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  1. Alexia Warren

    "It's alright," Alexia nodded, both in response to Axel's apology and Lina's question. She was still mad at him - or rather, she wanted to still be mad at him - but for some reason the moment he walked in she felt the frustration melting away. Seriously, what was it with this guy? If she didn't know better, she might've thought he was one of those humaniod creatures they talked about in class - almost normal but with some mysterious power about him. Of course, it could also be that Lina was right. The castle was confusing after all, and she knew full well that Axel was not the most observant
  2. Alexia Warren

    There he went again. No matter what that boy did, he always said just the right thing to smooth it over. It was like... well, like magic. She still suspected he had some strange power she had yet to find an explanation for, but her investigation of that had been interrupted by their fight. She didn't want to give in and let it go, but his voice... it was so calming. His words struck at the heart of the issue, and he did seem to be genuinely apologetic for upsetting her. Maybe he didn't quite understand, but he understood enough to say he was sorry. He knew more about her than she realized. Was
  3. Alexia Warren

    "Y-you..." she trailed off, motioning for him to come closer. She wanted to tear him a new one, but wasn't even close to ready to do so in front of the entire class. She didn't want to ignore him, she just... she just wanted him to understand how his actions had made her feel. Deep down she knew he hadn't intended her any harm, but he had caused it. She had to tell him, or he would just keep doing things like this to people. Hurting them with his absolute obliviousness. She waited for him to approach, then took a deep breath. She unleashed everything at once in a soft, distressed voice. "
  4. Alexia Warren

    So he was ignoring her now? Never mind that she was actively ignoring him, that was such a jerk thing to do! She had every reason to be upset with him after what he did. He had offered her friendship, an offer she didn't receive often, and then when she went out of her way to offer him tutoring he hadn't even remembered who she was! What kind of massive idiot couldn't even remember the names of their "friends"? She hadn't even asked to be friends with him in the first place, nor had she verbally accepted that offer. He was always, always bringing attention to himself. Which meant that when he
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  6. Alexia Warren

    Alex glanced over at the girl's stick-figure drawing. My, how talented. The spiteful thought crossed her mind, still pissed off from their conversation. But from that silly thought and idea began to grow. A horrible, awful, wonderful idea. Okay, not really. It was actually very simple and not completely thought-out. But with no means of actual confrontation, Alex was grasping at straws. The straw she had latched on to was incredibly petty, but... well considering the brat's attitude it might actually work. The doodle showed clearly that the girl was bored by Astronomy. Not really surprisi
  7. Alexia Warren

    Now she knew this was more than a mere misunderstanding. Alexia had had plenty of misunderstandings due to her awkward demeanor and tendency to say the wrong things at the wrong times, but in all of those times she had never been referred to as stupid. Because really, she just wasn't. Alex didn't claim to be a genius by any means, but her intelligence was one of her strongest points. Her reliance on facts, logic, and reading had branded her a nerd. But stupid? No... this girl was the stupid one. Stupid and disgusting and mean. Alex clutched her quill tighter than usual, grinding her teeth tog
  8. Alexia Warren

    Wow, rude! Alex turned back to her notes. Maybe it was due to her lack of interactions with her fellow students, but she hadn't heard that sentiment before. Those born to Muggles were stronger and better? That didn't really match up with her observations. It was true that the students from Wizarding families had a bit of a head start since they had known about magic their entire lives. Yet this advantage belonged not only to those of "pure blood" as the Slytherin put it, but to the children with only one Wizard parent who grew up with magical knowledge. Some of the top students in her classes
  9. Alexia Warren

    Alex turned to the girl beside her in stunned silence. She hadn't planned on trying to speak to her, as the awkward girl rarely initiated conversation. But the malice in her tone was quite shocking. People normally had no reason to confront her about anything, but this student seemed to have some unknown problem with her. "S-sorry?" Alexia stammered. It was half apology, half question. She didn't recognize the brunette. Had she offended her somehow? Alex hoped not... she certainly didn't want to cause any trouble. Judging by the way the girl was speaking though, she had obviously done somethin
  10. Alexia Warren

    Trust the broom? What the heck was that supposed to mean? Maybe she would understand better if she were a Quidditch player. Broom care and the like mattered a lot then. It helped with speed and maneuverability, both essential skills for the game. But to a nervous little first year, none of this really made sense. What did it mean to trust an object? Enchanted or not ,it wasn't like the thing was alive... Still, she was grateful for the intervention, as Mandy's positive personality was definitely a bit much. She turned back to her broom with no coice but to give it a shot. She laid it gen
  11. Alexia Warren

    "W-what?" Alex blinked. The sudden onslaught of words was far too much for her. Her head spun a bit as she processed what the girl was saying. Well, first she had introduced herself. Amanda, no Mandy... that was what her friends called her. Alex and Mandy weren't friends though. But then again, she had told her to call her Mandy, so that was obviously the name she preferred. As for her little tirade about Professor Wolfe, it struck her as both very weird and utterly normal. Even to the isolated Alex, schoolgirl crushes were not unheard of. And she'd heard many a gossip whispered about the youn
  12. Alexia Warren

    "Ah- I- I said yes." Alex looked at the ground, embarrassed by the sudden confrontation. The girl seemed very friendly. Too friendly in fact, which for some reason set her further on edge. It was no wonder the Hufflepuff was concerned about her. Hanging her head mumbling that that, it must have looked like something was really wrong. But all she wanted was to go back to cleaning her broom in peace, and to not actually have to fly today would also be pretty nice.
  13. Alexia Warren

    Alex jumped, started at being addressed directly. "I-I" She turned to see a girl with bright blue hair and impeccable makeup. A Hufflepuff most likely, as she hadn't seen her around the Ravenclaw dorms. Then again, Alexia didn't see many people around the Ravenclaw dorms... she spent most of her time either in the library or studying in her own little corner of the dorm room so she really only knew the first-years in her own room. Even then, she wouldn't be able to tell their names. But this girl surely would have caught her eye, she was so... colorful. "Mmmm - yeah," she managed to respo
  14. Alexia Warren

    Alex made her way to the classroom, an extra skip in her step. It was time to head up to the Astronomy room! The "up" part was a bit concerning, but height was much less of an issue inside a solid stone castle. And her excitement for the subject more than made up for it. Astronomy was one of her favorites, mostly because it just felt more grounded in reality. Magic was fascinating and she did hold a certain love and curiosity for it, but there were certain things she missed about her old life. She was entranced by magic, but she felt far more secure with "normal". Before the Muggleborn had rec
  15. Alexia Warren

    Alex was thankful for her teacher's encouragement, even if she didn't earn any points for her house. Somehow Miss Johnson had understood what she meant through all of her stammering. Her teacher was a wonderful, understanding person. Her classmate on the other hand... she refused to even look at Axel. That absolute moron! She heard him mumble something about being sorry which softened her fury a bit, but she still didn't want to interact with him right now. Instead, she focused on her work. At least this time it would require no answering aloud.. much less nerve-wracking. Plus it was math. Bon
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