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Edwin Degerlund

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  1. Edwin Degerlund

    If you want to rp please feel free to post here or pm me. Link to RP: clicky ~~~~~~~ Have ideas let me know: Share the wealth
  2. Edwin Degerlund

  3. Edwin Degerlund

    Single but plotted - Youngest of three - 5th year Gryffindor could use: other friends , enemies, flings , flirts Active Rps: Inactive Rps
  4. Edwin Degerlund


    Edwin Degerlund Basics Full Name: Edwin Dergerlund Age (D.o.B.): (10/14/2054) Nicknames: Ed Gender: Male Sexuality: Heterosexual Blood Status: pure-blood Position: Gryffindor / 5th year Wand: Sycamore with phoenix core Place of Birth: Oslo, Norway Current Location: London, UK Education: Hogwarts Languages: Norwegian and English Other: N/A Preferences Likes: pranks, sneaking about,being adventurous, Charms, writing/mapping Dislikes: Getting into trouble, being bored, not being the center of attention, having to much homework, having to sit in one spot for to long Relationships Relationship Status: Single Family: Father: Arvid Degerlund, 30(dead), Former Norwegian minister of magic Mother: Novalie Degerlund, 45, stay at home mom Sister: Viktoria Degerlund, 19, Model Brother: Viktor Degerlund, 19, Potioneer Pets: None Writer Information Writer Alias: NickyNack Writer Age: 29 Writer Pronouns: She/ her Timezone: EST contact: Pm here or Discord: NickyNack#5068 will not write: rape or sexual assault Before Hogwarts Edwin was born to the former Norwegian minster of magic, Arvid Degerlund and his wife. While little Edwin and his mother were in the hospital waiting on the day that they were allowed to go home, Arvid had been pulled away on a mission. However, he wouldn't be heard form again. On day three of the mission, he was killed by a unknown dark wizard. Days went by and Ed and his siblings were taken care of by the nanny since his mother was dealing with the loss of her husband along with the emotions of having another child. After a couple years, growing up with two older siblings, but being the youngest, he knew what he could get away with and what he had to watch his back with. Once he was able to read, he found a book on pranks and soon, the boy was pranking his brother and sister and even sometimes when he was really feeling feisty, he would prank his mother and nanny. Things started getting hard in Norway for the family of three and soon their mother had packed the children up and moved them to the UK. Where they were able to be around her family if they had needed some help. During one day while he was out he had met Harvey. A boy who seemed, as weeks went by, to like the same things as he. Which helped him in more ways than one. Their families would often joke about them being in Gryffindor together just by the way they acted, which wasn't that far off. Though as they got older, their pranks were more targeted to Harvey's little sister. Edwin could clearly see that it upset her, but he and Harvey were boys and didn't understand the girls feelings so he keep going. Hogwarts Years Finally getting to the castle, it took no time at all to be on with the school and the people around it. He was very ready for the adventure that was going to be his next seven years of school. It didn't really surprise Edwin that he was placed in Gryffindor and he was ever more happier that his best mate was placed in the same house with him. Double trouble if you please. The two were the best and brightest pranksters of their age and might I add, had the best bromance the whole school had ever seen. Edwin had found he had a great knack for charms and would often use some of the charms that he would learn in class and some of the charms that he would learn by reading and place them into the pranks that he would pull with Harvey. As the years went by they were able to find more challenging things to get into. The Forbidden forest, potions, spells. They also were able to talk themselves out of most of the trouble that they got into and they surprisingly stayed on the professors good sides. Though Edwin knew that they were being watched most of the time, if not all. The next year, Mila entered the school and Ed noticed right away that Harvey was slightly upset that she hadn't been placed in the same house as they were. Though honestly, as long as Edwin had known the two, he knew that she was a little different. Never one to be with them, always reading something, a little smarter though he wouldn't come right out and say it. Hurt his pride a little to much. She fit the house she got placed in, Ravenclaw, and wasn't at all bothered by it. However, he knew that he would have to watch over the girl, just to make sure that Harvey wouldn't freaking out since he wouldn't be able to keep eyes on her the whole time. Though he knew that now, they had an easy target for pranks, Harvey would go along with it as well. Now, finally in his fifth year of school, his owls were fast approaching. He wasn't able to pull as many pranks as he would like. Which he was determined to fix. He was also ready to figure out what he really wanted to do in his life. As most people know, being a professional prankster never did bring any good money home. Character's Personality Edwin, being the youngest child had a knack for being mischievous. He was slightly babied by his mother and older sister. His brother would often give him books on pranks, as he though it was funny to watch him pull them on their sister. He is the type of person to stand up for someone who isn't able to do it on their own, even though some might mark him as a slight bully based on his liking to prank people. He would be the one to throw a first punch without even asking questions. Some would say the boy is extreamly over confident, but the boy just knows what he wants and how to get it. He's able to take jokes and often would help the person fix it, if he feels like it could be fixed. He is also very protective. The main person he is that way with at the moment is Harvey. He doesn't like others trying to get at him in any kind of way. However, knowing Mila as long as he has, he seemed to be some what protective over her as well. Though he only thinks that its because she's an extension from Harvey but it will end up being something totally different.

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