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Andrew Chambers

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  1. Andrew Chambers

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  2. Andrew Chambers


    One if Andrew's favirote places in the castle were the dungeons. It always reminded him of his childhood years. Andrew had heard a rumbling that there some sort of dention going on the dungeons and he thought he might tag along. Moving down the stairs and through the corridors of the dungeons, Andrew moved his right had along the wall the entire way. There was just something about the dark and cold walls that spoke to him. It was then that Andrew came across the group he had been waiting for. He heard the sound of students already there, and wondered if there any first years. Probably, Andrew thought to himself it was of course detention. "Hello Professor Wolfe, I trust you are doing well. Mind if I tag along on this adventure?" Andrew greeted and asked.
  3. Andrew Chambers


    "I'm rarely surprised, due to my age." Andrew gestured to himself and chuckled. He knew exactly what Professor Wolf was feeling. "Teaching truly is the best, but yes first years can be rather ... annoying at times. You did not hear that from me," Andrew said, "That's why it is sometimes nice to each an elective course." he confessed. Teaching truly saved his life and helped him to process the world after Patricia. Andrew instantly straightened up when the man mentioned there might be something bothering him. In truth something was always bothering him. "Nothing more than the usual, I do not think I have truly gotten finished processing the passing on my wife. It happened sometime ago, but everyday is a challenge." Andrew opened up. He had never really been afraid to think about her death figuratively, but now it seemed even more real saying it out loud. "I don't want to drag down the mood the night." Andre's waved.
  4. Andrew Chambers


    Andrew paused, there was something that he felt he could connect with. "I would never think of you as a drunkard Professor Wolfe." Andrew reassured him. "Oh I am right there with you, Hogwarts is my safe zone per say. Ever since my dear Alexandria ..." Andrew trailed off, trying not to show his sorrow. He had been trying to work on this, but sometimes he could not help and still feel the pain. "It's been hard to venture out. I like my routine at Hogwarts." Andrew replied and took a sip of his drink the bartender had brought over. "Moving on to brighter things, how are you enjoying teaching?" Andrew smiled.
  5. Andrew Chambers


    Andrew had just finished asking the bartender for his drink when the man from down the bar interrupted and [aid before he could even fish some Galleons out of his pocket. "That is extremely kind of you, I insist I get your next one if you have another another one." Andrew confirmed, he was not used to being treated in this way, flying under the radar usually meant to being seen. It was then when the man greeted him as Professor Chambers did he recognize the man. Professor Wolfe, the Professor Wolfe. How had he not realized it before! "Please, call me Andrew Professor Wolfe. It's a pleasure to see you as well. I don't usually make it out of the castle much." Andrew smiled, light heartily. "I guess, I just needed a change of scenery. How about you, what brings you to the leaky cauldron?" Andrew replied.
  6. Andrew Chambers


    Andrew was known for spending his time only at Hogwarts and his home since he was getting older with age. But today, today he needed a change. Andrew in a quick decision decided maybe he could spend some time at The Leaky Cauldron. After apperating into Diagon Alley, Andrew made his way to the street entrance at the back of The Leaky Cauldron. Walking through the archway he let out a sigh, it was no or never. Entering the bar he took a quick glance around. There were people here and there but it was not crowded. Thank goodness, Andrew though. He made his was up to the bar and sat down at a bar stool a few seats down from another wizard. The other wizard looked familiar but he could not place where he knew him from."I'll take a Blishen's Firewhisky on the rocks, please." Andrew asked the bartender. Andrew then waited, trying not to get too stuck in his own thoughts.
  7. Andrew Chambers


    Andrew Chambers Basics Full Name: Andrew Chambers Age (D.o.B.): 60 (12/10/2009) Nicknames: Drew Gender: Male Sexuality: Hetrosexual Blood Status: Half-Blood Position: Hogwarts Professor Wand: Hawthorn Wood, the length is just a bit over eleven and one-quarter inches long. The core consists of dragon heartstring. Place of Birth: Cheshire, England Current Location: London, England Education: Slytherin Alumni, Hogwarts Languages: English Other: Caucasian Preferences Likes: Learning About Muggles, Potion Making, Dueling, Reading, Traveling, Organization Dislikes: Divinations, Formal Wear, Disorganized Desks, Chaos, Bright Lights Relationships Relationship Status: Widowed Significant Other: None Past Relationship(s): NAME: Alexandria (Gooding) Chambers (dec. 2052) Family: Father: Patrick Andrews, Deceased, Herbologist Mother: Stephanie (Windsor) Andrews, Deceased, Maziologist Daughter: Patrica Andrews, 30, Unemployed Pets: Albus the Black Cat Writer Information Writer Alias: StormyWays13 Writer Age: 26 Writer Pronouns: He/Him/His Timezone: EST contact: Discord: StormyWays13#1313 will not write: Rape Before Hogwarts It was early morning on December 10th that Andrew was born. His mother had been in labor for four hours and finally at 2:13 AM Andrew was born. Andrew began to show powers around his sixth birthday. He had been asking his mother for a cookie. She kept saying no but Andrew really wanted it. The next thing he knew there was a cookie in his hand, but the jar was in front of his mother across the room. Leading up to his eleventh birthday, Andrew's parents began to home school him on the basics of magic Hogwarts, and many other things that would be of use for him. He was also always encouraged to befriend muggles. Hogwarts Years At the sorting ceremony, Andrew was sorted into Slytherin. When wrote to his parents the next week, they swear there was no way that was possible. Andrew had always been kind and there was no history of any of the family members being sorted into Slytherin. During his time at Hogwarts Andrew excelled in Muggle Studies and Charms. He met so great people that ended up being lifetime friends. While Andrew knew of the famous Albus Potter, he only saw him in passing. He was always too nervous to talk to Albus, mainly becuase of his father was the one and only Harry Potter. When Andrew was in his first year, one of the older Slytherin students told him about an incident involving a time turner. But no one really knows if it was true or not. In Andrew's fifth year he banded with his closest friends to stop a small heard of hippogriffs trying to get into the clock tower courtyard. They all reacted before the professors even knew what was happened. After Hogwarts After graduating Hogwarts, Andrew traveled most of Europe for almost two years. After that, Andrew was employed at the Ministry of Magic in the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes for close to thirty years. It was during this time he met his wife who worked in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. They got married, settled down, and had a daughter named Patricia. Four years into his job at the Ministry Andrew was sent out with a team to deal with a group of Muggles that had found a rogue portkey. During the encounter one of the muggles activated the portkey and was transported to Diagon Alley. While preforming a memory charm, it rebounded upon himself and caused him to forget parts of the nights events. Of course this made it hard for Andrew to fill out the necessary paper, and needless to say his supervisor was not happy. Just before leaving the Ministry of Magic, Andrew was offered the department head position for muggle relations. As he was getting older he needed a slower pace, not more stress. He decided to then end long career with the Ministry. A few short weeks after leaving the Ministry Andrew was offered to teach muggle studies at Hogwarts. Ever since his first term, he has loved every moment of it. Character's Personality To this day, Andrew wonders why the sorting hat put him into Slytherin. While he was not shrewd, but he has always been devoted to this around him. Andrew would consider himself ambitious based on his work at the Ministry of Magic. But he did not act like he was better than everyone else around him. Many of his fellow Slytherin do/did. Plus he was a half-blood that set him apart alone compared to the other Slytherins. Andrew has often been described as being kind and loves to meet new people. He often enjoys spending time in the presence of muggles to learn more about them. Andrew also have one of the kindest hearts when to comes to animals, especially cats. Many can not believe Andrew was sorted into Slytherin, he seems so different than other Slytherins. He loves to teach any one he can about the different way of muggles, and he associates with many different types of people. Ever since Andrew lost his wife, Andrew has been a bit sadder. He tends to spend a lot of his free time with his daughter. One days are worse then others when it comes to dealing with the close of his wife, even though she passed many years ago. Before Alexandria passed away, Andrew and his daughter Patrica were rather close. They tried to get together every few months for tea and catching up. But after their loss, Andrew became even closer to Patrica. To this day, they get together for tea/drinks in Hogsmeade.

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