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    So it was a lost love. Adrian had to wonder what that must be like. The saying did go "better to have loved and lost", but judging by the toll it was taking on Chambers, that didn't seem a safe assumption to make. He had been in love himself once - or at least that's what he'd thought it was. He wasn't quite so trusting with romance these days. He didn't know well enough what his coworker's "usual" was, but it seemed like this was really getting to him. Perhaps if Wolfe opened up about his past experiences, it might ease the heavyness the conversation was bringing to the room. Or at the very least make his senior feel a bit more comfortable. "Oh, I wouldn't worry about bringing down the mood." He assured him. Adrian realized that he hadn't had a serious conversation in at least a year. He was usually the one keeping everything light and fun, but a change might actually be nice. Or maybe the alcohol was just starting to kick in. "I must say, I've never experienced anything that could quite compare. I did have a love once - Alexis, beautiful girl. Put all the stars in my eyes, you know? We were engaged to be married and everything. But after the accident..." His hand twitched as though responding to the memory. "Well, she wasn't who I thought she was. To have a real, true love... I can't say I know what that's like." "You don't have to tell me anything if you don't want to of course, but I am curious. The way you talk about about this woman, she must have been truly amazing. Your wife... what was she like?
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    "Nice to meet you, Harvey!" Professor Wolfe extended his hand to the new arrival. He only vaguely knew the older Gryffindor since he hadn't had him as a first-year, but the name rang a bell in his mind. The teachers who did have fifth-year classes (and the ones who'd taught Prewitt in previous years) had brought him up in conversation quite a few times. Apparently he and his best friend were the "Weasley Twins of the modern day," a prospect that the young professor found both hilarious and intriguing. The Weasley brothers had been legends by the time Adrian had attended Hogwarts himself and the stories had only grown more and more outlandish over the years. He knew Harvey from his house of course. But aside from a brief introduction when he had become Head of House, he hadn't seen him around the common room very much. If the rumors were to be believed this was because he was always out with his friend making some form of trouble. Wolfe himself had never caught them though, and he was more than willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. It might actually be nice having an older student along anyway. Still, he did have to wonder what Harvey had done to earn this particular detention. "Happy to have you along. We've got plenty of work ahead of us." By "we" and "us" he really meant the students. No way was he about to participate in this. But that verbiage was a bit more welcoming than "You're in for it, kid". Finally Mr. Walkwood arrived on the scene. He briefly considered tearing into him for being late, but the pitiful look on the boy's face changed his mind. Poor guy really seemed to be beating himself over this. Wolfe felt rather bad about it himself considering the circumstances. When he was that age he would have reacted exactly the same way. Except he would have actually drawn his wand. But, he reasoned, it was better than he learned early how to deal properly with classroom conflicts, no matter how justified the argument may have been. He saw a lot of himself in little Axel... maybe too much if he was being brutally honest. He wanted to say something to make it easier on the kid. Not that it would make the task before them any less awful. "Ah, Mr. Walkwood. I don't believe I thanked you before, but I want you to know that I am glad you stood up for me. While I don't condone your actions, I do appreciate the sentiment behind them." Hopefully that would brighten his mood a bit. Now the only one left to wait for was... "I want it known that I am here under protest!" Ah, the final victim had arrived. Aradia Warbeck had walked through the Slytherin entrance with all of her usual swagger. In this case that meant she was wearing pajamas and pouting at him like an even younger child than she actually was. Wolfe actively had to stop himself from rolling his eyes. He'd known this one would be difficult. She was here for refusing to do her work, though she had also hurled quite a few insults at the Professor during that class session. He believed that every kid had good in them, but this one... this one tested his patience. "Protest all you want, Miss Warbeck. But you'll do as you're told. Unless you want to lose a significant number of house points?" He actually hated that form of punishment. It seemed designed to force good behavior by encouraging peer pressure. But he'd found that the simple threat of taking the points away was enough to keep most students in line. "Now, just to double check... Is that everyone?"
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    Aradia Warbeck - Slytherin - 1 - Flying Bonus Question 1 - Adrian Wolfe
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    Harvey Prewitt - Gryffindor - 10 - Roleplay Vocabulary Challenge - Adrian Wolfe Axel Walkwood - Gryffindor - 10 - Roleplay Vocabulary Challenge - Adrian Wolfe
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    Axel Walkwood - Gryffindor - 1 - Flying Lesson 3, Question 1 - Adrian Wolfe
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    Professor Wolfe felt a shiver creep up his back as he waited by the dungeon entrance. This place had always set him on edge, even when he was a student himself. Especially when he was a student actually. The dark, musty halls had done their part in scaring a young detention-bound Adrian into better behavior. That was most of the reason he was standing here now. But he did have to admit the area still wasn't his favorite place to be. Terror had given way to mild discomfort, but it was uncomfortable nonetheless. He smiled at a few Slytherins that were heading to their common rooms, but the taps of his foot were enough to show that he was growing impatient. There were a couple of specific students he was waiting for, but he had let the other teachers know that they send their detention earners his way if they so desired. Tonight's task was more than enough for a few sets on extra hands. As for his own attendees... he was pretty sure Axel Walkwood would show. The boy had a mischievous streak, but his antics were usually harmless and he did show a certain dedication to his classes (at least from the flying teacher's perspective). He was definitely the kind of child to earn himself detention, but didn't seem like the kind who would ditch it once it was given. If nothing else he must know the consequences for skipping it would be far greater than any task Professor Wolfe decided to assign. The other student, Aradia Warbeck, was a different story. That girl was a piece of work to say the least. Professor Wolfe tended to be pretty unbiased when it came to his students, actively trying to see the best in each and every one of them. But Ms. Warbeck made that difficult task. He didn't blame the eleven-year-old for her behavior, not entirely. He could only imagine what sort of diamond-encrusted life had lead the young girl to be so spoiled. He hated to take on the role of disciplinarian, much preferring to be "fun teacher" most of his students knew. But it was a part of the job that must be done. Still, he would've preferred it done sooner rather than later. He thought he had come up with a pretty good sentence that not only (loosely) related to their crime and the lesson they should have been learning, but was awful enough to deter any future misbehavior from them. He wasn't a fan of punishment as a concept, but that didn't mean he was no good at it. It wouldn't be quite so poetic for any students another teacher chose to hand over, but with any luck it would still be enough to set them on the right path. He might have to think of something else to add on if they took much longer though. They were already running late.
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    "You'd be surprised." The professor chuckled. It wasn't all that long ago that Wolfe frequented places like this. Of course, the Leaky Cauldron was about the least shady of the places he'd used to frequent. "I do love the school. Saved my life, if I'm being honest. And teaching..." His eyes caught a dreamy glint. "Best profession in the world!" Once upon a time he would have said his old job was best. Indeed, a part of him still believed that. But there was something so exciting about watching a child mount a broom for the first time. Seeing the awe in their eyes when their world-famous teacher showed them a new trick. It was difficult at times, but perhaps with the exception of playing professionally, it was the best job he could think of. "Though it is nice to have a break once in a while. First years can be a bit... well, you know." Adrian was puzzled at his coworker's downcast gaze. He rarely left the castle because he had few other places to go, but Professor Chambers... Well, come to think of it he didn't know much about the man. He had mentioned a name - "Alexandria". A lost love, perhaps? Someone close to him at any rate. "Not to pry, but if there's anything bothering you I've been told I can be a good listener." In truth he was a better talker than he was a listener, but he hoped a voluntary ear would be encouraging.
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    Adrian paused for a moment. He wasn't sure how much of his old life was really appropriate to share with a coworker. Though he was not a man of many secrets, he did have certain reservations when talking about his past. Mostly he just didn't want to turn people off by coming across as self-pitying. He hadn't left the castle much himself this winter. A quick and unpleasant visit to the family and the occasional trip for some promotion deal or other, sure. But he had spent most of his time in his boarding room at Hogwarts. There were lesson plans to write and Head of House duties to fulfill after all. On top f that, he really wasn't sure what had brought him to this place. "Force of habit, I suppose." He smiled wryly. "Not that I'm a drunkard, mind you. Not anymore. I definitely understand how you feel though. I sometimes forget there's a world outside of Hogwarts."
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    Adrian looked up from his Beetle Berry at the sound of a familiar voice. It wasn't super familiar, as in he didn't know who it belonged to from merely listening, but it was one he had definitely heard before. A quick scan of the room was enough to identify the source. The kindly old Muggle Studies professor had made his way up to the bar. That man had been working at Hogwarts longer than Adrian, but the two had never had a proper conversation. Muggle Studies, after all, was an elective. None of his fliers were old enough to start picking their classes, so they were rarely in the same place at the same time. He'd seen him around the Great Hall though. He was tall and bald with a face that spoke of endless experience. Not the sort of man one expects to find drinking alone. Then again, nobody expected to find Adrian Wolfe drinking alone either. He stood up and walked back to the counter, interrupting his coworker before he could play. "Please," he dropped a few more coins on the table. "Allow me." Professor Wolfe had a certain respect for the man despite their lack of connection. He was his senior, and far more experienced both in life and in teaching. The least he could do was buy the guy a drink. "It's nice to see you, Professor Chambers. Though I must say it's a bit of a surprise. What brings you to the Leaky Cauldron?"
  14. Adrian Wolfe


    Adrian found himself in the Leaky Cauldron once again. He hadn't necessarily intended to end up here, but here he was nonetheless. He supposed it was only natural that after a couple years of bar-hopping his mindless walks would lead him to a pub. It had been a while since he'd frequented these places (though every Wizard in London frequented the Leaky Cauldron for one reason or another), but habits were habits and it seemed they were hard to shake. First his chance meeting with the Headmistress at the Three Broomsticks and now this. Was it fate or his own mind that drew him to such places? Well, it didn't really matter at this point. It was break time, and the Headmistress himself had encouraged him to think less about work during the few weeks they had away. The former alcoholic had managed to keep himself sober while school was in session, but nothing said he couldn't have a bit of fun while on vacation. He strode up to the bar with his usual confidence. The man always walked with his back straight and head held high, a stark contrast to the average pub goer. It was also in contrast to his attire, as when he wasn't in his formal Hogwarts garb he had a fondness for the Muggle garment known as "sweatpants." They were comfortable and warm in the frosty January weather, though they did look strange peeking out beneath his formal robes. Adrain's agent was always pestering him about the things he wore - "a celebrity must always be aware" - but he himself cared little about that. It wasn't like his rise and fall hadn't been documented anyway. He was no longer the broken man that appeared at the end of so many documentary specials, but at this point he didn't really understand why he should care. Though the money was admittedly pretty nice. "Beetle Berry, neat." He left a few coins on the counter and settled in to one of the worn old stools. It had certainly been a while, but there was still a certain comfort to this place. Even if people were constantly in and out to Diagon Alley. It was actually not as bad with the holidays having just passed, as people were all shopped out for the most part. He settled down for a peaceful drink.
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