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  1. Mila Prewitt

    Mila had lost herself in the pages yet again. She loved stories of all kinds and this tale was no different. So it should come as no surprise that she was oblivious to her brother sneaking up on her. She hadn't heard him whisper his spell. So it was all the more terrifying when from the underside of her book, she spied an 8-legged atrocity clambering onto her page. "No. No. No. No. No. Eeeeek!" Mila screamed and dropped the book. Spiders terrified her. She couldn't stand the creatures. The girl was in near tears from seeing it when she caught sight of someone in the corner of her eyes. "Harvey Allan Prewitt! You are despicable!" She stomped her foot. Uncertain if the spider was real, and planted magically, or an illusion conjured by him, she was certain about one thing. It was his fault the spider had appeared and ruined her perfectly good day. "You are a menace!" She looked around, surprised for a moment that Edwin wasn't around. Usually these awful plans were his doing. Mila was moments away from pulling out her wand when she reminded herself that her fool of a brother was not worth getting expelled for. @ Edwin Degerlund @ Harvey Prewitt
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  4. Mila Prewitt

    It was a cool winter's day in January, and the sun had finally decided to come out and play for the first time in days. Looking out the window, she yearned for the scent of fresh air outside the castle walls, but upon further observation she decided against it. She convinced herself that her observations were most astute once she glanced at the ice still clinging to the window ledge. Outside, a chill still hung in the air as the wind swept over the snowbanks. Occasionally the soft powder would get swept up in a soft flurry that gave the illusory appearance of pixies frolicking in the snow. Mila found herself sitting in an alcove, letting the sun grace her skin as she read. The book that the young, erudite student had in her hands wasn't written by the most illustrious of authors. Nor was it on the most innovative of topics. While it was true that Mila was often found with such literature in hand, being the scholarly individual she was, this tale was simply one of comfort and familiarity. It was a jovial little tale about bronze dragon who had the power to cheer up anyone and a grumpy, but clever knight that had been sent to slay them. The two formed a unique bond that made the story form a heartwarming ending. Though Mila was not typically a dexterous person, she could have convinced anyone who saw her read that she was by how nimbly her fingers could turn the pages to keep up with her reading pace. Mila read her book voraciously, enjoying every second of her chance to simply escape from the real world for a moment. It was so rare to find anywhere to read in peace around the castle. @ Harvey Prewitt @ Edwin Degerlund
  5. Mila Prewitt


    Mila Prewitt Basics Full Name: Mila Angela Prewitt Age (D.o.B.): 15 (09/28/2055) Nicknames: Mimi Gender: female Sexuality: straight Blood Status: Pureblood Position: Ravenclaw 4th Year Wand: Phoenix core, Black Walnut, 10 1/2 inches, Slightly Springy Place of Birth: Canterbury, Kent, UK Current Location: Hogwarts Education: Ravenclaw Student Languages: English Other: N/A Preferences Likes: Books, Personal Space, cats, quiet study areas, and music Dislikes: When her brother pranks her, lots of attention, lazy people, spiders, and chewing gum Relationships Relationship Status: Single Significant Other: N/A Past Relationship(s): N/A Family: Father: Chester Prewitt, 48, Ministry Official Mother: Elaine Prewitt, 45, St. Mungo's Healer Brother: Harvey Prewitt, 16, Gryffindor 5th Year Pets: White Rat named Albus Writer Information Writer Alias: Lilythe Writer Age: 29 Writer Pronouns: She/Her/Hers Timezone: Arizona contact: PM on here will not write: I'm happy to write almost anything, but please discuss mature content with me beforehand so I know your limits and what to expect from the RP Before Hogwarts Mila was born the second, and youngest child of Chester and Elaine Prewitt. Her older brother Harvey and her were thick as thieves when they were little, but after Harvey went to Hogwarts he developed a penchant for pulling pranks and Mila was often at the receiving end. Though she knew she could still turn to him if she was ever distressed, she spent more time annoyed with him for pranking her than enjoying his company thereafter. This was only intensified when his friend Edwin was around. While Harvey was away at school, Mila would spend her time reading her books and learning as much as she could. She was ever curious about how things worked and loved to learn all about them. It came as no surprise when she also received a Hogwarts letter, as Mila had shown magical potential from the time she was 7 when she accidentally conjured the neighbor's cat into the living room by talking about it. Hogwarts Years Given her personality, and penchant for reading, it came as no surprise to anyone when Mila was sorted into Ravenclaw. At first she was disappointed that she wouldn't be in the same house with her brother, but once she realized that Edwin was also there she felt much better about her sorting. Before long she was in love with Ravenclaw's dormitory and the veritable library within. Mila was a very studious individual. As such she didn't face much difficulty in her classes. Mila's grades were never a concern for her or her parents. However, due to her quiet nature she didn't make friends very easily. As such, in her free time she found herself still gravitating towards Harvey and Edwin when she was in need of company despite her distaste for their preferred activities: pranks. To this day she still struggles to make many friends and can often be found in the library or Ravenclaw Common Room with her nose in a book. Character's Personality Mila is a clever individual. She appreciates a good book whether it is intellectual or fantasy. In her mind there is always something to be learned from everything, even if that something is only a bit of morals. As a result, she also retains a great deal of wisdom for her youth. Oftentimes she is the voice of reason when her brother or Edwin take things too far. With that intelligence, however, comes a sense of correctness. Oftentimes she will stubbornly cling to her ideas unless she can be empirically proven wrong. This has a tendency to rub most people the wrong way and so, despite the fact that she is generally very compassionate and kind, she doesn't make friends easily.
  6. Mila needs her big brother! He is a _______ Year Gryffindor. He's basically a wonderful brother, who would protect his sister through anyone else harming her...but is still willing to pester and prank her himself. Him and his friend are ambitious and want to become famous someday. His best friend is Edwin, and the two of them are constantly pestering Mila together... eventually Edwin will fall for Mila and that will cause him and Harvey's friendship to struggle, as well as his relationship with his sister become more rocky, until the two finally get married and everything comes together. Edwin's already being created by another writer so all the characters will already be in play! Goofy Protective Brave Prankster Cocky Wanted By: Lilythe Character: Mila Prewitt Character Harvey Prewitt ♔

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