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  1. Aradia Warbeck

    Character Name: Aradia Warbeck Award/Galleons Claiming: 100 Galleons for Great Galloping Galleons Post Contest Link to Proof:
  2. Aradia Warbeck


    Aradia sat on the bed in her dorm room with crossed arms and a pouting face. "I'm not going, you know! It isn't fair and I absolutely refuse." Her legs hung over the side of the green sheets, swinging pointedly back and fourth. It was a funny image- the rich pouting brat on the verge of tantrum. But of course she didn't see it that way, and her "friends" in the dorm with her didn't dare see it that way either. She glared each of them down, daring them to oppose her. Nobody spoke. Good- that was her cue to continue the tirade. "Honestly, where does he get off giving me detention? He's lucky I'm not writing an owl to my father. He's a very powerful person, one of the wealthiest Wizards in Russia!" She addressed this bit to Jenna and Halley, who already knew full well that her father was a "very powerful person." That was why they sucked up to her in the first place, and even if that weren't the case they had heard her say it a multitude of times. They nodded along though. Halley was even brave enough to join in. "Yeah, the only thing Wolfe has going for him is money!" The hypocrisy of this statement was lost on the air-headed henchwoman. "And that other boy! Uh...Wormworth? Waldorf?" There were too many "W" names in her grade. But she knew there was a boy Aradia had been grumbling about all day, and getting her off on a tangent was the safest way to avoid her wrath. "Walkwood!" Aradia growled, sitting straight up on her bed. His name even tasted disgusting. "That dirty mudblood! Forget having the teacher fired, I should have daddy get him expelled!" Even the young heiress knew that Headmistress Harkiss wouldn't allow such a thing, but it was a delicious thought. She licked her lips as she imagined the boy sulking and defeated, leaving Hogwarts with packed bags. Maybe he'd even cry! No future, no friends... it was still better than what that filthy heathen deserved. Not only had he raised his voice to her, but he had insulted her family name! Her fists closed around chunks of the green fabric. She wouldn't forgive him for this. For what he said, for disrespecting her, for getting her detention. She'd ruin him. "He deserves the detention, not me!" "Um, isn't he-" "Who asked you!? Anyway, I told you I'm not going." There was a moment of silence before Jenna finally managed to say something. "D-Dia? I know it's not your fault, and you know it's not your fault. But if you ditch - I mean, if you don't go to detention then they might - well -" "Oh, spit it out Jenna!" "They can expel you!" That got Aradia's attention. For all her complaints, she really did like Hogwarts. It was the gathering place for all of the best young wizards, and there were so many famous people who came from here. Aradia was no doubt going to be great someday too, and even at her age she knew that graduation was a huge step toward that goal. She did rely on her family's money a lot of the time, but only because it was a tool available to her. She had ambitions of her own, and the likes of Walkwood and Wolfe were not going to ruin that for her. She jumped to her feet, causing Halley to scramble out of her way lest she be stepped on. Without another word she made her way to the front door of the common room. She was still in pajamas, but carried herself as though she were the most regal person in the world. Because she was, of course. As the painting swung aside, she stepped out into the dungeon entrance. The others were already gathered there. "I want it known that I am here under protest!" {Gryffindor Roleplay Challenge #8}
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    Aradia Warbeck Basics Full Name: Aradia Malcolm Warbeck Age (D.o.B.): 11 (03/04/2058) Nicknames: Dia Gender: Female Sexuality: Pansexual Blood Status: Pureblood Position: Slytherin, 1st Year Wand: 12" Aspen, Dragon Heartstring Core Place of Birth: Kazan, Russia Current Location: Oxford, England Education: Private School Languages: Russian, English Other: N/A Preferences Likes: Quiet, Respect, Social Status, Peppermint, Classical Music, Violin, Cats, Snakes, Competition Dislikes: Loud Noises, Clutter, Muggleborns, Rap Music, Annoying People, Unnecessary Explainations Relationships Relationship Status: Single Significant Other: N/A Past Relationship(s): N/A Family: Father: Gregor Warbeck, 45, Politician Mother: Fenya Warbeck, 42, Housewife Sister: Galina Warbeck, 7, Child Brother: Gregor Warbeck Jr., 5, Child Uncle: Igor, 40, Ministry Official Pets: Kroshka the Cat Writer Information Writer Alias: AdelynnWilde Writer Age: 21 Writer Pronouns: She/Her Timezone: Arizona Contact: Discord AdelynnWilde#5772 or PM on Site Will Not Write: Scenes involving rape or sexual assault Before Hogwarts Aradia Warbeck got what she wanted. Always. The wealthy heiress didn't know the feeling of "want" as a child, as the moment it was expressed it was always satiated. Her parents were loving, doting even, and for the first four years of her life they spoiled their only child to no end. It was only when her little sister came along that their attention began to shift. This bothered four-year-old Aradia to a massive extent. Why should this child, this tiny thing with no discernible talents, be taking her parents' attention or her old toys and clothes. She was the one who could recite her alphabet and name all the colors in the rainbow. Hadn't she earned the right not to share? When her little brother was born, the problem only grew worse. Her parents were exceedingly wealthy and still provided her with everything she wanted, but now she had two people she would have to share that wealth and love with. Despite every attempt her parents made to appease her (more than likely because of these attempts), little Dia only became more and more demanding. Her favorite times were when she went to visit her uncle Igor in England. Her mother sent each of her children separately for a couple weeks out of the year in order to give her brother the opportunity to bond with each of them. This obviously worked in Aradia's case, as she absolutely adored her uncle. He showered her with gifts and affection, praising her for her talents and blood purity. The family had always been fond of "the purer the better" argument when it came to ancestry. Dia was fond of it as well, as it made her feel superior and important. When she was in England she felt like an only child again, the most important person in his life. So one day she demanded to stay. She didn't ask (Aradia never asked), she demanded. Her parents were confused and a bit hurt when the request first came in, but Dia was very good at manipulating her parents by this point. She said that she liked England, and that she could learn more and make a better name for their family in a different country. Whether they believed her or were just giving in like they always did, her parents allowed her to stay. For Igor's part, he was thrilled to take her in. The man had been unable to have his own children, so he spoiled her even more than her own parents had. Her Hogwarts letter came as no surprise (the family had been Wizards for generations) and the appropriate amount of praised was lavished upon her for her acceptance. Adaria was excited for the news as well. She had always been extremely popular in both her Russian and English schools, and expected Hogwarts to be no different. Character's Personality Aradia is, to put it mildly, a spoiled brat. She barely knows the meaning of the word "no" and certainly has no concept of the word "please". Her notions of blood purity have followed her up to this point in her life, and is prone to judging people off of social status rather than character. Of course, she isn't above ignoring such things momentarily if they help her achieve their own ends. Adaria does have her good points, particularly her ambition and dedication to her studies. For all of her biases, Dia works incredibly hard to maintain her position. She desires to be the best - the highest in both academics and popularity, and will do whatever it takes to attain her goals.

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