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  1. Edwin Degerlund

    To Edwin's surprised, Mila hadn't turned to look over her shoulder at all. What happen but yet another blush on his face, however that was replaced by a look of annoyance when she started scolding him. "Sorry mom." he dead toned back to her in a teasing way but he took a serious look with her this time. "I didn't mean to startle you. It was more of a friendly teasing before I sat down next to you to study myself." He said holding up the book that he brought as he sat down in the seat next to her. "Besides, I'm not one for announcing much of anything." he told her with a wink as he opened up th
  2. Edwin Degerlund

    Edwin had been rounding the castle when he heard that all to familiar scream which made him stop in his tracks, followed by Harvey's full name. A small chuckle came from Edwin as he soon started walking and found the two siblings there. Harvey seemed very proud of himself at the fact he had pulled something off. It had only taken Eddie a couple of mintues of looking around to figure out what had happened. "Oh mate! You should have waited for me, I would have loved to be part of this." he smirked at Harvey while elbowing him a little."We could have got it on the camera." Then moved over to Mila
  3. Edwin Degerlund

    So things in Edwin's mind had been going a little strange here as of late. He honestly had no idea why he had that strange dream about Mila. It was strange and something that he wasn't going to be able to tell his best friend. Because, well he didn't want to get punched. But what was worse was, he had grown up with the girl. AND NOW! She was some how invading his dreams. It wasn't something that he was to pleased with. Mila was the girl that they picked on the most, well because he had known her longer and that was just that right? He didn't have a thing for his best friends sister? What kind
  4. Edwin Degerlund

    Alias: NickyNack Characters you are keeping: Edwin Degerlund, Eris Kerrigan, Donovan Kerrigan, Claire Valeron Characters you are Dropping: none
  5. Edwin Degerlund

    Astronomy ( links: https://www.skyatnightmagazine.com/advice/skills/astronomy-guide-viewing-planets-night-sky/ ) (link:http://coolcosmos.ipac.caltech.edu/ask/97-How-did-Jupiter-get-its-name- ) (link: https://www.space.com/18391-jupiter-temperature.html ) (link:
  6. Edwin Degerlund

    Arithmancy (link: https://www.hogwartsishere.com/library/book/2266/chapter/1/) (link: https://sites.google.com/site/arithmancyhol/lesson-2) For Arithmancy I was asked to find my name number, heart number and also my social number. I'm not the best at this class so I will try my best. Honestly that is all that is asked of me anyways. So through out this essay I will explain the different means of two different methods. The Agrippan and the chaldean. They both should give me different answers. I'll be able to tell you which I think sounds more like me as I get though the essay. The
  7. Edwin Degerlund

    Ancient Runes (https://harrypotter.fandom.com/wiki/Study_of_Ancient_Runes) So for this essay, I am going to be writing about the creature runes and what animals correspond with each number. I'll take you through each number and let you know why they are there and what I think about it. So off we go. Creature Zero. The creature that was picked for this number, was picked because of one ability. That it can turn invisible. That's it, and that creature is a demiguise. Those are the ape like creatures whose eyes turn blue when they are predicting the future. Now,as for if I think anothe
  8. Edwin Degerlund

    Name: Edwin DegerlundHouse: GryffindorHave you read the grading requirements, and do you agree to abide by them? yesDesired Subjects: Can you please give me the rest of the owls. Thank you. Ancient Runes Arithmancy Astronomy Care of magical creatures Divinations Herbology History of magic Muggles studies Transfigurations
  9. Edwin Degerlund

    If you want to rp please feel free to post here or pm me. Link to RP: clicky ~~~~~~~ Have ideas let me know: Share the wealth
  10. Edwin Degerlund

  11. Edwin Degerlund

    Single but plotted - Youngest of three - 5th year Gryffindor could use: other friends , enemies, flings , flirts Active Rps: Inactive Rps
  12. Edwin Degerlund

    Name: edwin degerlundHouse: gryffindorHave you read the grading requirements, and do you agree to abide by them? yesDesired Subjects: charms potions and dada
  13. Edwin Degerlund

    Edwin Degerlund Basics Full Name: Edwin Dergerlund Age (D.o.B.): (10/14/2054) Nicknames: Ed Gender: Male Sexuality: Heterosexual Blood Status: pure-blood Position: Gryffindor / 5th year Wand: Sycamore with phoenix core Place of Birth: Oslo, Norway Current Location: London, UK Education: Hogwarts Languages: Norwegian and English Other:
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