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  1. Donovan Kerrigan

    Her comment about being young made him chuckle some. "Of course, to many hormones going around at that time huh." He mused thinking about his time. There had only been one girl that grabbed his attention, however, that wasn't the case at this point. He shoved his hands in his pockets once again and nodded. He had missed some people as well. Chance had went off after they left school to do his own thing. It bothered him a little because he was no longer out there with him, but he understood. "I get that." He nodded Don looked at her once again and laughed. "Of course, they don't want to pu
  2. Donovan Kerrigan

    Donovan had been watching Eris for a while now. She had had a little spell and he of course being the big brother got all kinda of worried and didn't want to leave her side. Eris, of course had other plans for this. She had told him to many times to just leave her alone. Still the man wasn't going to take that sitting down. However, he had done that before. So just to spend a little more time with her he asked her out on a bother sister date. He wanted to do one last check up on her and if things looked okay from this point of view then he would be okay the rest of the time. "Are you sure abou
  3. Donovan Kerrigan

    If you want to rp please feel free to post here or pm me. Link to RP: clicky ~~~~~~~ Have ideas let me know: Share the wealth
  4. Donovan Kerrigan

  5. Donovan Kerrigan

    Single but plotted - older brother to Eris Kerrigan - healer - Unofficial Hufflepuff Alumni Could use, Friends, Flings, enemies, everything On going rps Inactive Rps
  6. Donovan Kerrigan

    Don had of course finished up the last bit of work that he had to do in his office and he was soon going to be heading out to hang with his sisters. He had things planned for them but that was still in a working progress. Sometimes he wondered if he was ever going to get it just right. Eris and Krystal had a thing they had to attend but that meant more planning. He grinned as he walked out of the castle and the cool winds hit him in the face. There were students everywhere. Which made him smile as he watched the snowball fight happening. As he walked by students waved and smiled at him. He tho
  7. Donovan Kerrigan

    It can be hard starting at a new school. You don't know anybody. You're not used to finding where everything is. There are subtle quirks that you haven't been made aware of... We get that. So, in the interest of making your start here in Hufflepuff Common room goes as smoothly as possible, we thought it might be nice to arrange an orientation of sorts! During this orientation, you'll be paired up with a member of the house who has been around a while. They'll help answer any questions you have, find you some peers to RP with, and anything else you might hope for in a mentor. Mento
  8. Donovan Kerrigan

  9. Donovan Kerrigan

    Each year, we leave the place that will become home to use in the end. This is a place where we can look back at all the past students that came from our house. We never know, we could have the next celebrity among us. Maybe even the next Minster of magic? This is a place where the seventh years post their goodbyes. Please PM the code below to myself and you will soon see yourself on the board. Name: Titles in school: Job after school:
  10. Donovan Kerrigan

    I sure you have questions about getting Head boy/girl or even how to get prefect. These are what every boy and girl want to achieve when they get to the school. Here's how you do that. For Prefect: There are only six prefect in the house at any given time. Fifth year, sixth year, and seventh years are the only ones that are allowed to be prefect. One boy and one girl in each year. To even be thought of for being prefect the student has to do the following the previous years in school. Must uphold all the school rule. Be helpful with those that need it. Show ho
  11. Donovan Kerrigan

    A Roleplay Challenge is a unique opportunity to earn house points. In essence, you will pick a prompt from the list below and complete a roleplay based upon it. Anyone who participates in the roleplay is eligible for points (even if they aren't in this house), but only a Ravenclaw may submit it for review. Below are the rules you must abide by in order for your roleplay to qualify. You may complete any number of challenges in a term, but you may only complete each challenge once. So if you've already done #1, you may do #2 to #100 and receive house points, but if you may not rec
  12. Donovan Kerrigan

    Welcome! I am your Head of House, Professor Donovan Kerrigan. You will get to know me while you spend the next seven years in school. I was placed in Hufflepuff just as you are some years ago. I am ready to help out with any kind of questions that you may have. I am delighted to have you in the fluffiest house of all, Hugglepuff Hufflepuff. Our emblem is the badger, an animal that is often underestimated, because it lives quietly until attacked, but which, when provoked, can fight off animals much larger than itself. We might be looking cute and fluffy on the outside but there is a little fire
  13. Donovan Kerrigan

    This section of the house is where all the important information will goes. This can rang from new house prefects or head students to changes that are made with in the house or with in site. Please keep a look out for any and all new information that could come.
  14. Donovan Kerrigan

    Donovan Kerrigan Basics Full Name: Donovan Aron Kerrigan Age (D.o.B.): 28 (01/01/2040) Nicknames: Don Gender: Male Sexuality: Heterosexual Blood Status: Pure-blood Position: Healer Wand: 12 inch Beech wood with Unicorn Hair Place of Birth: London, England Current Location: London Education: Hogwarts, Hufflepuff Alumni Languages: English
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