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  1. Nash Phillips


    Nash Phillips Basics Full Name: Nash Gregory Phillips Age (D.o.B.): 13 10/31/2056 Nicknames: Nash Gender: Male Sexuality: Gay Blood Status: Pureblood Position: Slytherin & Second Wand: Fir wood with a dragon heartstring core, 12 ½" and hard flexibility Place of Birth: Hampshire, Wessex, UK Current Location: Hampshire, Wessex, UK Education: Home School ed Magic/Basics Languages: English & Spanish Other: Caucasian, No Special Abilities Currently Preferences Likes: Reading, Writing, Discovering Magical Creatures, Traveling, Learning About New Plants and Herbs Dislikes: The Sound of Chewing, Muggle Crowds, Rude People, Know It Alls, Ruined Books Relationships Relationship Status: Single Significant Other: None Family: Father: Arthur Phillips, 39, Ministry of Magic, Atrium Security Mother: Bertha (Means) Phillips, 32, Stay at Home Witch Pets: Noamy, Black Cat, 2 Years Old Writer Information Writer Alias: StormyWays13 Writer Age: 26 Writer Pronouns: He/Him/His Timezone: Eastern contact: Discord: StormyWays13#1313 will not write: Rape Before Hogwarts It was a cold rainy October 31st when Nash was brought into the world. He was the old child born to his parents.From the ages of one to seven Nash displayed no magical powers whatsoever. But, that all changed in March when he was eight. While out in the yard a muggle girl no older than nine or ten as playing out in the street. Nash has been exploring around the fenced in front yard, when the girl took notice of him. She began laughing at him and saying he was weird because she had never seen him around before. Nash got so upset and angry that he accidentally made the girl levitate a few feet off the ground. Upon realizing that he was the one causing it he ran into the house and that caused the girl to fall and scrape her arms and legs. Hogwarts Years During Nash's first year, he had excelled at charms and potions. Of course that was only natural since those were the subjects his mother and he had focused on the most. But he did really enjoy defense against the dark arts, not but not the way the other students probably did. Nash liked learning more about the dark arts than the actual defense part. Unfortunately due to his nature Nash had not made any real friends, yet. Nash passed all his course exams, though he did not really care of muggle studies, ever since his incident as a child. Character's Personality Nash has always kept to himself, partially due to fact that his parents had wanted wanted it that way. He enjoys secluded areas like libraries and unoccupied dungeons. Around Hogwarts, his favorite area was usually around the far side of the lake under a tree for shade. Nash was usually there reading for writing nothing in particular. When Nash was forced to partake in social activities he could usually be found a corner or with a small group of like-minded people. Anything more than three or four people made Nash take his leave. He had always hated his parents parties, so he could make a quick appearance and then hide out in bedroom. When it comes to writing and reading, Nash loved anything horror or mystery related.

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