biased against them, and she couldn't help but roll her eyes at him for suggesting otherwise. She's have to talk to him later. For now she had a new person to welcome, and the smiling girl seemed perfectly non-evil.

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