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  1. Harvey Prewitt

    "Oh Mimi, I'm hurt!" Harvey's face twisted into a mock frown for no more than a second before he burst into a fit of laughter. Success! The look of sheer horror on his sister's face, followed by the look of sheer annoyance, was the ultimate reward. He did enjoy a good prank. Mila had always been so serious. His sister had been called stubborn and stuck-up before (and if he ever found out who said that he was going to give them a good punch to the gut), but Harvey knew better. Mila was smart - really smart - and she was a total sweetheart if you got to know her. She'd never been one to wrestle
  2. Harvey Prewitt

    "Hey, Professor!" Unlike Professor Wolfe, Chambers was one he had actually had a class with. He admittedly hadn't been the most attentive student in Muggle Studies, but he did rather like the old teacher. The guy really, really liked Muggles though. And he had managed to make them sound interesting, which wasn't a very common sentiment among Wizards. Harvey hadn't hated muggles or anything, and he certainly wasn't a blood purist, but before taking Muggle studies he had always considered them to be a bit basic. They were all basically like Squibs, right? Just normal people except they couldn't
  3. Harvey Prewitt

    "Hey Professor!" Harvey burst through the door in his usual manner. He was feeling pretty chipper today, but not for any real reason. He just had a good feeling inside. It wasn't exactly unusual for Harvey Prewitt to wake up in a good mood, but it hadn't happened for quite some time this year. The stress of school and OWLs had been getting to him. He'd never been the best student - bot the worst, but definitely not the best. Tons of natural talent, but that wasn't enough to pass the OWLs. Those tests weren't just magical talent and fluff piece essays - each of them would require study and effo
  4. Harvey Prewitt

    Harvey came to class with a huge smile on his face. Not to do with astronomy- nothing to smile about there. He'd heard their OWL would be writing an essay, and if there was anything he disliked more than star charts it would be essays. But today (for once this year), Harvey wasn't thinking about OLWS. He was planning something good, something big. And he couldn't wait to talk to Edwin about it. He sat down on one of the stools, placing his school things on the one next to it to reserve a spot for his friend. Alright... planing time.
  5. Harvey Prewitt

    Harvey shouldn't have gotten detention. He hadn't been making trouble this time, honest! This was totally, completely unfair. If he were to describe the moment of his downfall, he guessed it would all have to start with the Potions lecture. Potions... Harvey shook his head. He wasn't exactly bad a potions, but there was a certain monotony to their production. Something about the absolute reliance on recipes made him instantly bored. He much preferred experimentation and discovery. Hell, that was what the class was supposed to be about! Nobody remembered the little potion shop owner who followe
  6. Harvey Prewitt

    Harvey smiled brightly at Ms. Johnson as he walked into the Transfiguration classroom, snatching a stool toward the front of the room. His smile might have seemed normal to those who didn't know Harvey Prewitt, but surely the professor had deal with him long enough to know that that grin always meant trouble. Of course, there would be no trouble here (that he knew of anyway). The boy knew how to cover his tracks, and for every time he got caught there were five times he didn't. The expression likely gave him away, but there was nothing to trace him back to his earlier deeds. And Ms. Johnson d
  7. Harvey Prewitt

    "Professor Johnson!" Harvey cheerfully greeted the teacher as he arrived in the Transfiguration classroom. The young boy could barely contain his excitement. This was it! His very last OWL! On top of that, it was being overseen by one of his favorite teachers. It was thanks to ms. Johnson that Harvey had taken a liking to transfiguration. She was smart and pretty, and always made the students feel like they could do anything. Of course, it wasn't difficult to make Harvey feel like he could do anything - overconfidence was a large part of his character - but he could appreciate a teacher who wa
  8. Harvey Prewitt

    Defending the Helpless: A Brief History of the Muggle Protection Act by Harvey Prewitt Introduction Wizards have a long and terrible history of looking down on Muggles. Whether it stems form a lack of knowledge or a genuine sense of superiority, the vast differences between Wizards and Muggles have been emphasized over the similarities of being human. This perspective is of course extremely skewed. Yet there are some very real differences that cannot be denied. Wizards may not be superior, but they have an extra tool in their belt that will simply never be available in the Muggl
  9. Harvey Prewitt

    Harvey made his way to the basement, tired from a long day of testing. The atmosphere down here had always given him the creeps. It was dark and ominous, with a constant cool breeze despite being underground. Plus the ghosts liked to hang out down here. The boy had nothing against ghosts of course, but something about hanging out around so much death made him uneasy. Despite this though, he did genuinely like Potions. It was fascinating just how many uses they had. There were potions to make yourself bigger and stronger, poisons to down the greatest of foes, and even draughts that could bring
  10. Harvey Prewitt

    Small But Strong: A History of the Goblin Rebellions by Harvey Prewitt Introduction One would like to believe that a word full of magic would be a very black and white place. That is how fantasy often goes, after all. There are good guys and bad guys, light magic and dark. Yet those with such a fantasy would find the Wizarding World to be quite the disappointment. The fact remains that Wizards are human. They can be selfish and wrong, and horrors can and have been committed by those on the sides of darkness and light. Every sentient creature has biases and views skewed by societ
  11. Harvey Prewitt

    Harvey wasn't quite sure what to expect from this one. The boy had never had any particular opinions when it came to Herbology. The class could be interesting sometimes and ridiculously boring at others. He'd never had much of a green thumb, and while taking care of various plants was certainly more fun than book work, his affinity for it was lacking compared to other courses. In fact, Herbology was one of the few things at which Harvey Prewitt was utterly... average. The greenhouse had always been a beautiful place, so full of life and chaos. If there was one thing he did love about the
  12. Harvey Prewitt

    Divinations... frankly, Harvey had never cared for the course. It wasn't that he didn't believe in predicting the future. After all, seers and visions had long been an accepted part of Wizard society. But those were exceptions in his opinion, not a rule. In the time it took to lay out a deck of cards or scatter some tea leaves, he could have been taking steps to forge his own destiny instead of relying on objects to tell him. Still, he had every intention of passing the course. He fiddled idly with the deck of tarot cards, waiting for his turn to begin. He'd been treating them like flash
  13. Harvey Prewitt

    Harvey's heart felt as though it would pound out of his chest. He stood before the old wooden door, anxiously awaiting his turn to take the OWL. This room did not usually cause such a reaction in him. The young Gryffindor had an affinity for Defense Against the Dark Arts, and would normally find himself excited to pass through these doors. And yet his nerves seemed to be getting the better of him. The strong-willed boy hadn't thought twice when given the option of real combat versus writing another essay. That had been a no-brainer. Still, as the moment of truth came ever closer, he couldn't h
  14. Harvey Prewitt

    Harvey entered the classroom with a confident stride. It was the normal demeanor for him, though his posturing had been significantly less common during the exam season. But when it came to Charms it was a relief to be his regular confident self. It wasn't his favorite class - Defense Against the Dark Arts would forever hold that title - but it was one in which his exceptional talent had always carried him. Harvey wasn't exactly a good student... his sister Mila could attest to that. But he was a talented student. Forcing himself to hit the books for these OWLS had been incredibly draining, bu
  15. Harvey Prewitt

    Harvey breathed deeply as he walked out to the groundskeeper’s hut. He was trying to calm his nerves. The teen was usually confident (overly so in fact) but today he found himself breathing a bit heavier than normal. He didn’t know what to expect from his Care of Magical Creatures final, and that uncertainty was what scared him. Would he be taming a Hyppogriff? Feeding a Dragon? Catching a Niffler? The possibilities were seemingly endless. He’d done his best to cram in some last minute studying, but Creature Care was not really a textbook learning class and Harvey was not really a textbook lea
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