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  1. Andrew Chambers

    Congratulations Gryffindor!
  2. Andrew Chambers

    One if Andrew's favirote places in the castle were the dungeons. It always reminded him of his childhood years. Andrew had heard a rumbling that there some sort of dention going on the dungeons and he thought he might tag along. Moving down the stairs and through the corridors of the dungeons, Andrew moved his right had along the wall the entire way. There was just something about the dark and cold walls that spoke to him. It was then that Andrew came across the group he had been waiting for. He heard the sound of students already there, and wondered if there any first years. Probably, An
  3. Andrew Chambers

    "I'm rarely surprised, due to my age." Andrew gestured to himself and chuckled. He knew exactly what Professor Wolf was feeling. "Teaching truly is the best, but yes first years can be rather ... annoying at times. You did not hear that from me," Andrew said, "That's why it is sometimes nice to each an elective course." he confessed. Teaching truly saved his life and helped him to process the world after Patricia. Andrew instantly straightened up when the man mentioned there might be something bothering him. In truth something was always bothering him. "Nothing more than the usual, I do
  4. Andrew Chambers

    Andrew paused, there was something that he felt he could connect with. "I would never think of you as a drunkard Professor Wolfe." Andrew reassured him. "Oh I am right there with you, Hogwarts is my safe zone per say. Ever since my dear Alexandria ..." Andrew trailed off, trying not to show his sorrow. He had been trying to work on this, but sometimes he could not help and still feel the pain. "It's been hard to venture out. I like my routine at Hogwarts." Andrew replied and took a sip of his drink the bartender had brought over. "Moving on to brighter things, how are you enjoying teaching?" A
  5. Andrew Chambers

    The student's educational careers were starting to wind down, but not before their find tests the N.E.W.T.s. Today they would be learning about of American politics. Glancing over the Ministry's topic list earlier in the year, he had noticed the new addition to the topics list. Andrew was out of his comfort zone for the day's lesson, he had never taught the subject before. He could not for the life of him figure out why the Ministry had added the subject to the test. Andrew held to his principle for this lesson, he would be discussing the names of the presidents and who there. There would be N
  6. Andrew Chambers

    After placing the tablet cloth and appetizer plates and muggle cups on the table in the front of the room, Andrew commanded "Accio Muggle Foods and soda" and smiled the food and soda jugs arranged themselves on the table. Today's lesson was going to be a little different, they were going to be sampling what they were studying. Turning to the chalkboard, Andrew review the lesson topic. Muggle Food Popcorn & Soda Hopefully eh students would remember when muggles most liked to to enjoy their popcorn. Inhaling the scent that filled the room, Andrew mouth watered. There was nothing
  7. Andrew Chambers

    It was almost O.W.L. season for the fifth year at Hogwarts, and Andrew needed to his students prepared for their exams. This was one of the most stressful times for the students and he wanted to offer them anything he could do to help them pass their exams. Andrew decided the lesson would be a simple review and would cover most things that were likely to show up on their exams. Turning the chalkboard, he revealed the lesson. O.W.L.s Review Phase One Review For the lesson they would be reviewing what they had covering during the student's third year lessons. Moving towards to his de
  8. Andrew Chambers

    Andrew was dusting the shelves around the classroom, the muggle way, when he glanced at the clock. Wow, was it really time time to get ready for the next lesson, he thought to himself. He put the duster away in the drawer of the cabinet that displayed some past muggle technology. Making his way over to the chalkboard he write the lesson's topic. Muggle Films The Wizard of Oz Andrew wanted this lesson to be a bit more lighthearted so they were going to discussion one of his favorite muggle movies. While it was made long ago, it still remained popular among muggles today, and he was on
  9. Andrew Chambers

    Andrew entered his classroom and glanced around, he really needed to redecorate the place. Everything was the same as it had been when he took over the class all those years ago. Had it really been that long, Andrew asked himself. Making his way to the front of the class, he turned the chalkboard over and revealed the lesson's topic. Muggles Vs. Wizards The Differences Andrew wondered what the students would this about the lesson's topic. He had tried to come with something that would grab the students attention. Once more Andrew moved around the classroom to his desk. Taking a book
  10. Andrew Chambers

    Andrew had just finished asking the bartender for his drink when the man from down the bar interrupted and [aid before he could even fish some Galleons out of his pocket. "That is extremely kind of you, I insist I get your next one if you have another another one." Andrew confirmed, he was not used to being treated in this way, flying under the radar usually meant to being seen. It was then when the man greeted him as Professor Chambers did he recognize the man. Professor Wolfe, the Professor Wolfe. How had he not realized it before! "Please, call me Andrew Professor Wolfe. It's a pleasure to
  11. Andrew Chambers

    Andrew was known for spending his time only at Hogwarts and his home since he was getting older with age. But today, today he needed a change. Andrew in a quick decision decided maybe he could spend some time at The Leaky Cauldron. After apperating into Diagon Alley, Andrew made his way to the street entrance at the back of The Leaky Cauldron. Walking through the archway he let out a sigh, it was no or never. Entering the bar he took a quick glance around. There were people here and there but it was not crowded. Thank goodness, Andrew though. He made his was up to the bar and sat down at
  12. Andrew Chambers

    Andrew Chambers Basics Full Name: Andrew Chambers Age (D.o.B.): 60 (12/10/2009) Nicknames: Drew Gender: Male Sexuality: Hetrosexual Blood Status: Half-Blood Position: Hogwarts Professor Wand: Hawthorn Wood, the length is just a bit over eleven and one-quarter inches long. The core consists of dragon heartstring. Place of Birth: Cheshire, England Current Location: London, England
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