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  2. Axel Walkwood

    "Sounds great!" Axel declared, flopping rather heavily into one of the chairs. He did notice that the girl was acting nervous, but that was nothing new. She had always come off as the quiet type, and he was certain his Veela bloodline did little to help with that impression. At twelve, he had just reached the age where the girls in his year had started acting weird around him. He didn't let himself think about that kind of thing though - it wouldn't be fair to the girls. Much as he was tempted to enjoy the attention, he knew it didn't come to him by his own merit. To suggest anything else woul
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  4. Axel Walkwood

    For probably the first time since he'd come to Hogwarts, Axel wasn't walking with his head held high. He dragged his feet down the hallway, his his stride unusual broken and slow. The enormity of the situation wasn't lost on the boy, and his dread had been building throughout the day. His first detention... It was a black mark on an otherwise clean record. He was a bit of a mischief-maker in the early stages of pranksterism, but up until this point he hadn't done anything bad enough to warrant disciplinary action. He wasn't the best of students, but he didn't like to think of himself as a bad
  5. Axel Walkwood

    "Um..." Axel halted the moment he walked into the Transfiguration classroom. His eyes were locked on the chalkboard, a giggle stuck stuck in his throat. Snufflifors... now that was just a funny word. He had absolutely no idea what it meant, but just the sound of it was making him chuckle. It sounded somehow cute, like a tiny mystical creature. He knew it wasn't one of course, as he'd learned plenty about magical creatures from his father. But it did sound like one, and the tiny animal image it brought to mind made his smile grow even more. "Snufflifors! What a funny word... what's it mean
  6. Axel Walkwood

    Axel wrapped his robes tightly around himself as he made his way out to the Grounds. Why did they have to have Herbology in this kind of weather? Wouldn't all the plants just shrivel up and die or something? To be fair, Axel didn't know anything about plants. But if there were no live plants to work with that would be even worse. That meant more bookwork - the worst possible kind of work if you asked him. He would have dragged his feet, but the chilling wind propelled him forward. Anything to get out of that. When he finally got there, he settled down with his arms wrapped around himself- a fu
  7. Axel Walkwood

    "Oh, me! Can I go first!?" Axel's hand shot into the air. He was extremely eager to volunteer. The Gryffindor had been practicing his Flying during free periods, and he was pretty sure he'd be able to navigate the course. Heck, he planned to do it so fast that he wouldn't have to stop for anyone! (This was of course completely contradictory to the lesson at hand, but he was more interested in the cool obstacle course than the lecturing words of the Professor.) He did have a surface-level understanding of the third rule of flying. Of course respect was important. He knew that there were other
  8. Axel Walkwood

    Axel liked Defense Against the Dark Arts. It was one of his favorite subjects. Of course they hadn't done anything too drastic in their first-year lessons, but Professor Cethero always managed to make it fun. If that ever failed, Axel's imagination was more than ready to pick up the slack. He wanted to be a Hit Wizard when he grew up, or maybe even an Auror (though that would require a lot more hard work than the laid-back child was likely to put in). He pictured himself warding off dangerous creatures and dueling with Dark Wizards. He'd be a hero someday. He'd earn all of the praise that peop
  9. Axel Walkwood

    Axel's eyes lit up when he saw the words on the board today. Fire... cool! Well, not literally but you know... He had a small debate with himself in his own head. Over word choice of all things too. Maybe that Alexia girl was starting to rub off on him. But there was no denying that fire-making was an exciting prospect. For one thing it had been freezing around the old stone building these past months. And for another Axel just liked fire. He'd always had a sort of affinity for it. It was a powerful force of destruction, but also a source of happy things like warmth and light. And it was reall
  10. Axel Walkwood

    Axel shivered as he made his way up to the Astronomy room. He wasn't one to ditch classes, but today he was quite tempted. It was cold and miserable, and his feet hurt from running around the castle all day. But he knew Professor Harkiss wouldn't let him live it down. So while he longed to ditch the Astronomy lecture for the comfort of... well, anywhere else, the class taught by the Headmistress was not one to take risks in. He sat down near the front of the classroom and scanned the board. Eclipses. He vaguely knew what that was, at least enough to know that he likely wouldn't find it interes
  11. Axel Walkwood

  12. Axel Walkwood

    "Huh? Of course we are!" What a strange thing to ask. She was the one who had been upset with him, after all. He definitely did not understand this girl. But at least his little speech appeared to have worked. Alexia's voice was more even now, and the look she was giving him not longer reflected pain. Thank goodness. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt anyone. He was glad that was over. No more "Transfiguration chick", that was for sure. "Mind if I sit down?" he gestured to the empty seat beside her. "I think the class is gonna start soon."
  13. Axel Walkwood

    "Alexia..." The guilt hit him like a truck full of cement. He hadn't meant to hurt her. Indeed, he never would have called her his friend if he had known the effects the word would have. He couldn't claim friendship in the way she meant it, he wasn't even sure how exactly it was supposed to work. He'd thought nothing of it when he'd called her that in passing. A classmate, a friend, someone to exchange a few words with throughout the day... he didn't know the difference. But it had obviously meant something to her, and even the airheaded Axel couldn't miss the emotions that had been so cl
  14. Axel Walkwood

    "What?" he turned to Alexia, totally exasperated at this point. "What is it? Are you ignoring me or not?" He couldn't for the life of him understand what was going on in this chick's mind. To be honest he didn't understand girls in general. But for the shy Alexia to actually speak up to him was a feat in and of itself. She didn't really talk much from what he knew. Not that he really knew her all that well... but why on earth was she addressing him now, when she had clearly been intentionally blowing him off just a moment before. He knew she was mad at him, but her confusing and contradictory
  15. Axel Walkwood

    "Totally!" Magic was definitely fun, more fun than anything he had ever done in his Muggle schooling. His own father had been a Wizard too, though he hadn't actively introduced Axel to the concept until he had begun showing some natural ability. He did wonder what it must have been like to grow up in the Wizarding World. Was every meal like the ones in the great hall? Did they fly to elementary school every day on broomsticks? Did they play Quidditch instead of baseball with their friends? Or was it a darker existence, constantly keeping their strange powers hidden from the Muggles around them
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