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    "O-oh! Hello..." Alex turned with a start. She hadn't expected anyone to approach, save for Axel of course. It was another student, an older girl with pretty blonde hair. SHe seemed very friendly, but any form of interaction was bound to bring out Alexia's awkwardness. She did look genuinely concerned. The Ravenclaw wasn't sure what "the wrong way" to take her comment would be, but it didn't sound offensive. She wrung her hands together, nervous at the sudden confrontation. "Mhm. I'm fine... I'm j-just waiting for somebody." She motioned toward the library door, which the boy she was to meet still hadn't walked through. "He's late." The girl introduced herself as Lina, a third year in another house. Alex hadn't seen her before, but that wasn't too unusual. It was pretty rare for older students to bother talking eith first years. Even in Wizarding school there was a certain bias against "freshman". Lina, however, did not seem concerned with that. She was very confident compared to little Alex, which simultaneously impressed her and put her at ease. "I'm Alexia. First year. It, uh, it's nice to meet you." She started to extend her hand, but pulled t back as she suddenly realized it was still sweaty and gross. "S-sorry. I'm not really good with people." She looked over at the door again, wondering where on earth Axel could be. It was really starting to annoy her that he hadn't shown up yet. "Boys are stupid, huh?"
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    Why... why... Why in heavens name did she agree to do this!? Alex paced back and forth behind a large study table, running her hand along a shelf of books. Her nerves were getting the better of her again. Small footsteps hit the floor in a repeating patting. Step. Step. Step. Why? Why? Why? This library had been a place of solace for her during her free time. While some of her more studious peers did frequent the room, they tended to keep to themselves. She had spent many an ideal evening in this library, curled up in a chair with only a good book for company.These books were her friends more so than any fellow student she'd met so far on her Wizarding journey. Everything in them was incredibly fascinating. Well, of course it would be to Muggle-born Alex. Now that she knew magic was real, every word n those tomes opened up new worlds of possibility. And yet... She brushed her hands firmly across her robes, trying desperately to dry the sweat from her palms. Today this place offered none of its usual comfort. Against all forms of judgement, she had agreed to tutor someone here. A certain individual by the name of Axel Walkwood. For the life of her he couldn't remember why she would offer such a thing. Since he had begun sitting next to her in Transfiguration class, Axel and Alex's relationship had not much changed. He would talk, she would mumble. He would blurt out answers (usually wrong), and she would cover her face in embarrassment. She hated Axel Walkwood. At least, she thought she did. She definitely hated the attention he brought in her direction, and there were many times she wished that he would leave her alone. She had to admit though, there was something unique about that boy. Somehow she was unable to say no to him, completely powerless to tear himself away. Maybe it was his laid-back way of steering everything in his direction. Alex was a bit of a dreamer, constantly spacing out during the lecture. And despite her best efforts to focus on the matters at hand, there was always a nagging wonder. What on earth was he thinking about. She had been tempted several times to elbow him in the side. In her mind she would demand that he pay attention, or at the very least quit distracting her with his thinking. A ridiculous thought, she knew, but she wasn't the only one who couldn't help staring at him during class. Something about him was just straight up distracting. The clock struck noon. Where was he? They had agreed on ten 'til... Of course he was late. Not exactly surprising. Or maybe he had forgotten altogether and was out practicing Quidditch with some buddies. Wouldn't that be just wonderful... she could forget about the nerves and the social interaction and just curl up with a book like always. The ideal afternoon. But for some reason, she did not feel hopeful when she thought of this possibility. Only slighted and a bit sad. Surely she hadn't been looking forward to this, had she? No - that was just ridiculous. She was just annoyed that he'd broken their appointment. Where the heck is that boy? {Ravenclaw RP Challenge #6)
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    "Gryffindor!" A blonde boy with a cocky smile set down the old hat. Magic, huh? It seemed both too good and too insane to be true. On one hand, Alex had always longed to be special. She had always worked hard in her studies to that end. Though she admittedly hated them. But this... this place was crazy! There were shifting staircases, talking pictures, flying objects! And a talking hat! It was all strange to her. Too strange. Her stomach turned the way it always did when things got too strange. This was a terrible idea... a horrible, no good, awful idea. The anxious girl was not ready for such a sudden introduction to the real world. Any boarding school packed with staring students would have been enough to set her on edge, but an entire secret world? It was overwhelming to say the least. Alexia Warren! She was next? No fair! Why'd she have to go after the pretty boy? Then again, it may have been a blessing in disguise. Her fellow student certainly brought a lot of attention to himself. That took away at least some of the eyes that would have been locked on her as she stepped forward. Forward... forward! Alex demanded her legs to move, but they would not respond. She merely trembled in place as the sorting hat called out her name again. Alexia Warren! "H-here!" she managed to squeak the obviously wrong response. Chuckles rose from the crowd around her. Way to make an impression, Alex! Her palms began to leak sweat as her heart beat faster. With all her strength she pushed past the invisible wall, finally managing to take that first step forward. One step, two steps... then she was there, clinging to the edges of the cap as though it were her lifeline. Hey! A voice resounded in her head as the oversized covered her eyes. Be gentle! Gentle! Alex loosened her grip slightly. That's better! Now... where to place you... definitely not a Gryffindor. There is a certain cleverness in you. Slytherin, perhaps? Or maybe Hufflepuff? You are kind, if a bit strange. Alex blinked. Did the hat just insult her? Well, she supposed she had crumpled its edges. Oh, I know! The perfect place for you to thrive has to be... RAVENCLAW!!!
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    Alexia Warren Basics Full Name: Alexia James Warren Age (D.o.B.): 11 (02/12/2058) Nicknames: Alex Gender: Female Sexuality: Bisexual Blood Status: Muggleborn Position: 1st Year Ravenclaw Wand: 10" Willow, Unicorn Hair Core Place of Birth: London, England Current Location: London, England Education: Previously home-schooled, Currently enrolled at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Languages: English Other: N/A Preferences Likes: Computers, Logic Puzzles, Tests, Building Things, Reading, Sweets, Warm Blankets, Calming Music Dislikes: Cold Weather, Loud Noises, Crowds, Pranks, Conflict Relationships Relationship Status: Single Significant Other: N/A Past Relationship(s): N/A Family: Father: James Warren, 42, Business Owner Mother: Deandre Warren , 41, Business Owner Pets: Zorro the Rat Hero the Dog (Stays at home, of course) Writer Information Writer Alias: AdelynnWilde Writer Age: 21 Writer Pronouns: She/Her Timezone: Arizona Contact: Discord AdelynnWilde#5772 or PM on Site Will Not Write: Scenes involving rape or sexual assault. Before Hogwarts Alexandria Warren was the epitome of sheltered. She grew up in a large home with a few people - very few in fact. With her mother and father off tending to the family business day in and day out, the mansion of a home often felt incredibly empty. Most days it was just little Alex and her live-in nanny Mrs. Goodly. Ms. Goodly was a pleasant and cheerful woman. Good thing too, for had the tiny Alexandria grown up alone in that sterile place, she may have come out thinking the world was a terrible and lonely place. Instead she was bounced on Ms. Goodly's knee, and lulled to sleep every night by her calm voice. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Once the Warren baby was deemed too old for a nanny, the cheerful songs were quickly replaced by harsh words and rigorous study. Ms. Goodly was no longer needed. In her place came private tutors, the best in London. And the harshest too, it seemed. Alex learned reading, math, art, and music... all of which she excelled at. There were certain "patterns" to each of these subjects that she latched onto quite easily. Alexadria loved patterns. In between her intense lessons, Alex was encouraged to go out and play with other children. But this would prove far more difficult than any lesson her tutors had thrown at her. Nervous and unused to social situations, the tiny girl came off as incredibly awkward. Worse than that... when she attempted to speak to other children, her palms began to sweat heavily. Her voice shook and her heart pounded in her chest. An uncontrollable anxiety forced her back into her home, crying at the awful experience. Her parents called for therapists, and with time Alex was adjusting to the world around her. She found solace in online communities, often gaming with friends she didn't have to sit with in person. She actually became quite good at many of these games. More patterns. And with the support of those around her, she began working toward a normal life outside of the house as well. It still wasn't easy, but things were better... until the whole world was turned upside down again. She received a letter. A yellow letter written in green ink, the first she had ever seen addressed to her. It was an invitation to an elite school, one that catered only to... wizards? A prank, surely. She didn't believe it, and neither did her parents. She thought for sure that nothing would come of it. Until one day her father came up to her room, demanding that she get dressed and come with him at once. They were going school shopping. For wands, brooms, and books about spells. Alex never found out what had convinced him, but once her father got an idea in his head, there was no use trying to change it. And Alex did try. She begged and pleaded not to be send off to boarding school. A classroom full of people with strange and magical powers? She wasn't ready for that. No way! And besides that, the place wouldn't allow her to bring her computer with her. But if James Warren's daughter was a wizard, then she had damn well better be the best there ever was. That was how the businessman had always seen the world, and his wife was no different. They sent their daughter off to school with no regard to her own thoughts on the mattter. She waved goodbye with butterflies in her stomach. Character's Personality Alex is a timid girl, very socially awkward and unused to interacting with others. It is often very difficult to get her to open up, though when she does she tends to ramble on aimlessly. She is very bright and studious, with a natural inclination toward anything involving patterns. She loves puzzles and games, and genuinely enjoys learning (so long as she isn't expected to give any presentations.) She often becomes nervous and chokes under pressure, despite her natural skills.

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