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  1. Harvey Prewitt

    Character Name: Harvey Prewitt Award/Galleons Claiming: 100 Galleons for Great Galloping Galleons Post Contest Link to Proof:
  2. Harvey Prewitt


    "Hey, Professor!" Unlike Professor Wolfe, Chambers was one he had actually had a class with. He admittedly hadn't been the most attentive student in Muggle Studies, but he did rather like the old teacher. The guy really, really liked Muggles though. And he had managed to make them sound interesting, which wasn't a very common sentiment among Wizards. Harvey hadn't hated muggles or anything, and he certainly wasn't a blood purist, but before taking Muggle studies he had always considered them to be a bit basic. They were all basically like Squibs, right? Just normal people except they couldn't do any magic. But in Chambers' class he had learned that Muggles had developed all sorts of non-magical solutions that were actually very smart. It wasn't anything Harvey would want to do with his life, but it had been engaging enough to keep him in the course. Though now with OWLS coming up he was beginning to regret taking so many electives. "And Axel, what's up dude!" He held out his hand for a high-five. Harvey had met the little Gryffindor the previous year, and after a very intense game of Wizard's chess the two had become... friends? He wasn't quite sure of the word for it. It would be weird to call a first year a friend. But the two did share a certain bond, being Gryffindor troublemakers at heart. He supposed it was more of a mentor/mentee kind of relationship. He actually kind of liked it. Axel reminded him of himself in a lot of ways, and he felt like a real man showing him all of the tips and tricks of Hogwarts. That reminded him, he still needed to talk to Edwin about sneaking the kid into Hogsmeade one of these days. Maybe he'd sign up for the mentoring program... if Professor Wolfe let him in after this. As for the new girl, he instantly disliked her. She was exactly what he though of when complaining about "those annoying first years." Axel was cool, mostly because he was basically a younger Harvey, but first years in general were still a frustrating group. And this girl had just taken first place on the annoying list. What was her problem, anyway? Under protest? Really? Harvey was the one who didn't deserve to be here, but he was still taking the punishment like a man. Meanwhile this pout girl shows up in pajamas declaring protest. Well, she had guts at any rate. "And who are you?," he asked. "What exactly are we doing here anyway, Professor Wolfe?"
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  4. Harvey Prewitt


    Harvey shouldn't have gotten detention. He hadn't been making trouble this time, honest! This was totally, completely unfair. If he were to describe the moment of his downfall, he guessed it would all have to start with the Potions lecture. Potions... Harvey shook his head. He wasn't exactly bad a potions, but there was a certain monotony to their production. Something about the absolute reliance on recipes made him instantly bored. He much preferred experimentation and discovery. Hell, that was what the class was supposed to be about! Nobody remembered the little potion shop owner who followed the book and sold carefully crafted goods. No! They remembered the inventors, the failures... the people who tried and mixed new things until they managed to come up with something great! BY all means, Harvey's brazen actions that day should have been praised. He was daring to go in the direction of the greats! Unfortunately his instructor hadn't seen it that way. A pity, really. It was crystal clear that there was something wrong with Hogwarts' disciplinary system. To use an adventurous student's experiment to blackmail him into conformity? Unacceptable! Never mind that he hadn't been dressing in the proper safety gear. Never mind the enormity of the mess he'd made. This was absolutely, completely, utterly unreasonable! In reality, the boy really had gotten off easy. He and his confidant Edwin seemed to have an affinity for trouble, and this punishment had been a long time coming. If the teachers only knew how much they had been getting away with over the years, one night's detention would be the least of his problems. But Harvey Prewitt wasn't about to admit something like that. Not even to himself. Instead he continued to grumble about just how unfair the world was as he made his way toward the dungeon. Come to think of it... just who was this teacher he was supposed to be meeting? Professor Wolfe, right? Harvey knew who he was more from his Quidditch fame than as a teacher at the school. He'd been hired on after Harvey's first year flying course, but everyone at school knew his name and his story. Apparently he'd been in some horrible accident that made him go from Professional Sportsman to schoolteacher - a huge step down from Harvey's perspective. But still, the dude was always smiling. It was kinda cool in a way. At the very least it would be better than having a teacher who was grumpy all the time. Maybe he'd even get lucky and this Professor Wolfe would be a big softy with an easy detention gig. He saw the man when he reached the bottom of the stairs. Yup - still smiling. the guy did look a bit nervous, but the Hogwarts dungeons tended to have that effect on people. "Harvey Prewitt, sir!" He introduced himself with an over-dramatic bow. "Reporting for detention!" {Gryffindor Roleplay Challenge #8}
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  7. Harvey Prewitt

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    Harvey couldn’t help but burst into laughter. All this guy wanted was to hear his stories. He would have easily given those for free! It was clear that Axel here knew him about as well as he knew Axel. Had he spend any time around him before, he would have been subjected to more “details” than he could ever keep track of. Havrey and Edwin had many an adventure up to this point, and Harvey was damn proud of what they’d been through. Still, the proposal was rather interesting. A part-Veela… he’d never met one before. The boy did seem to have a certain aura of charm about him. Even Harvey felt attached to him in a way, and he had only just met him a few moments ago. “Alright, kid. I’ll admit you’ve got some guts. I’d love to share some of my tales with ya! In exchange…” Havrey could have told the boy that his secrets were precious to him and demanded a great deal, but that would be dishonest. If there was one thing Harvey wouldn’t stand for, it was dishonesty. At least toward other people. When it came to admitting things to himself, he had a much more difficult time handling the brutal truth. Still, what was there to ask of this child? “How about this? I tell you what I know about Hogwarts, and you cover the cost of sweets next time we sneak you out to Hogsmeade. Deal?” He was rather proud of his solution. Not only was he offering this boy the chance of a lifetime - to be in on a genuine Ed & Harvey prank - but he’d get some free sweets out of it. Bonus! Though now that he thought of it, his proposal had nothing to do with the Wizard’s Chess game they were about to play. “Um… if I win, that is. One candy for every piece I take. And if you win, I’ll cover the sweets.” Again, he wasn’t hurting for money. How bad expensive could feeding one first-year get?
  8. Harvey Prewitt

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    Harvey’s eyebrows shot up. Make it interesting, he says? Well, this was already far more interesting than studying. There was something off about this guy that made him suspicious. Were the lighter pieces actually better? And if so, why would a first year give him such an advantage? Perhaps he was really that overconfident, or maybe he planned on pulling something. Even as suspicions rose though, something about the boy’s appearance was working to quell them. There was something about him that just looked trustworthy. Not that he would have said no either way. Harvey was always up for a challenge and he couldn’t wait to hear what Axel meant by “making it interesting.” The pureblood wasn’t hurting for money, nor was he opposed to gambling. Though any child who could afford a chess set like this wasn’t likely in need of money either. He looked inquisitively across the board at his opponent. He wasn’t saying anything… just smirking and waiting for Harvey to make the first move. Man, this kid had some balls. He’s gonna make me ask, isn’t he? Alright, I’ll play along. “Make it interesting? How so?”
  9. Harvey Prewitt

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    Harvey chuckled at the kid’s strong motions, knowing full well that the boy wasn’t actually the source the magic display. A first year, huh? That would explain why he hadn’t recognized him. Though the revelation was quite surprising. The boy looked to be at least thirteen or fourteen. Talked like it too, an awfully confident if dramatic child. Confident enough to offer a challenge to a fifth year Gryffindor. To Harvey Prewitt no less. He wasn’t actually a fan of the game. Wizard Chess had always seemed a bit stuffy to him, the old man’s version of playing war. One that required far more thinking ahead than the reckless Harvey was want to do. If someone were to challenge him he much preferred a straightforward duel. But considering the alternative… He looked down at the open textbooks and empty parchment. Challenge accepted. Harvey didn’t like the game, but he vaguely knew how to play. Certainly well enough to take on a first year, he thought. “Okay, you’re on. Don’t cry when I win, got it?” He stuck out his tongue playfully. To be fair, Harvey was a bit of a kid himself.
  10. Harvey Prewitt

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    “You bet your bum we did!" Harvey turned toward the source of the voice. It seemed his wish had been granted. The question came from a younger boy, who was staring at him with wide and curious eyes. Strange… he looked to be a second or maybe third year. Harvey knew most of his fellow Gryffs by face if not name. Surely had he spent more than a year in the same house as this child, he’d at least recognize him. But this was an entirely new face. (Harvey hadn’t attended this year’s sorting ceremony as he had been off with Edwin doing… other things.) The kid had striking blonde hair and features that Harvey had to admit he was kinda jealous of. He was weirdly… pretty. Anway, it seemed like he was a fan, and sharing stories sounded like much more fun than studying, so he was happy to answer the child’s question. “That was back in our third year. We were hoping to find a werewolf. Y’know, there’s all sorts of rumors about werewolves in the forest. That’s the thing about rumors -ah - sorry, what’s your name?” He paused briefly to give the kid a chance to answer, then continued. “Yeah. The thing about rumors is, if they aren’t true, then there’s usually something at least vaguely true about ‘em. ‘Specially around here. Hogwarts has got all sorts of cool secrets if you bother to take a look. And Edwin n’ me? We’re botherers!” He grinned when he thought about his best friend and the adventures they had together. What was that boy up to now, anyway? Not studying, he knew. Then again, Harvey wasn’t exactly studying either. “So anyway, we wanted to meet a real life werewolf, since we’d both only heard about ‘em in stories. Man, Edwin had planned the whole thing out. We went out there after our classes on the weekend of the full moon with some steaks we’d bought from the market. We set up a trap, and camped there for what seemed like hours.” It probably was hours now that he thought of it, but time had a way of getting away from people in the Forest. “We were gonna let ‘im out in the morning of course, once he’d changed back. We would have had the best interview for our Care of Magical Creatures report.” Harvey sighed at the memory. “But nah, all we got as a pack of actual wolves. Had to run like hell to get outta there, no way our trap was gonna hold all those wolves. Got back to campus in the nick of time, but the teachers caught us.” He smiled sheepishly. “Lost Gryffindor a whole 50 points for that one.” His story concluded, the fifth year smiled at the boy. He wanted to continue the conversation, especially if it justified his “break” from studying, so he thought of a question to ask. “So kid, what’s in the box?”
  11. Harvey’s eyes were locked on the window, gazing blankly at the falling snow. January. The month held little significance for Harvey aside from the obvious “back to school blues.” Those hadn’t used to be a problem for him either since the fifth year did genuinely love his time at Hogwarts. This time though, his school duties were looming more ominously than usual. There were several textbooks open in front of him, a full pot of ink, and enough parchment to write a novel. Yet his eyes wouldn’t move from the window. Finals were important this year - only half a year away. Many of his fellow students had been studying since day one. But ever the procrastinator, Harvey had been putting it off. He wished Edwin were here with him (though were that the case he definitely wouldn’t be getting anything done.) His best friend was as just as much a slacker as he was though, so he knew the man would scoff at the suggestion of a study session. Any other year and Harvey would have too. This time though, he was genuinely worried. He didn’t like admitting it, but he liked being at the top of his classes. He’d always been the type to breeze by with no actual effort. It would be foolish to try and pass the fifth year the same way though, and much as he acted like it sometimes, Harvey Prewitt was no fool. So here he was alone, trying desperately to get into study mode. But it was just… so… boring… He groaned, leaning back in the comfy chair. Textbook learning was really hard for him. He looked over the formal text, but though it met his eyes and he comprehended the words, the knowledge just wouldn’t stick around. Even the slow-falling January snow was far more entertaining. Perhaps he just needed a break. He stood up and stretched, yawning loudly. He shouldn't have of course, but he secretly hoped someone or something would come in to the common room to distract him.
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  13. Harvey Prewitt

    Harvey spotted his sister's golden hair from just outside the castle. There she was, nose buried in a book again. Harvey hadn't seen her around as much lately, having actually been studying and everything. He normally wasn't the studying type, but with OWLS coming up so soon he had actually been worrying about grades for once. Sometimes he wished he had inherited a similar reading prowess to his sister or at least something in that vien. Though when he thought about it, there were so many other things he would rather do with his time. Explore the grounds with Edwin, for example. The two strong-willed boys made perfect explorers - just the right combination of brave, curious, and just a little bit naive.His sister on the other hand... well, there she was, reading again. Mila may have found him a bit domineering these days... he had to admit he somewhat regretted that. He was her big brother after all, sworn to guard her from all evils. Then again, it wasn't his fault the girl couldn't take a joke. Speaking of which... A sly grin crossed his face. He'd just thought up a prank. A rather humorous prank if he did say so himself. Original too! (He tended to reuse tactics that Edwin came up with, so thinking of one on his own was even more of an accomplishment. He chuckled at the thought of his sister's inevitable reaction, though not loud enough for her to hear. There was no malice in that laugh. Harvey had far from deserted the deep care he had for his sibling. It was simply a jovial, joking laugh. He'd never hurt her of course, just give her a funny little scare. Heck, he'd heard that surprises could be considered therapudic. He quietly crept toward her position. Muttering a spell under his breath, Harvey flicked his wand silently through the air. A simple illusion spell, easy enough for a fifth year with his level of talent. As his whisper concluded, a large, black, illusory spider crawled onto the pages on Mila's book, as though it had just been chilling there on the outside cover. Harvey hid himself behind a tree, eagerly awaiting his sister's reaction.
  14. Harvey Prewitt


    Harvey Prewitt Basics Full Name: Harvey Allan Prewitt Age (D.o.B.): 16 (11/23/2054) Nicknames: N/A Gender: Male Sexuality: Helerosexual Blood Status: Pureblood Position: Gryffindor 5th Year Wand: 7" Cherry, Phoenix Feather Core Place of Birth: Canterbury, Kent, UK Current Location: Hogwarts Education: Gryffindor Student Languages: English Other: N/A Preferences Likes: Pranks. Dragons, Honesty, Family, Fairy Tales, Black Coffee, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Attention Dislikes: Being Ordered Around, Anyone Who Messes With His Sister, Boredom, Caramel, Snakes, Being Ignored Relationships Relationship Status: Single Significant Other: N/A Family: Father: Chester Prewitt, 48, Ministry OfficialMother: Elaine Prewitt, 45, St. Mungo's HealerSister: Mila Prewitt, 15, Ravenclaw 4th Year Pets: Oberon the Owl Writer Information Writer Alias: AdelynnWilde Writer Age: 21 Writer Pronouns: She/Her Timezone: Arizona Contact: Discord AdelynnWilde#5772 or PM on Site Will Not Write: Scenes involving rape or sexual assault Before Hogwarts Harvey Prewitt was undeniably a Gryffindor. Years before he ever set foot in the great hall his sorting was seen as inevitable. The child was daring and outspoken, carrying with him a sense of justice that some might call over the top. Harvey was addicted to tales of greatness, listening wide-eyed as his mother read to him at night. His favorites were about Aurors taking down dark Wizards and Muggle stories about knights and honor. Little Harvey would read (or rather, recite from memory and the pictures as young children often do) all of his best books to Mila. He hadn't been old enough to comprehend any role when his little sister came into the world, but he donned the mantle of her protector nonetheless. Harvey was bound and determined to be the best brother who ever lived. Of course, he was also determined to be the greatest Auror, the fastest flyer, the best Wizard, and the finest kickball player. Harvey's dream changed day-to-day, but he was always going to be the "best". A strong willed child with great potential for magic... he wasn't the only person who thought he was destined for greatness. Harvey loved his little sister and would do anything to protect her. She was his best friend in the world... until he met Edwin. Edwin was a nice kid, but a rulebreaker - just the type for noble young Harvey to bring over to the good side. But man... he was really funny. Edwin was a clever prankster whose laid-back attitude brought him both affection and ire. Their families would joke about the children, referring to them as complete opposites. Yet as Harvey got to know him, they found they actually had a lot in common. The two formed the kind of bond that only two young children can, an instant and inseparable best-friendship. Harvey had hoped to instill some of his own uprightness in his friend, but... things ended up happening the other way around. He came to like the pranks that Edwin pulled, and began to relax his stance on trouble-making. Perhaps this was a good thing, as little Harvey had been told more than once that he needed to lighten up. Unfortunately for Mila, she was the obvious target for the boys' pranks. It clearly upset her, but Harvey was too young to understand that she didn't find it as hilarious as he did. When Edwin would prank him he would react the same way, but moments later would be laughing and plotting revenge (his new form of "justice"). Harvey was still dedicated to her though. It was still clear that he was the protective big brother. If she was ever truly hurt, he would be the first person at her side. Hogwarts Years Adjusting to Hogwarts took no time at all. He still loved and missed his family, but his sense of adventure far outweighed and homesickness he might otherwise have felt. Besides, he still had Edwin. The two first-years remained thick as thieves throughout their beginning school days. The sorting surprised nobody, and the two Gryffindors lived up to Hogwart's best and brightest pranksters. They were partners, best friends out to change the world (and have a few good laughs while they were at it.) This was clearly a place that he belonged. Harvey's magical talent was immense, and he found himself breezing through classes despite lacking in work ethic. Well, not so much lacking as varying. Harvey sought out challenges wherever he went, constantly curious and adventurous as ever. Unfortunately for him and his partner-in-crime Edwin, these "challenges" often turned out to be things like exploring the Forbidden Forest and experimenting with spells and potions far beyond their meager expertise. Thanks to the social skills the two had developed from years of covering for each other, the boys could talk their way out of almost anything. Though they managed to stay in the good graces of most of the teachers, Harvey and Edwin found themselves in many a "scrape" during their early Hogwarts years. Harvey was disappointed that his sister was not a Gryffindor, but he understood the decision. Mila had always had a better head on her shoulders. Harvey certainly had talent - heck, he had it in spades - but his little sister had talent and brains. His own wisdom left something to be desired. It made sense that they would throw her in with the smart kids. He and Edwin would have to look out for her from afar. Perhaps when she was older, they would bring her along on their journey. After all, Edwin and Harvey were going to be a great something. The "something" changed day to day, but it was always great. Mila and her abilities would make a great addition to the team, so long as Harvey was there to protect her of course. Though she was still the constant target of their pranks. Now that he has reached his fifth year he has not had quite as much time for jokes however. OWLS are fast approaching, and natural talent will only get him so far. Character's Personality Harvey is the quintessential Gryffindor. He is loyal, just, and fearless with an intense desire to be honorable. The type to loudly confront a bully in the hallways, but not to tell on him to the teachers. He is wholeheartedly dedicated to his friends and will help them in any way that he can. Those who take the time to know him are generally glad that they did. But with Gryffindor strengths come Gryffindor flaws. In his loyalty his is strong-headed. In his idealism, stubborn. In his bravery he is one of the most reckless people at Hogwarts. Harvey still enjoys a good prank. His intentions are always good and he never acts out of malice, but his love of pranks and lack of common sense make for a terrifying combination. While his general demeanor still reflects his dream of being an honorable adventurer, his relationship with Edwin has made him a lot more likable. Not only can he take a joke, but will frequently make them himself. He has a joking sort of cockiness about him that only minorly reflects his real thoughts. Harvey is a little (okay, a lot) overconfident. He often finds himself in over his head, despite having a good amount of luck. Things tend to go his way, but when they don't he is less than resourceful. His first reaction to most situations is to attempt to solve them through force. This goes double for anyone who messes with the people he cares about - especially his sister. The strong-headed boy is not afraid to come to blows.

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