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    For probably the first time since he'd come to Hogwarts, Axel wasn't walking with his head held high. He dragged his feet down the hallway, his his stride unusual broken and slow. The enormity of the situation wasn't lost on the boy, and his dread had been building throughout the day. His first detention... It was a black mark on an otherwise clean record. He was a bit of a mischief-maker in the early stages of pranksterism, but up until this point he hadn't done anything bad enough to warrant disciplinary action. He wasn't the best of students, but he didn't like to think of himself as a bad kid either. Setting aside his reliance on others to get any actual schoolwork done, he did his best to go to all of his classes, participate in the lessons, and make the best of his time at Hogwarts. But this time he'd really screwed up. Axel paused for a moment to stare through a crystal window. He saw the Quidditch field below - the stage for his awful mistake. He didn't really regret anything he had said that day. The awful Slytherin brat had deserved far worse than anything Axel had done. He couldn't even describe how horrible she was without using harsher words than he was willing to say aloud. He had been so caught up in the moment that he'd completely lost what little sense he had. She deserved it... Of course she deserved it! But no matter how many times he told himself that, no matter how strongly he believed it, he couldn't shake the guilty feeling in his gut. Professor Wolfe had explained exactly why Axel's brazen outburst was inappropriate and he really couldn't help but agree. He'd meant to stand up for the man, but had wound up disappointing him instead. Not only that but he had inadvertently implied that the man couldn't fight his own battles. But Axel didn't think that at all. He really admired Professor Wolfe. The ex-star had gone through far much in life: injury, tragedy... and probably things like threats and blackmail that went along with being rich and famous. His reliance on seemingly no one and his permanent smile in the face of anything were traits that Axel hoped to develop for himself someday. And he did believe he had an affinity for such things, and being independent was easy with no true possibility of finding a confidant. He was the man that Axel most dreaded to see tonight. Even more than that horrible jerk he had been sentenced with. He didn't want to see her either of course, but her stuck-up features didn't hold a candle to the disappointed look his teacher had given him. Yet when he made it to his destination, the face that greeted him was entirely unexpected. It looked like Aradia hadn't arrived yet, but someone else had. "Harvey?" He addressed the older Gryffindor with surprise. The boy had come in his usual style of dressing, complete with cocky smile. "You're doing detention with us?" {Gryffindor Roleplay Challenge #8}
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    Axel was pacing as well, but for an entirely different reason. There was an unusual streak of panic in his eyes while they scanned each of the doors in the hallway. It was halfway through the year at this point, but Axel looked much the same as he had on his first day. Lost in the hall, searching for a classroom he had not yet been to. Though he had been much more laid back that first day. The Veela boy rarely minded being lost. It provided so many opportunities for exploration. He loved this castle for its vast halls, its moving staircases, and its endless mysteries. But right now? Now he cursed it for those very same properties. He knew of the secret room on the seventh floor, he'd met the ghosts that wandered the place - every myth, every secret that had come to his attention had been thoroughly explored. And yet... he could not for the life of him figure out where the Library was. While he was normally very easygoing, today he was beating himself up inside. He had made a promise to meet the transfiguration girl about fifteen minutes ago now. What was it he had told her that first day? I always keep my promises. Some joke. Even if the rest of the world was fake, at least he himself was supposed to be honest and reliable. She had been so kind as to offer him much-needed instruction. He didn't truly believe that the offer stemmed from kindness of course, but that didn't excuse him from the obligation. He knew why she had invited him- the same reason that everyone offered their support. Sometimes he wished that people weren't so nice. If someone were rude or mean to him, at least he would know that their feelings were genuine. Had did occasionally receive some grief from other boys, jealous of the attention he was constantly given. He actually liked these interactions quite a bit. But his charms were often enough to win over even them, and the resentment never lasted once he attempted to befriend the person. Axel knew full well that his classmate had only invited him because he had slipped up and let her see him worrying. Anyone would have rushed to help. But still... he felt terrible. Finally he fount it - a placard with the words "LIBRARY" embossed across the front. It was embarassing to be so late. Heck, at this point she had probably left already. But if he didn't at least check in, it would only eat away at him more. So he pushed open the door as quietly as he could, peering inside. Transfiguation girl was still there, talking to an older-looking girl with yellow hair. He approached them cautiously, giving a sort of half wave. "Hey there!" he said in the loud-whisper voice he had always been taught to use when conversing in libraries. Coming from him, it had an almost hypnotic tone to it. "Sorry, I kinda got lost..."
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    ADELYNNWILDE ✥ AXEL'S PROFILE Year 1 - November Axel strode into the Transfiguration room with a somewhat unwarranted confidence. After all, he had been late to most of his classes this week. The young boy, while unusually charming, did seem to have an extreme penchant for getting lost - be that in thought, direction, or class instruction. The expected appearance would be that of a nervous boy, scrambling from place to place looking for the correct room. But that was not an appearance that had ever graced the image of Axel Walkwood (no matter how often he felt like it.) His broad grin and confident stride as he entered the classroom gave no indication of his true feelings. Though the surprise in his voice might have. "Is this the Transfiguration room?" The words "Transfiguration Class Agenda" written on the board might have given him a clue had he been a wee bit more observant. Though to be fair, he was distracted. Who wouldn't be, in a room full of dancing stools? The wooden seats flew into their places, lining up perfectly with the tables. At this, another almost-as-stupid question left his lips. "Am I ... early?"

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