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  1. Harvey Prewitt

    "Oh Mimi, I'm hurt!" Harvey's face twisted into a mock frown for no more than a second before he burst into a fit of laughter. Success! The look of sheer horror on his sister's face, followed by the look of sheer annoyance, was the ultimate reward. He did enjoy a good prank. Mila had always been so serious. His sister had been called stubborn and stuck-up before (and if he ever found out who said that he was going to give them a good punch to the gut), but Harvey knew better. Mila was smart - really smart - and she was a total sweetheart if you got to know her. She'd never been one to wrestle with him or get in on his crazy schemes, and was always the first to suggest more reasonable options. And knowing all of this made it all the sweeter when he was able to disrupt her serious mood. He clutched his stomach, making an effort to contain his boundless laughter. When at last he caught his breath, his head rose to meet her with a jovial expression. "C'mon, you know you love me!" he teased. He flicked his wand again, and the black mass vanished from the fallen book. He picked up the tome and offered it to her. "Nose in a book again, I see. Some things never change." Indeed, it seemed that neither his childhood habits nor hers had shifted since coming to Hogwarts. It had been quite a while since he'd pulled off a stunt like that. "So, how ya been, kid?" Though they were only a year apart, Mila was and always would be his kid sister. And he was genuinely curious as to what was going on with her these days. @ Mila Prewitt @ Edwin Degerlund
  2. Harvey Prewitt


    "Hey, Professor!" Unlike Professor Wolfe, Chambers was one he had actually had a class with. He admittedly hadn't been the most attentive student in Muggle Studies, but he did rather like the old teacher. The guy really, really liked Muggles though. And he had managed to make them sound interesting, which wasn't a very common sentiment among Wizards. Harvey hadn't hated muggles or anything, and he certainly wasn't a blood purist, but before taking Muggle studies he had always considered them to be a bit basic. They were all basically like Squibs, right? Just normal people except they couldn't do any magic. But in Chambers' class he had learned that Muggles had developed all sorts of non-magical solutions that were actually very smart. It wasn't anything Harvey would want to do with his life, but it had been engaging enough to keep him in the course. Though now with OWLS coming up he was beginning to regret taking so many electives. "And Axel, what's up dude!" He held out his hand for a high-five. Harvey had met the little Gryffindor the previous year, and after a very intense game of Wizard's chess the two had become... friends? He wasn't quite sure of the word for it. It would be weird to call a first year a friend. But the two did share a certain bond, being Gryffindor troublemakers at heart. He supposed it was more of a mentor/mentee kind of relationship. He actually kind of liked it. Axel reminded him of himself in a lot of ways, and he felt like a real man showing him all of the tips and tricks of Hogwarts. That reminded him, he still needed to talk to Edwin about sneaking the kid into Hogsmeade one of these days. Maybe he'd sign up for the mentoring program... if Professor Wolfe let him in after this. As for the new girl, he instantly disliked her. She was exactly what he though of when complaining about "those annoying first years." Axel was cool, mostly because he was basically a younger Harvey, but first years in general were still a frustrating group. And this girl had just taken first place on the annoying list. What was her problem, anyway? Under protest? Really? Harvey was the one who didn't deserve to be here, but he was still taking the punishment like a man. Meanwhile this pout girl shows up in pajamas declaring protest. Well, she had guts at any rate. "And who are you?," he asked. "What exactly are we doing here anyway, Professor Wolfe?"
  3. Harvey Prewitt

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    "Hey Professor!" Harvey burst through the door in his usual manner. He was feeling pretty chipper today, but not for any real reason. He just had a good feeling inside. It wasn't exactly unusual for Harvey Prewitt to wake up in a good mood, but it hadn't happened for quite some time this year. The stress of school and OWLs had been getting to him. He'd never been the best student - bot the worst, but definitely not the best. Tons of natural talent, but that wasn't enough to pass the OWLs. Those tests weren't just magical talent and fluff piece essays - each of them would require study and effort, and that was more Mila's area than his. But today felt different somehow, like something good was going to happen.
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    Harvey came to class with a huge smile on his face. Not to do with astronomy- nothing to smile about there. He'd heard their OWL would be writing an essay, and if there was anything he disliked more than star charts it would be essays. But today (for once this year), Harvey wasn't thinking about OLWS. He was planning something good, something big. And he couldn't wait to talk to Edwin about it. He sat down on one of the stools, placing his school things on the one next to it to reserve a spot for his friend. Alright... planing time.
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    Harvey shouldn't have gotten detention. He hadn't been making trouble this time, honest! This was totally, completely unfair. If he were to describe the moment of his downfall, he guessed it would all have to start with the Potions lecture. Potions... Harvey shook his head. He wasn't exactly bad a potions, but there was a certain monotony to their production. Something about the absolute reliance on recipes made him instantly bored. He much preferred experimentation and discovery. Hell, that was what the class was supposed to be about! Nobody remembered the little potion shop owner who followed the book and sold carefully crafted goods. No! They remembered the inventors, the failures... the people who tried and mixed new things until they managed to come up with something great! BY all means, Harvey's brazen actions that day should have been praised. He was daring to go in the direction of the greats! Unfortunately his instructor hadn't seen it that way. A pity, really. It was crystal clear that there was something wrong with Hogwarts' disciplinary system. To use an adventurous student's experiment to blackmail him into conformity? Unacceptable! Never mind that he hadn't been dressing in the proper safety gear. Never mind the enormity of the mess he'd made. This was absolutely, completely, utterly unreasonable! In reality, the boy really had gotten off easy. He and his confidant Edwin seemed to have an affinity for trouble, and this punishment had been a long time coming. If the teachers only knew how much they had been getting away with over the years, one night's detention would be the least of his problems. But Harvey Prewitt wasn't about to admit something like that. Not even to himself. Instead he continued to grumble about just how unfair the world was as he made his way toward the dungeon. Come to think of it... just who was this teacher he was supposed to be meeting? Professor Wolfe, right? Harvey knew who he was more from his Quidditch fame than as a teacher at the school. He'd been hired on after Harvey's first year flying course, but everyone at school knew his name and his story. Apparently he'd been in some horrible accident that made him go from Professional Sportsman to schoolteacher - a huge step down from Harvey's perspective. But still, the dude was always smiling. It was kinda cool in a way. At the very least it would be better than having a teacher who was grumpy all the time. Maybe he'd even get lucky and this Professor Wolfe would be a big softy with an easy detention gig. He saw the man when he reached the bottom of the stairs. Yup - still smiling. the guy did look a bit nervous, but the Hogwarts dungeons tended to have that effect on people. "Harvey Prewitt, sir!" He introduced himself with an over-dramatic bow. "Reporting for detention!" {Gryffindor Roleplay Challenge #8}
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    Harvey smiled brightly at Ms. Johnson as he walked into the Transfiguration classroom, snatching a stool toward the front of the room. His smile might have seemed normal to those who didn't know Harvey Prewitt, but surely the professor had deal with him long enough to know that that grin always meant trouble. Of course, there would be no trouble here (that he knew of anyway). The boy knew how to cover his tracks, and for every time he got caught there were five times he didn't. The expression likely gave him away, but there was nothing to trace him back to his earlier deeds. And Ms. Johnson definitely wasn't the sort of teacher who handed out punishments without proof. Though it was clear from the look on his face that he had done something. He relaxed on the stool. Where was Edwin, anyway? He should be back by now... no matter. If anyone could evade getting caught, it was Edwin Degerlund. Still, Harvey couldn't help but keep glancing at the door, waiting eagerly for his friend to arrive. Of course he'd gotten away... hadn't he?
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    "Professor Johnson!" Harvey cheerfully greeted the teacher as he arrived in the Transfiguration classroom. The young boy could barely contain his excitement. This was it! His very last OWL! On top of that, it was being overseen by one of his favorite teachers. It was thanks to ms. Johnson that Harvey had taken a liking to transfiguration. She was smart and pretty, and always made the students feel like they could do anything. Of course, it wasn't difficult to make Harvey feel like he could do anything - overconfidence was a large part of his character - but he could appreciate a teacher who was good at her job nonetheless. The teacher seemed to be a fan of positive reinforcement, which made her very popular among the students. "You have no idea how happy I am to be here! OWLS are really tough!" They had indeed been quite tough. But he was certain that talking to Ms. Johnson about it wouldn't have a negative affect on his scores. "But hey, you always say you believe in us, right? And speaking of OWLS, what do I need to do here?" It was then that he noticed he instructions already written on the board. CAST A VANISHING SPELL ON A DESK. That... was it? Harvey took in a deep breath, then let out a sigh of relief. Vanishing spells were difficult of course, but they had spent a lot of time in fourth year going over them. More than that, she was asking him to vanish an inanimate object. That was a hundred times easier than practicing on something alive. He gave her a look of immense gratitude. He gave the closest desk an evil look, as if to say Oh, you're gonna get it now! He thought back to his early lessons, sizing up the desk to see just how much power he would need. Not alive, but somewhat large. Alright... he needed concentration for this. A few deep breaths and- "EVANESCO!" The word came out much louder than he had intended, nearly breaking the focus he had been training for the spell. As a result, about one leg of the desk had vanished before its dissipation began to slow down. Oh crap - gotta focus! He retrained his mind and his eyes, staring at it with a gaze that might have bore holes in the wood. The vanishing pace began to pick up, and eventually the whole thing had disappeared into nothingness. His heart was racing in his chest, sweat forming around his forehead. Perhaps he had underestimated the test by a bit. The young Gryffindor was actually quite worn out. Still, it was a success, right? He looked at the teacher with a triumphant smile. "Thanks. Miss Johnson." Looking at the teacher now, basking in the glory of finally having finished his OWLS, he felt the need to say a bit more. Then, a bit more seriously. "Really though, thank you. For believing in me and teaching me and all that. Just... thanks."
  9. Harvey Prewitt

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    Defending the Helpless: A Brief History of the Muggle Protection Act by Harvey Prewitt Introduction Wizards have a long and terrible history of looking down on Muggles. Whether it stems form a lack of knowledge or a genuine sense of superiority, the vast differences between Wizards and Muggles have been emphasized over the similarities of being human. This perspective is of course extremely skewed. Yet there are some very real differences that cannot be denied. Wizards may not be superior, but they have an extra tool in their belt that will simply never be available in the Muggle world - magic. This tool offers them a certain level of protection from magical artifacts, creatures, and even natural disasters that Muggles do not share. With magic comes a certain level of danger too, and sine it is forbidden to reveal these dangers to the Muggle world, it falls on the Wizards to provide them some level of defense against its effects. Such is the purpose of the Muggle Protection act. History The Muggle Protection Act was partially drafted and heavily pushed by Arthur Weasley, former head of the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office. Weasley was an avid Muggle advocate, known for his fascination with their culture. He himself was known to posses many enchanted objects and Muggle artifacts from around the world. The act was heavily opposed by Lucious Malfoy and other powerful families, though considering he was later found to be in possession of dark and harmful artifacts directly prohibited by the law, this position had obvious motives behind it. He even went so far as to plant a dark artifact on Weasley's youngest child in an attempt to discredit him and his family. In spite of this, the law was officially enacted in 1992 and proved helpful in recovering evidence and objects during the Second Wizarding War. Purpose The purpose of this act is in its name - Muggle Protection. The law was designed to prevent dangerous enchanted objects from being set loose upon the Muggle world. It centers around the idea that since Muggle have no knowledge of magic, it would be very difficult for them to combat magical effects. They cannot cast counterspells of take care of the issue through magical means, nor do they have access to magical healing and potions that may aid in recovery from a cursed object attack. In particular it allowed for the discovery and discarding of dark objects specifically designed to do harm. Modern Applications Sadly dark magic still exists in the world, and there are still those who prey on people they see as weak. Were this law to be rescinded, the production of dark objects would not simply stop, and it would become immensely more difficult to punish criminals for their crimes. This act serves the same purpose today as it did in the past. Still, while its core ideas are solid, the law should of course be open to adaption or additions as new discoveries are made and new issues arise. Conclusion The Muggle Protection Act was a boon to wizard society despite the opposition posed by Malfoy and some other pureblood families. It is not perfect - no law is. But it is definitely as step in the correct direction. As Arthur Weasley believed, equality is something that is deserved by all people. Hopefully one day the Wizards will not have to hide at all, and can use their magic to help all people. Until then, however, it is up to the Wizards to protect others from what they could never see coming. Sources https://harry-potter-compendium.fandom.com/wiki/Muggle_Protection_Act
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    Harvey made his way to the basement, tired from a long day of testing. The atmosphere down here had always given him the creeps. It was dark and ominous, with a constant cool breeze despite being underground. Plus the ghosts liked to hang out down here. The boy had nothing against ghosts of course, but something about hanging out around so much death made him uneasy. Despite this though, he did genuinely like Potions. It was fascinating just how many uses they had. There were potions to make yourself bigger and stronger, poisons to down the greatest of foes, and even draughts that could bring you luck and change your future. Potions were a precise science - not the sort of thing that normally appealed to Harvey - but this seemed to be an exception. The boy took great pride in measuring out ingredients, watching the colors shift as he stirred them in. But the best part for him was testing out the finished product. Some effects were exhilarating, others painful, but every bottle came with a sense of great accomplishment. So despite the strain that test season had been putting on him, the Gryffndor was excited for this OWL. He unpacked his cauldron, his tools, and his recipes, then looked over the parchment of instructions on the table. It seemed their assignment was to brew a Strengthening Solution. His excitement faded a little. It was a powerful potion that required great precision, though he had expected nothing less. The problem - or rather his problem - was that this solution had an incubation time of several days. That meant he would have to prep it now and perform the first stage of the recipe, then come back days later to get his results and finish the project. That was a lot of extra stress to worry about while the rest of his OWLS were going on. Still, there was nothing to do but make the best of it. He carefully measured the water out in a beaker, then poured it into the cauldron and turned on the burner. While the water was heating up, he made his way to the storage area to find other ingredients. There was plenty of salamander blood - a key ingredient - but only a couple of Griffin claws, none of them pre-ground. Great... This day was just getting better and better. He grabbed his mortar and pestle and began taking out his frustrations on the Griffin Claw. Stupid Solution. Stupid OWLS. Stupid School. Actually, this was quite fun. Griffin claws didn't grind down easily, which gave him plenty of leeway to express his emotions through crushing it to pieces. There was something satisfying too about watching the whole object break into smaller and smaller pieces until it looked like a tiny pile of yellow powder. He carefully measured the powder, then sprinkled it in at the same time as the salamander blood- this was essential. If they didn't go in at exactly the same time, the whole potion would be absolutely ruined. A satisfactory grin spread across his face as he watched the solution turn a deep red color. That was good- so far. He brought down the heat, letting it simmer for about ten minutes before pouring the entirety of the cauldron into a large glass vial. "Fingers crossed!" He declared. He placed the vial in a dark cabinet, where it would sit and taunt him for the next couple of days. He was sure this image would be haunting him until he had his final answer. The musty potions room, the clink of vials, the smell of smoke... wait, what!? He spun around quickly to find his bag had caught fire. Oh crap oh crap oh crap! Harvey had left the burner on. He ran back to his spot, shouting "Aquamenti!" as he ran. The water doused the entire table, the renaming ingredients, and himself as he got closer. Right... He stared back at the cabinet, soaking wet and clutching a scorched bookbag. Fingers crossed. Source https://harry-potter-compendium.fandom.com/wiki/Strengthening_Solution
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    Small But Strong: A History of the Goblin Rebellions by Harvey Prewitt Introduction One would like to believe that a word full of magic would be a very black and white place. That is how fantasy often goes, after all. There are good guys and bad guys, light magic and dark. Yet those with such a fantasy would find the Wizarding World to be quite the disappointment. The fact remains that Wizards are human. They can be selfish and wrong, and horrors can and have been committed by those on the sides of darkness and light. Every sentient creature has biases and views skewed by society around them. And as such anyone can become the antagonist of the history books. This was sadly the case for the Witches ad Wizards in the Goblin rebellions. While Goblins today still face discrimination and bias, these rebellions called attention to the evil that existed not within dark magicians, but within society as a whole. The Rebellions The first of the Goblin rebellions occurred in 1612 in what is now known as Hogsmeade Village. Both the Goblins and the Wizards were ridden with casualties by the end of it. The second erupted in Great Britain, and was every bit as bloody as the first. This rebellion was handled particularly poorly - so poorly in fact that Minister Albert Boot was forced to resign from his position. The Goblins then allied themselves with werewolves, another group cast out by society and discriminated against to this day. The revolt was eventually quelled, but the reasons for rebellion clearly remained as evidenced by the third rebellion in the 18th Century (exact date unknown). This was the event that propelled well-known goblin activist Urg the Unclean to his current fame. The Goblin-Werewolf Alliance Considering the circumstances, it comes at no shock that the werewolves would ally themselves with the Goblins in this matter. Both groups had (and have now, to an extent) faced faced considerable rejection and discrimination for issues beyond their control. Both groups pushed for changes in legislation that would make the world of magic more accepting and inclusive, along with plans to provide aide to those who needed it. When Minister Hephaestus Gore tackled the rebellions during his time in office he outright refused to consider rehabilitation programs for the werewolves. This infuriated both the werewolves and their Goblin allies, and many historians agree that the protests would have ended long before they did had he considered this proposal. Possible Causes History is taught by the winners, and as such there is little remaining knowledge on the Wizard side as to the Goblins' motivation. The 1612 rebellion is commonly thought to have been a response to the lack of Goblin representation in the Wizengamot. The judicial organization which predates the Ministry itself has long been composed almost entirely of human Witches and Wizards. Further rebellions may have been caused by the Ministry's decision to ban Goblins from using wands. Goblins themselves had long been feared or seen as outsiders due to their innate magical abilities, tendency to posses well-maintained wealth, and their reputation as underground creatures. Conclusion History can be awful no matter which side a person is on. It is full of violence, discrimination, and death on all sides. Yet history is in and of itself quite important. Though events like the Goblin rebellions, people begin to see the effects that selfishness had on the world. History repeats itself, but only if the future generations do not learn from it. The Goblin Rebellion teach a very important lesson - one that should not be soon forgotten. Sources https://harrypotter.fandom.com/wiki/Goblin_Rebellions
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    Harvey wasn't quite sure what to expect from this one. The boy had never had any particular opinions when it came to Herbology. The class could be interesting sometimes and ridiculously boring at others. He'd never had much of a green thumb, and while taking care of various plants was certainly more fun than book work, his affinity for it was lacking compared to other courses. In fact, Herbology was one of the few things at which Harvey Prewitt was utterly... average. The greenhouse had always been a beautiful place, so full of life and chaos. If there was one thing he did love about the course, it was that it provided an escape from the mundane classroom environment. Today though, it appeared a bit cleaner than usual. There were still vines on the wall and a few groupings of flowers here and there, but most of the plants had been relocated for the sake of the OWL. There was only one prominently displayed plant in the center of the room. Leafy and bright green with sharp pointed teeth. A Chinese Chomping Cabbage. The instructor stood off to the side, far out of range of it's jaws. Harvey paused at an equal distance. "So, what do I need to do?" he asked. "Feed it," she replied. "And don't get your hands bitten off in the process." "Right..." They really didn't hold back in these exams did they? The Gryffindor took a deep breath and took a step toward the plant. It snapped instantly, forcing him to jump back. This here would be no simple task. He knew that these things ate carrots, but unfortunately they weren't in the normal feeding area. Actually, all of the food storage seemed to be missing. What the heck!? What was he supposed to feed the cabbage with? He looked expectantly to the teacher, but she gave him no reaction whatsoever. Harvey began pacing the room, scanning for food and carefully avoiding the pot in the center. There was nothing here. Nothing! Only the vines on the wall and a few sprout and flowers here and there... Wait! An idea had struck him. The boy knelt down over the decorative planters and pulled at anything that didn't look like a flower. A few weeds came out before he found what he was looking for, but eventually a long orange root followed him out of the ground. Carrots! Perfect! Now that he knew what the stems looked like, it was much easier to find a few more. Still, there was the issue of those teeth... The Gryffindor circled the plant, occasionally taking a step forward to test its range. It snapped and lashed out, refusing to let him near it. "I'm trying to give you food you moron!" He told it. "Calm down!" The cabbage either didn't understand or didn't care. "Okay then... playing hardball are we?" Harvey didn't quite remember how to feed one of these things, but he did remember how to fight one. He broke into a run, moving faster than the plant could turn its jaws. Once he was directly behind in, he took a hard turn and changed it from behind. Pick it up by the stem, he thought. Face it away from you. The cabbage bit and struggled, but to no avail. It could not hurt Harvey when held from behind. Triumphantly, Harvey dangled the carrots just within its reach. It snapped them up quickly, giving him enough time to back out of harm's way. "Good boy!" The student smiled, watching as the cabbage viciously tore its food into shreds. A wide grin covered his face. "Dang, that thing has awful table manners!" Source https://www.hogwartsishere.com/library/book/4969/chapter/72/
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    Divinations... frankly, Harvey had never cared for the course. It wasn't that he didn't believe in predicting the future. After all, seers and visions had long been an accepted part of Wizard society. But those were exceptions in his opinion, not a rule. In the time it took to lay out a deck of cards or scatter some tea leaves, he could have been taking steps to forge his own destiny instead of relying on objects to tell him. Still, he had every intention of passing the course. He fiddled idly with the deck of tarot cards, waiting for his turn to begin. He'd been treating them like flash cards over the past few weeks. He would draw one, recite what it supposedly meant, then draw another. Whether he believed in any of this bullocks or not, he would at least prove that he knew what he was doing. It would be interesting to see what these cards might tell him. Perhaps he'd hear something he liked, and if he didn't he would just have to work at changing it. Harry Potter had been destined to die according to prophesies and predictions, yet everyone knew how that had turned out. When his name was finally called, he made his way to the round table with a lazy stride. He sat down and began playing with the cards. He had quite a few shuffling tricks under his belt (anything to practice instead of studying) and loved to show off. Only when given a warning glare did he decide to get on with it. Alright... He spread the cards out face-down on the desk and carefully selected ten of them. He glanced over the cards for a moment. Not too long, he thought. This was where the subconscious mind supposedly came into play. Past, future, dearest desire... He quickly set three cards aside. The future one was what was going to be important, presumably. He knew though that he would have to go through the entire process. Next came the companion card, the one he supposedly wanted at his side. With no time to think deeply about their meanings, he picked the only sword card in the group. After all, he figured, he always had a wand with him anyway. He'd always liked swords - they reminded him of adventure. It might not have anything to do with the Tarot prediction, but that was the point, wasn't it? To go with your gut? Setting that one aside left six cards. Three more cards - opportunities, promises... He refrained from rolling his eyes. To Harvey, promises were a very human thing. It wasn't up to some spirit to promise him anything much less to determine the promises he himself made and kept. He quickly picked three more cards, again leaving it up to the subconscious to tell him which ones to go with. The last step was to eliminate a card. He grabbed the Four of Pentacles and placed it back with the rest of the discarded deck. WHy keep the smallest number, right? When it came to his future he wanted nothing but big. He then spread out the 9 chosen cards before him, ready to make his interpretation. "Okay... so the first three cards are about my personality. Page of Wands, Nine of Wands, Queen of Cups. That says-" he paused for a moment, running over the meanings in his head. "That represents ambition. Lofty goals, that sort of thing. That's the nine. But the Page means I have a hard time sicking to the goals I set for myself, which if I may so so is absolute-" A clearing of the throat by the professor told him that he may not say so. "Oh, alright. I just don't see it. Anyway, the important part is the near future, right? What's gonna happen this summer? Well according to these I'm supposed to build a stronger bond with someone i know, whom I've experienced things with. The Two of Swords means there'll be a period of doubt and some obstacles to our relationship that I'll need to overcome. But it in conjunction with the Six of Wands means there's a lot of potential for a future relationship." Harvey couldn't really think of anyone like that - someone he had a lot of experiences with but hadn't formed a strong bond? The Gryffindor was the type to forge instant friendships. This could be seen as a love reading too, but he couldn't think of any girls who had a particular desire to be closer to him. He packed up his cards, giving a polite nod to the professor as he went back to his seat. I was right, he thought. Load of bullocks, all of it. Yet in the back of his mind he did secretly hope it were true. A strong bond with lasting potential for a relationship... that didn't sound all that bad, now did it?
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    Harvey's heart felt as though it would pound out of his chest. He stood before the old wooden door, anxiously awaiting his turn to take the OWL. This room did not usually cause such a reaction in him. The young Gryffindor had an affinity for Defense Against the Dark Arts, and would normally find himself excited to pass through these doors. And yet his nerves seemed to be getting the better of him. The strong-willed boy hadn't thought twice when given the option of real combat versus writing another essay. That had been a no-brainer. Still, as the moment of truth came ever closer, he couldn't help but worry about what to expect. The creature he had signed up to challenge - a Boggart - was a formless entity that preyed on the fears of its victims. Supposedly it would take the form of his greatest fear. It should have been simple enough to prepare for in theory, but... there was a problem. Harvey Prewitt wasn't afraid of anything. The student had been placed in Gryffindor for a reason. He and his best friend had repeatedly proven to have no fear in the face of danger. Heck, they barely seemed to possess a sense of self-preservation. If anything his brazen attitude was a flaw of his. As such, Harvey had absolutely no clue what the creature would use to frighten him. Which ironically was scaring him now. The taps of his foot echoed through the stone halls. What was taking so long? His eyes darted between his watch and the door, as though some horrible thing would burst out of it if he looked away for too long. Merlin! The teen shook his head. What the heck is wrong with me!? He had been anxious about a few of these exams, but not in quite the same way. It made no sense for him to be feeling this way. He was Harvey Prewitt, damn it! This just wasn't him. He took a deep breath and forced the jitters down further into his gut. He was about to open the door himself when it burst open. A boy in Slytherin robes stared at him with wide eyes. His face was pale and covered with sweat, his wand hand shaking uncontrollably. It was an awful sight - one which did nothing to put Harvey's mind at ease. The instructor stood a bit further back, giving the student a sympathetic look. The Gryffindor could do nothing but stare at first but looked away upon realizing his rudeness. "Hey man... you okay?" The kid nodded, though his expression indicated that he was far from alright. Whatever he had just seen, it had shaken him to the core. Harvey knew that the students who signed up to fight the Boggart were all being tested today. The poor guy had just been subjected to his greatest fear, and by the looks of it had failed the OWL as well. "Good luck!" The Slytherin stammered quickly, pushing by him to run out into the hall. He met the professor's gaze. He seemed to have shifted his concern from the other boy to Harvey and stood a little straighter. "Don't worry," he assured the student. "I'll be standing by the whole time. Even if you fail, you won't get killed!" "Ah... thanks?" That wasn't exactly the best way to boost a man's confidence. He took another deep breath and readied his wand. "I can do this." Neither he nor his professor was quite sure which of them he was speaking to. "In there?" It was pretty much a rhetorical question. Why would there be a cabinet in the middle of the room if the Boggart wasn't in there? Even the furniture itself looked ominous. But Harvey wouldn't close his eyes. Whatever came out of there, he would face it with the dignity and courage of a true Gryffindor. His nerves had been building throughout the encounter, but now that it was here he turned upon the cabinet with a steely gaze. the rest of the world washed away, and he concentrated everything he had on what was about to come. With all the confidence he could summon he declared "Ready!" The doors flew open, and the shape that formed froze him in his tracks. He knew the spell to banish the Boggart, he must have practiced it hundreds of times, but the words weren't leaving his mouth. When something finally left his lips, it came in a broken whisper. "M...Mimi...?" The vile being had taken on an entirely unexpected form. The thing in front of him was the spitting image of his little sister, though in the form of a corpse. Her bright eyes were glazed over, pale skin stretched and nearly translucent. The body stared directly at him with its soulless gaze and stretched out a single skeletal finger toward his chest. Your fault, it seemed to say. This is your fault. "N-no! I didn't. I'd never let this... Oh god..." Harvey took a step backward. Every ounce of his being wanted to flee from this place. This image was so awful, so real. No! It wasn't real. He had to believe that. His sister meant everything in the world to him, and to cause such a thing to happen to her was more than his psyche could bear. For the sake of his own sanity, he couldn't fall victim to the Boggart's illusion. He swallowed hard and glared at the apparition. "How dare you!" His voice shook with a combination of fear and anger. It was a low growl that would have intimidated anyone who didn't know Harvey personally. His voice always got lower when he was scared. But despite the betrayal of his vocals, his face showed nothing but pure rage."How dare you use her face!" He boldly swung his wand, letting out a powerful "RIDIKULUS!" Suddenly the light returned to Mila's eyes. Her dead glare became a very lively one, one he had seen many times. Her hands, now full-fleshed and pink, stopped pointing and fell to her hips. Her tongue extended, and suddenly there was a very familiar few before him. His baby sister sticking out her tongue at him. Her look was clearly frustrated, just as it always was when he and Edwin pulled off a successful prank on her. It was a vision that always made him laugh. And laugh he did. So powerful was his relief that his laughter was almost maniacal. He collapsed to the floor clutching his sides. It took him a solid minute to regain his bearings. The Gryffindor stood slowly, doing his best to appear stoic. As he brushed the dust from his clothes and hoped the professor couldn't tell that his knees were shaking. He kept his eyes open wide, for he feared that if he closed them that horrifying image would come back to haunt him. Though it had shifted and disappeared, the memory of this encounter would not soon leave the boy. Still, he put on a brave face and turned to face the judge. "So... I passed, right? I mean, it's gone? I won!" At those words, the victory began to dawn on him. He had been terrified, but he had stood up to face it and won. He still had it. That was the Harvey Prewitt that everyone should know, not the shaking child he had been in the hallways. Victory was his, and it felt wonderful. "I WON!" Harvey pumped his fist into the air. He couldn't wait to tell Edwin all about his conquering of the hideous Boggart. Though maybe he wouldn't go into too much detail... Edwin was his best friend, but Harvey preferred the version of himself that wasn't afraid of anything. To reveal his greatest fears - heck, to come to terms with them himself - wasn't something he was eager to jump right into. As for Mila, he definitely wouldn't tell her this story. If she knew just how deeply important she was to him, Harvey was certain he'd never hear the end of it. He didn't wait for an answer. Students didn't receive their grades on the spot anyway, so asking for an immediate answer would have been futile regardless. A whirlwind of emotions swirled within him, each fighting to be processed first. This test had been terrifying, exhilarating, and everything in between. "Never mind, sir. Thank you." He smiled his usual smile as if to say Don't worry about me! It had been a crazy day, but he knew in the end he'd be alright. No need to show weakness in front of the person who would ultimately be judging his performance. He nodded as he walked out the door. At least he would be making a more dignified exit than that poor guy from Slytherin had. Harvey made a mental note to find that boy later, at the very least to commiserate over the difficulty of their chosen task. "But first," he said to nobody in particular. "I think I'm gonna go lie down."
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    In Progress...

    Harvey entered the classroom with a confident stride. It was the normal demeanor for him, though his posturing had been significantly less common during the exam season. But when it came to Charms it was a relief to be his regular confident self. It wasn't his favorite class - Defense Against the Dark Arts would forever hold that title - but it was one in which his exceptional talent had always carried him. Harvey wasn't exactly a good student... his sister Mila could attest to that. But he was a talented student. Forcing himself to hit the books for these OWLS had been incredibly draining, but this practical demonstration landed squarely in his wheelhouse. The room was set up in a kind of triangle, with a large desk to his left, right, and front. It reminded Harvey of those boxes that people had to stand in on those old Muggle legal dramas. Fitting, he supposed, as he certainly felt like he was on trial here. Still, his faith in his abilities would not be shaken by a mere series of desks. He walked proudly to the center of the room. "Good afternoon, Professor!" he gave a polite greeting. Harvey had a bit of a reputation among the teachers both for his exceptional ability and his tendency to goof off with his buddy. He could never quite tell if they liked him or hated him, but figured it was best to try and make a good impression. "What would you like me to do?" The professor looked at him silently for a moment, and he felt his heart beat a little faster. Was she trying to make him nervous? Or perhaps she was simply tired from a long day of grading exams. Either way, it wasn't ideal for the student. She then pointed toward the desk on the left and said "Instructions are on the desks. Start over there and end here with me." For the first time since coming in, Harvey noticed the parchment signs that hung at each of the three desks. Clearly nobody was going to be holding his hand through this... not that he had expected it. Actually, he found that rather admirable in his instructors. Of course there was nothing wrong with helping those who need it, but the young Gryffindor always appreciated a chance to stand on his own two feet. Though he was likely to complain about it later anyway. He approached the first desk, running over various incantations in his mind. The instructions read: "Mend the Vase." Simple enough, he thought. Behind the parchment a large, golden vase sat proudly on the table. It was covered in ornate designs which depicted famous scenes from the Wizarding Wars. The Boy Who Lived and his friends brandished their wands, each intricately painted with a multitude of colors. It was a beautiful piece of art, but an entirely frustrating one considering the circumstances. With such a detailed picture, it would be very obvious if even a single piece was out of place. As if in response to his worries, the object suddenly crumbled into a mess of broken pieces. He wondered briefly if the vase was enchanted to do that, or if the professor had cast a spell on it just now. He hadn't heard of self-breaking objects, but perhaps it was possibly at higher levels of magic. It would be a brilliant way to prank someone. Not the time, nor the place. He forced himself to return his focus to the test. "Reparo!" He flicked his hand in the proper motion, and the pieces of broken ceramic began to swirl in the air around the table. One by one they assembled themselves, sealing together as though it had never been broken in the first place. The spell had worked perfectly - but that wasn't really all that impressive, was it? It was a first year spell, a warm up no doubt. It was only a small part of the test, an easy spell likely leading up to more difficult ones. Still, Harvey couldn't help but grin at his success. First year spell or not, his brain was telling him Heck yeah, I've got this! He trotted over to the other side of the room. This desk unlike the previous one, was entirely empty. The fifth-year paused to look over the sign. "Summon an Item From Your Dormitory." Harvey thought for a second, mentally searching for the perfect object to bring out. He closed his eyes and pictured the Gryffindor dorms. There was his bed, still unmade, next to Edwin's equally messy one. Pillows, blankets, clothes... then there were their other belongings. A few books, some chocolate frog cards, and a secret chest filled with gags and strange objects from their trips to Diagon Ally. Hilarious as it would be to summon a Portable Swamp or Weather in a Bottle, he quickly thought the better of it. Destroying the classroom had to be a recipe for instant failure. Of course, that didn't mean he couldn't have a bit of fun with it either... He concentrated as hard as he could, recalling all of the practice he'd put in. This particular spell - the Summoning Charm - was one he had spent many an afternoon trying to perfect. It was quite useful in his adventures with Edwin, and he had put hours and hours of practice into casting it nonverbally. His success had... varied. The wrong object had come flying into the room more times than he could count, and its destination had many times been off. Still, if he could pull it off ow he was sure to get a good score. Nonverbal magic wasn't emphasized until sixth year, but Harvey always took special interest and effort in the spells he could use for pranking. He flicked his wand, praying for the object to come to him. (He could maybe, maybe do it without speaking. Casting without a wand was far beyond anything he'd accomplished in his independent studies.) Everything was quiet for a moment. He could feel the professor's eyes on him, and crossed his fingers that the intended object was indeed making its way through the halls. His stomach was churning, a common experience with both successful and unsuccessful attempts at nonverbal magic. Or perhaps it was just nerves. The thought of having to apologize and start over aloud was worse than any side effects could be. If there was one thing Harvey despised, it was admitting that he couldn't do something. But it seemed that time would not come. A massive CRASH resounded throughout the room, startling Harvey more than it probably should have. A small brown hat with pink feathers darted straight toward his face. Shards of glass clattered to the ground, and he raised his hands to brace for the impact. He caught the fabric right a second before it would've smacked him in the eye. It worked! It really worked! Well, he had intended for it to come through the doorway, and with significantly less force than it had. But aside from that, it really worked! He turned to the teacher with the cap in his hands. It was a Headless Hat. He had wanted to use the prank object to lighten the mood a bit, but the chaos his spellcasting had caused was more than enough. Instead he smiled sheepishly. "Sorry about the window. I'll fix it... Reparo!" Good old Mending Charm. Within moments the room was back to normal, window intact. It was fortuitous that they'd had him practice that spell earlier. Still, the professor seemed unamused. After that display, the Gryffindor was almost worried about what the last task would be. Especially since it appeared to take place at the instructor's desk. He walked up with a smile, though it was a bit shakier than the one he had worn when he began the test. The last note read "Banish the Desk". Alright, last one. Harvey took a deep breath and readied his wand. He couldn't see a target anywhere, so he decided to play it safe and simply send the desk across the room. Out loud this time... he'd learned that lesson. "Depulso!" The desk flew back toward the door, just like it was supposed to. Unfortunately Harvey was standing right in its' path. He lept to the side, barely getting clear of the flying furniture. It reached its place successfully, and everyone in the room was alive and well. The Gryffindor stood, smiling at the professor, and took a deep bow. All things considered, he figured it went pretty well. Sure there had been a few... hiccups. But all of the magic had been successful, and he'd even managed to pull off a nonverbal spell. The knot in his gut was a good reminder of that. Besides, the teachers should have known by then that Harvey Prewitt was always going to keep thing interesting. "Thanks, Professor!" he waved as he made his way out. He wanted to wait for her reaction, but he had another OWL to get to. "That was fun!"

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