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  1. Aradia Warbeck

    In Progress...

    Aradia shivered. It was cold these days in the castle, and her slender form offered her little warmth. The uniform didn't help much either, as the black student robes were in that annoying category of too warm for the summer months and not warm enough for the winter. She had arrived to class early today, which was rather unusual for her. Normally she liked to be the last person to enter a room. But if she couldn't be the last, then she supposed first wasn't a terrible second option. She noticed the instructor cast something upon herself, after which she immediately stopped shivering. This caught the girl's attention. "Miss Johnson?" She inquired almost too innocently. "What was that spell?"
  2. Aradia Warbeck

    In Progress...

    Aradia stepped carefully into the Herbology room, tiptoeing as best she could to avoid getting dirt on her shoes. She didn't dislike the subject so much as she hated the room itself. Where were the house elves in this place? It was constantly filthy. Stepping into the place felt like walking out into nature, which was not something Aradia found any occasion to do. She finally got ahold of a relatively clean-looking chair, but made her cronies wipe it off first for good measure. Then she shifted her attention to the board. Asphodel and Wormwood today. At least that gave her an idea for a new insult. But she didn't imagine must else would come of this lesson for her. And what was to come would undoubtedly be dirty.
  3. Aradia Warbeck

    Ready to Archive

    Aradia's hand shot into the air a moment after she saw Walkwood's. An evil grin crossed her lips. A dangerous activity with her mortal enemy on the roster? (She had given him this lofty position in her own mind, though he was blissfully unaware of the honor.) It was too perfect an opportunity. She couldn't confront him directly here, she knew all to well that Professor Wolfe would not hesitate to punish her despite how unfair that was. He hated her because she was so wealthy and beautiful, and she was willing to speak her mind even against arrogant half-bloods. But if the part-Veela boy were to have an accident on an already chaotic and dangerous course, surely the man couldn't punish Aradia for that. "I want to go too, Professor!" She smiled a sweet and obviously false smile. "I'll be respectful, I promise. It's important to realize that other people share the sky, otherwise you're likely to get hurt." At the words "get hurt" she couldn't help but look at Axel. She didn't believe what she was saying though. There were very few people in this world that deserved her respect, and it would be much more logical for them to just stay out of her way. But she was willing to pretend if it would help her get her way.
  4. Aradia Warbeck

    In Progress...

    Aradia also liked Defense Against the Dark Arts, though for a very different reason. She was actually pretty interested in the "Dark Arts" part of the course more than anything else. Of course, she'd never say it aloud. But there was something almost hypnotizing about the forbidden things they learned about in name only. There was a raw power that the greedy girl found more than appealing. Not only was it powerful, but it was unique - elite- the sort of magic meant only for those who could handle it. That wasn't the way her teachers described it of course, but it was definitely the impression she'd gotten. As such, she was rather happy as she made her way to the classroom. Her mood fell significantly when she saw who was already there. She hoped they'd get to practice dueling so she could turn him into a rat or something. She silently took a seat, glaring daggers into the back of Axel Walkwood's head.
  5. Aradia Warbeck

    In Progress...

    "Hmm..." Aradia mumbled to herself. It looked like today's lesson might actually be fairly interesting. Fire had many uses after all. One of the reasons she liked Charms class above many others was the practicality of their lessons. She couldn't think of many reasons to turn a teacup into a mouse or draw up a star chart, but there were all sorts of things you could do with fire. Keep yourself warm, cook a pizza, burn a mudblood... so many possibilities. She got out her notes and quill, eager to learn something that might help in her future endeavors. "This ought to be good."
  6. Aradia Warbeck

    In Progress...

    Aradia signed heavily. Astronomy class wasn't the worst of her courses (that was Flying now thanks to that awful half-breed and the wimp of a professor) but her mind was on other things. She puled out a quill and parchment to copy down the agenda, but Eclipes weren't interesting enough for her to put in actual effort. Instead she looked about the room. Her eyes flicked between the board, the teacher, and the various Astronomy equipment they weren't adept enough to get to use yet. What would her bored brain focus on today? She finally landed settled on the Headmistress. Aradia didn't like her very much... she was the sort of person who actually cared about her work, the kind who would be very difficult to buy off. She didn't trust people who couldn't be bought. Actually, she didn't believe those people existed. Everyone had a price, but people like the Professor Harkiss were certainly harder to manipulate. It wouldn't work with money alone, that was for sure. She did have to wonder just what it would take to get someone like that under her thumb. But her eleven-year-old mind wasn't coming up with anything feasible.
  7. Aradia Warbeck


    Aradia sat on the bed in her dorm room with crossed arms and a pouting face. "I'm not going, you know! It isn't fair and I absolutely refuse." Her legs hung over the side of the green sheets, swinging pointedly back and fourth. It was a funny image- the rich pouting brat on the verge of tantrum. But of course she didn't see it that way, and her "friends" in the dorm with her didn't dare see it that way either. She glared each of them down, daring them to oppose her. Nobody spoke. Good- that was her cue to continue the tirade. "Honestly, where does he get off giving me detention? He's lucky I'm not writing an owl to my father. He's a very powerful person, one of the wealthiest Wizards in Russia!" She addressed this bit to Jenna and Halley, who already knew full well that her father was a "very powerful person." That was why they sucked up to her in the first place, and even if that weren't the case they had heard her say it a multitude of times. They nodded along though. Halley was even brave enough to join in. "Yeah, the only thing Wolfe has going for him is money!" The hypocrisy of this statement was lost on the air-headed henchwoman. "And that other boy! Uh...Wormworth? Waldorf?" There were too many "W" names in her grade. But she knew there was a boy Aradia had been grumbling about all day, and getting her off on a tangent was the safest way to avoid her wrath. "Walkwood!" Aradia growled, sitting straight up on her bed. His name even tasted disgusting. "That dirty mudblood! Forget having the teacher fired, I should have daddy get him expelled!" Even the young heiress knew that Headmistress Harkiss wouldn't allow such a thing, but it was a delicious thought. She licked her lips as she imagined the boy sulking and defeated, leaving Hogwarts with packed bags. Maybe he'd even cry! No future, no friends... it was still better than what that filthy heathen deserved. Not only had he raised his voice to her, but he had insulted her family name! Her fists closed around chunks of the green fabric. She wouldn't forgive him for this. For what he said, for disrespecting her, for getting her detention. She'd ruin him. "He deserves the detention, not me!" "Um, isn't he-" "Who asked you!? Anyway, I told you I'm not going." There was a moment of silence before Jenna finally managed to say something. "D-Dia? I know it's not your fault, and you know it's not your fault. But if you ditch - I mean, if you don't go to detention then they might - well -" "Oh, spit it out Jenna!" "They can expel you!" That got Aradia's attention. For all her complaints, she really did like Hogwarts. It was the gathering place for all of the best young wizards, and there were so many famous people who came from here. Aradia was no doubt going to be great someday too, and even at her age she knew that graduation was a huge step toward that goal. She did rely on her family's money a lot of the time, but only because it was a tool available to her. She had ambitions of her own, and the likes of Walkwood and Wolfe were not going to ruin that for her. She jumped to her feet, causing Halley to scramble out of her way lest she be stepped on. Without another word she made her way to the front door of the common room. She was still in pajamas, but carried herself as though she were the most regal person in the world. Because she was, of course. As the painting swung aside, she stepped out into the dungeon entrance. The others were already gathered there. "I want it known that I am here under protest!" {Gryffindor Roleplay Challenge #8}
  8. Aradia Warbeck

    In Progress...

    Aradia had to fight not to roll her eyes. It was bad enough that she had to act friendly around Winterbourne. To actually work with her during a lesson sounded like one of the worst ways to spend her time. She quickly drummed up an excuse. "Ooooh, I can't! I told Jenna I would sit with her in Transfiguration. She needs all the help she can get, if you know what I mean." She'd have to flag Jenna down later so the moron didn't go and contradict her story. At least it gave her an easy out in situations like this. Even the walk here had already been unbearable. First with mindless chatter, then bringing up Walkwood. Pretending to be this girl's friend was proving to be even more of a chore than Aradia had planned.
  9. Aradia Warbeck

    In Progress...

    "He's WHAT!?" This was completely outrageous. Not only was he a half-blood, but he wasn't even fully human? And this...this disgusting mutant thing had... UGH! Her mind reeled back to the previous week's detention. How they had been lost in that godforsaken dungeon and he had dared to grab her hand. Her fingers filched slightly as though they were still being touched by that filthy mudblood. This new knowledge only brought new horror to the scenario. He was so far beneath her, yet he dared to go so far. He probably thought he'd saved her life or something, which only made her more furious. She'd have found her own way out without his help. If he seriously thought he'd actually done her a favor... Aradia huffed. "You're right... it is frustrating. Can we change the subject please?"
  10. Aradia Warbeck

    In Progress...

    Talking with Winterbourne wasn't Aradia's idea of a good time. Still, it might be nice to get some of this off her chest. The only problem was that this girl had a simpleton's outlook on the world. She wouldn't take kindly to her using terms like "half-breed" and "mudblood", which were a few of the tamer words she would use to describe Axel Walkwood. It wouldn't be a true cathartic rant if she had to watch her tongue. She paused for a moment, mentally eliminating the worst parts of her upcoming tirade. Then she finally spoke. "He's just awful! He acts like he's so cool when really he's just a moron. It's his fault we got in trouble, you know! He's got that stupid smug grin on his face, always acting like he's better than-" She stopped herself from saying "better than me even though he's impure". "Than everyone. And then everyone just takes his side without even bothering to see my side! Like it doesn't even matter how I feel." This wasn't really true. Her sidekicks back in the Slytherin dorms had nodded along to all of her anti-Axel rants. But they didn't really count as people. They were like pets or servants, but slightly more useful.
  11. Aradia Warbeck

    In Progress...

    "What!?" Aradia's face grew red with anger. She had been drowning out most of what Winterbourne said, but the mention of that half-breed caught her attention. The two had indeed been to detention, all thanks to him of course. Not only had he lost his temper and dared to challenge her, but he was the most disrespectful moron she had ever had the displeasure of meeting. He was admittedly attractive for someone his age, and would have made a nice trophy if he wasn't so completely insufferable. To hear a fellow Pureblood speak his name, in a positive light no less, made her blood boil. She clenched her fists at her side. "Adorable? As if! He's... he's horrible! I'd rather spend time with anyone else." the fact that she was even talking to Mandy should have been evidence enough of that.
  12. Aradia Warbeck

    In Progress...

    Aradia was keeping pace with her new "friend", clutching her books to her chest as she walked into Transfiguration. The girl was blabbering on about something again. Probably boys. This girl was always talking about boys. Aradia wasn't immune to their charms either, but nobody at this school was good enough for her. The handsome ones were either poor or stupid, and the others weren't even worth looking at. But is seemed that her classmate Amanda was an equal-opportunity dreamer. She had an opinion on every boy in the class as well as some ideas about who they should end up with. Pointless drivel, the lot of it. Aradia wouldn't normally be seen with someone so dreadful, but Amanda was different. For all of her annoying flaws, she was very popular. She was a pureblood too, though from Aradia's perspective she only barely qualified. Still, to be seen with Mandy was a boon to her social status. So she tried her best not to roll her eyes.
  13. Aradia Warbeck

    In Progress...

    "Deal!" Of course it was a deal. A much better deal than she had been hoping for, actually. She had wanted to buy them things and slowly let the feeling of gratitude nag at them until she could convince them to do as she wanted. But a direct offer - no, a direct demand- to allow Winterbourne to pay her back? That was far better than implied debt. And she could easily play it off like she was only accepting out of friendship with the girl. Wonderful. Class was beginning now, but Aradia had accomplished a greater feat with her own "charms" today than she was likely to during the charms lesson. The popular Pureblood had fallen right into her clutches, and she didn't plan on letting go any time soon. She smiled to herself. Looks like Mandy just got herself a new BFF.
  14. Aradia Warbeck

    In Progress...

    "Oh nonsense!" Aradia made a broad, toothy smile. Like a spider telling a fly that he simply must stay for dinner. "What's the point of shopping if you don't buy anything? Please let me. I just love getting gifts for people..." She did her best to appear conflicted. She wanted to seem happy to be invited, but also disappointed that Mandy wasn't letting her pay for things. All part of the plan of course. Normally she would be just fine not having to pay for other people's crap. Preferred it, actually. But there was a definite advantage if she could get Mandy to agree to her proposal. 150 Galleons wasn't a lot of money to Aradia, but it was a lot of money to Winterbourne. After this, stated or not, it would be very clear to both of them that Mandy owed her something. It was material to hold over her head, giving her a step up in their initial relationship. But she had to convince her that hit was out of the kindness of her heart or none of that would matter. "It sounds stupid, right? To want to give people things. But it would really make me feel like a part of the group... please?"
  15. Aradia Warbeck

    In Progress...

    There it was- the perfect in. She wanted this girl to like her, and nothing made quite so big an impact as money. She made a bright face at the sketch, though internally she found the girl's tastes to be very low-brow. Galaxy shoes? Really? But she made a big show of "Oooo"ing over the drawing before opening her eyes wide as if an idea had just struck her. Though the idea had actually been there since she'd overheard the discussion about the shoes the first time. "150? That's not too bad. I could buy them for you." 150 Galleons was indeed a lot for a pair of shoes, though not the most outrageous price she'd seen. And even a dumb little enchantment would drive up the price of any object significantly. But to the wealthy Aradia, 150 could easily fall under throw away money. A small price to pay for the rise in social status she was sure to gain from it. "Actually, if you're worried about money I could always fund the little shopping trip. Oh! If you'd be so kind as to let me come along of course." She hung her head as if embarrassed to have accidentally invited herself to go with them. It was no accident though. There was no way she'd get rejected now.

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