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  1. Mila Prewitt

    Mila rolled her eyes as he called her 'mom'. Why did he mess with her at all if he didn't want her to scold him? Ever since she had been old enough to stand up for herself rather than run crying to her mother it had been like this. She didn't understand why he expected anything different now. It seemed a bit insane to her. His tone changed to one of seriousness, however, and Mila relaxed. When he was being playful, there was no reasoning with him. But she could handle him when he was serious. They could have a conversation if he was being serious. "You were going to study?" She arched a bro
  2. Mila Prewitt

    Mila's face was beet red as she stomped her foot into the ground. "Harvey! I cannot believe you!" And it was true, she really couldn't make heads or tails of him. His behavior was always so random. One minute he was being overly protective of her--god forbid anyone but he and Edwin do or say anything to upset her--but the next he and his best friend were pulling some stunt just to get under her skin. She couldn't believe he was the same person half the time. Taking a few deep breaths, Mila began to calm herself down. After all, she did trust that he would never hurt her. It was a joke. A po
  3. Mila Prewitt

    Mila had spent the day studying. One could never get too early of a start on their studies if you asked her. She was standing in the Charms section, reading a few entries from Achievements in Charming to brush up on some historical information regarding some of the charms that would be covered this year--just in case it would be on the test later--and had stopped paying attention to her surroundings. Had she been more observant she might have heard the library doors open. She might have noticed movement in the corner of her eye as someone came closer to her. She might have felt the stir of the
  4. Mila Prewitt

    Mila had lost herself in the pages yet again. She loved stories of all kinds and this tale was no different. So it should come as no surprise that she was oblivious to her brother sneaking up on her. She hadn't heard him whisper his spell. So it was all the more terrifying when from the underside of her book, she spied an 8-legged atrocity clambering onto her page. "No. No. No. No. No. Eeeeek!" Mila screamed and dropped the book. Spiders terrified her. She couldn't stand the creatures. The girl was in near tears from seeing it when she caught sight of someone in the corner of her eyes. "H
  5. Mila Prewitt

    It was a cool winter's day in January, and the sun had finally decided to come out and play for the first time in days. Looking out the window, she yearned for the scent of fresh air outside the castle walls, but upon further observation she decided against it. She convinced herself that her observations were most astute once she glanced at the ice still clinging to the window ledge. Outside, a chill still hung in the air as the wind swept over the snowbanks. Occasionally the soft powder would get swept up in a soft flurry that gave the illusory appearance of pixies frolicking in the snow. Mil
  6. Mila Prewitt

    Mila Prewitt Basics Full Name: Mila Angela Prewitt Age (D.o.B.): 15 (09/28/2055) Nicknames: Mimi Gender: female Sexuality: straight Blood Status: Pureblood Position: Ravenclaw 4th Year Wand: Phoenix core, Black Walnut, 10 1/2 inches, Slightly Springy Place of Birth: Canterbury, Kent, UK Current Location: Hogwarts Education: Ravenclaw Student Languages:
  7. Mila needs her big brother! He is a _______ Year Gryffindor. He's basically a wonderful brother, who would protect his sister through anyone else harming her...but is still willing to pester and prank her himself. Him and his friend are ambitious and want to become famous someday. His best friend is Edwin, and the two of them are constantly pestering Mila together... eventually Edwin will fall for Mila and that will cause him and Harvey's friendship to struggle, as well as his relationship with his sister become more rocky, until the two finally get married and everything comes together. Edwin
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