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    Vytei Cethero Basics Full Name: Vytei Jared Elison Cethero Age (D.o.B.): 39 (10/26/2030) Nicknames: V, Vy/Vi, Tey Gender: Male Sexuality: Bi/Pansexual Blood Status: Muggleborn Position: Defense Against The Dark Arts Professor Wand: Mahogany, Horned Serpent Horn, 10 in., Rigid Place of Birth: Venice, Italy Current Location: Hogwarts Education: Hogwarts, Slytherin Alumni Languages: English, Italian, French, Gaelic, Russian Other: Wandless Magic Preferences Likes: Percussion music, Mystery Novels, Riddles, Puzzles, Wizards' Chess, and Muggle Studies Dislikes: Dishonesty amongst Friends, Ignorance, Non-Buttered Popcorn, Modern Art, Country/Folk Music, and Geese Relationships Relationship Status: Single Family: Father: Marco, 66, Godfather Mother: Valentiena, 69, Muggle Fashion Designer Sister: Mia, 32, Muggle Actress Sister: Serena, 30, Muggle Police Officer Pets: Cobalt, the Russian Blue Cat. Timothy, the Egyptian Fruit Bat. Sir Mousse, the Ball Python. Writer Information Writer Alias: Jynras Writer Age: 18 Writer Pronouns: They/Them Timezone: GMT-7 (Arizona) Contact: On-Site PM Will not write: Anything Illeagal, or Sexual Before Hogwarts Vytei Cethero was born and raised in Naples, Italy, son to a Mafioso that was next in line to be Godfather, as well as son to a leading muggle fashion designer, so luxury was more than a privilege. His parents were fair, but harsh during his upbringing. Ever since he could walk, it was drilled into him to act with grace and elegance, to be mannerly and respectful until the situation demanded him to be otherwise, and do always think three steps ahead of everyone else. Vytei was to be enrolled in martial arts at the age of 7 and was hated every minute of it. It seemed that he would make an aspiring Godfather, so long as he could learn to control his fidgeting and constant seek of information or an argument. He enjoyed being a part of the world rather than a part of society, but had an innate curiosity for everything around him. Vytei was able to practically absorb information and comprehend it in an extraordinary way. He would later learn that this was his way for his early magic to express itself. In the muggle world, his abilities were seen as gifted, and his parents up and moved to London in order to send him to a private Primary School in Manchester, England, where he excelled in his classes and proceeded to learn more about muggle technologies and sciences until his mother became sick over the summer Grade 5. He came home at his own wish to help take care of his sisters, both 6 and 4 years old, as well as trying to make things easier for the family during those rough times. Around the time of Vytei's eleventh birthday, his mother's health had worsened as it appeared to him that his mother was on her deathbed. His father was distraught and his family seemed to be preemptively grieving. While the children were generally included in most of the family business as a learning opportunity, Marco Cethero had a few unusual meetings after Vytei's birthday. Many of them, he would emerge from an empty room frustrated and red in the face as if he had been arguing, and due to no one being allowed near his study during the 'important meetings' neither the staff nor the family had any idea what was going on, but thought that it was business going on as business. It wasn't until Marco invited Vytei to join him for one of his final meetings, that Vytei would understand. A large, sheepish man sat across from him and his father. He began to explain to Vytei that he is a wizard and had the opportunity to be enrolled at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and on top of that, he had been discussing options with Marco Cethero about starting the process and how he should be allowed to go despite his position in the muggle world. His father finished the recounting of events by informing Vytei that it would be his decision to go or not. The only question he had was if the Wizard Headmaster in the office could help his mom to live. After that day, he had decided to attend Hogwarts, and his mother's health began to improve. Hogwarts Years In the beginning of Vytei's first year, martial arts and physical fighting were the least of his concerns. After being sorted a Slytherin, catching up on all of the wizarding history was Vytei's greatest interest outside his classes. His fascination with the world as it is and how it got to where it is now often caused him to pursue more advanced books and ask his professors a plethora of questions after class and throughout the weeks. He was generally friends with everyone, and often people wondered why he hadn't been sorted as a Hufflepuff, but as the year went on, he only had a few close friends and kept to himself when the situation permitted, though it had been noted that he excelled at his Potions and Charms classes. Over the course of the next few years, Vytei allowed himself to become more and more secluded in his studies as he worked to keep up with advancing courses. His parents had attempted to enroll him in muggle classes over the summer so as to keep him a part of their world despite his heavy focus into the magical one. However, his grandfather had passed away and his father was "promoted" to Godfather. This sparked an argument between Vytei and his father because his father wanted him to stay home and learn the mafia business while using what he had learned to help the family, and Vytei wished to continue his schooling in magical worlds. Ultimately, it was his mother that resolved the argument by arranging the agreement that the discussion would be postponed until after Vytei graduated Hogwarts. Vytei in his 5th year had excelled at muggle studies, but this was not a proud achievement because it brought the attention of the pure-blood students that suspected his knowledge was first hand, and continued to pester him about his muggle born status. This is how he re-met his best friend, Pierre Verstapen, who stood about 6'5" and had bright silver hair. As a half-blooded Gryffindor, Pierre helped Vytei stand up for himself while Vytei assisted Pierre with studying for OWLs/NEWTs. They both challenged each other in strategy games like Wizards Chess or Dragon Keep ( A game where one had to prepare and defend their castle from a Dragon and its forces). The two of them were inseparable, and unstoppable when placed against challenges and puzzles as they combined had a vast intellect and creative power to think outside the box. After passing OWLs and NEWTs well enough to pursue their own careers, Pierre told Vytei that he would make an amazing Curse Breaker, while they would continue on to becoming an Auror. After Hogwarts With Pierre and Vytei both entering the ministry, they soon became distant, but kept up through monthly letters. While working full time as a Curse Breaker, Vytei received word from his father. They had discovered that his father had a brain tumor and his mental state was deteriorating at an alarming rate. It was time for the discussion about the family business, and it wasn't a happy one. While life for them both had always been about making the ends justify their means, Vytei wanted to live a life that wasn't morally ambiguous while working for a greater good. His father obviously wanted a strong successor. The unpleasantries were satisfied by a compromise of designating Vytei's cousin to become the next Godfather. Following his father's passing, Vytei dedicated his life to his work, and had become somewhat renown for how he handled a particularly tricky situation pertaining to an old Italian ship that had recently been discovered off of a Scottish coast, and enough explosives to take Glasgow to Denmark and back, all with a cracked wand. After that adventure, he sought something that would allow him to get out of bind of similar fashion, and began to seek classes or training methods to teach him control with Wandless Magic. Though after 20 years as a Curse-Breaker, and with many historical finds and solutions, he was offered and accepted a teaching position at Hogwarts. Character's Personality Vytei Cethero has been a cautious mind, caring mentor, and a protector who is unable to be intimidated. Nothing conventional will scare him, and is always curious about the world around him. With his sense of manners and courtesy, Vytei throws out proprietary standards and accepts all as they are, keeping an open mind for anything. He does all that he can to solve matters with his mind or diplomacy before settling them with violence, but rest assured that if it comes to violence, neither Vytei nor his students will be harmed.

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