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Donovan Kerrigan

St. Mungo's Healer
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  1. Donovan Kerrigan

    If you want to rp please feel free to post here or pm me. Link to RP: clicky ~~~~~~~ Have ideas let me know: Share the wealth
  2. Donovan Kerrigan

  3. Donovan Kerrigan

    Single but plotted - older brother to Eris Kerrigan - healer - Unofficial Hufflepuff Alumni Could use, Friends, Flings, enemies, everything On going rps Inactive Rps
  4. Donovan Kerrigan


    Don had of course finished up the last bit of work that he had to do in his office and he was soon going to be heading out to hang with his sisters. He had things planned for them but that was still in a working progress. Sometimes he wondered if he was ever going to get it just right. Eris and Krystal had a thing they had to attend but that meant more planning. He grinned as he walked out of the castle and the cool winds hit him in the face. There were students everywhere. Which made him smile as he watched the snowball fight happening. As he walked by students waved and smiled at him. He thought he was a pretty easy going professor. Most the students knew him, he was easy to talk to, but that was different when he was in school here not to long ago of course. He chuckled as he walked closer to the snowball fight only coming to a stop next to another professor. One that helped his sister out when she was in school. He smirked some. "To be that young again." he mused as he stuffed his hands in his jacket. He turned to her with a smile only for it to fade away into shock as he felt something hit his shoulder. He could hear the giggles and awes coming from the group. He chuckled more as they watched him. He bent down making his own snowballs and launched them at the kids which earned more laughter with him shaking his head more. A bigger smile etched on his face. "How are you Maeve?" he questioned as he watched the kids now.
  5. Donovan Kerrigan

    It can be hard starting at a new school. You don't know anybody. You're not used to finding where everything is. There are subtle quirks that you haven't been made aware of... We get that. So, in the interest of making your start here in Hufflepuff Common room goes as smoothly as possible, we thought it might be nice to arrange an orientation of sorts! During this orientation, you'll be paired up with a member of the house who has been around a while. They'll help answer any questions you have, find you some peers to RP with, and anything else you might hope for in a mentor. Mentors will be awarded 50 house points for completing mentoring, but only 10 points for partial completion (even if the mentee falls inactive). Mentees will be given 25 points for completing mentoring and an addition 25 for submitting their review to Prof. Kerrigan after he's sent it. Professor mentors may not earn house points. A mentor must complete an introduction RP, a tour of the Common Room, and a non-mentorship RP (can be a Roleplay Challenge or just a "Get to know your peers") on top of sending a welcome letter for mentorship to be complete. However, even if the mentoring activities are over, they should still be available to answer their mentee's questions afterward. To sign up to be mentored by one of our mentors, simply post below with the following information: I NEED A MENTOR! Character Name: Time Zone: Preferred Mentor: (If Applicable) If you'd like to be a mentor, please sign up using the following: I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE! Character Name: Time Zone: Current Year: Link to 150x150 image of Face Claim: Prof. Donovan Kerrigan Hufflepuff Head of House/ Deputy head master Easter standard time NAME Year/Position Time Zone NAME Year/Position Time Zone These are mentees waiting for a mentor. Name Time Zone Name Time Zone Name Time Zone To claim one of these (or one from below that hasn't been placed yet), please submit the following form: ADOPTING A MENTEE! Name of Mentee: These are the current ongoing pairs. Mentor Name is mentoring Mentee Name as of DATE Once a mentor is finished mentoring their student, they should report it here using the following code: ALL DONE! Name of Mentee: Completed or Partial? Mentor Name finished mentoring Mentee Name as of DATE
  6. Donovan Kerrigan

  7. Donovan Kerrigan

    Each year, we leave the place that will become home to use in the end. This is a place where we can look back at all the past students that came from our house. We never know, we could have the next celebrity among us. Maybe even the next Minster of magic? This is a place where the seventh years post their goodbyes. Please PM the code below to myself and you will soon see yourself on the board. Name: Titles in school: Job after school:
  8. Donovan Kerrigan

    I sure you have questions about getting Head boy/girl or even how to get prefect. These are what every boy and girl want to achieve when they get to the school. Here's how you do that. For Prefect: There are only six prefect in the house at any given time. Fifth year, sixth year, and seventh years are the only ones that are allowed to be prefect. One boy and one girl in each year. To even be thought of for being prefect the student has to do the following the previous years in school. Must uphold all the school rule. Be helpful with those that need it. Show house pride. Do well in classes. Not gotten a write up from any professors. Always on time to any event. Must show a strong interest in wanting the house to thrive For Head Students At the beginning of the school year, one boy and one girl from all seventh year students will be appointed as head students. These students are chosen because of their outstanding reputation, their good, honest and hard working personality, also this will be based on their school achievements. They should also show house pride and must have been on time to events held by the school. Head Students jobs: One of their biggest duties is to help the prefects know what they need to do at school and on the Hogwarts express. They also have other special duties that help the school when the professors, or Headmistress needs them. Just so you know... It should be noted that just because you are a prefect doesn't mean that you will become head student.
  9. Donovan Kerrigan

    A Roleplay Challenge is a unique opportunity to earn house points. In essence, you will pick a prompt from the list below and complete a roleplay based upon it. Anyone who participates in the roleplay is eligible for points (even if they aren't in this house), but only a Ravenclaw may submit it for review. Below are the rules you must abide by in order for your roleplay to qualify. You may complete any number of challenges in a term, but you may only complete each challenge once. So if you've already done #1, you may do #2 to #100 and receive house points, but if you may not receive house points for #1 a second time. Seasonal challenges do not have to be completed within their season, but the roleplay itself must be set in that season. So if you start a Winter seasonal roleplay in the Fall, your roleplay must still be set in the Winter despite that you are writing in the Fall. Each post is worth 5 house points, and any member of the roleplay may earn points. There must be a minimum of 10 posts in the roleplay to qualify, but there is no maximum. The roleplay must have an identifiable beginning, middle, and end. A post only counts if it has at least 5 sentences. Other contests may overlap your posts, and they may added into existing roleplays, but they must clearly be labeled "Ravenclaw Roleplay Challenge" and include the challenge number in each participating post. You must use the form below to turn in your challenge. Completion Form: Characters in the Roleplay: (list each character involved) Total Posts: Roleplay Challenge #: Link to First Post: Role-Play Challenge List General Challenges Get to know another Hufflepuff Bug a Slytherin Tell a Ravenclaw they are wrong and be right Compete with a Gryffindor Out smart a professor Knock over books in the library Help clean up a mess Bake a cake for someone Free hugs for all Ask for help with a problem Freak out when a painting talks to you Forget the password to the common room
  10. Donovan Kerrigan

    Welcome! I am your Head of House, Professor Donovan Kerrigan. You will get to know me while you spend the next seven years in school. I was placed in Hufflepuff just as you are some years ago. I am ready to help out with any kind of questions that you may have. I am delighted to have you in the fluffiest house of all, Hugglepuff Hufflepuff. Our emblem is the badger, an animal that is often underestimated, because it lives quietly until attacked, but which, when provoked, can fight off animals much larger than itself. We might be looking cute and fluffy on the outside but there is a little fire that is inside each of use. One day it will show. Our colors are black and yellow and our common room is one floor below the grounds, on the same level as the kitchens. Hufflepuff is a house a loyal house but lets not get that confused with us being soft. That is just not so. We are a lot of things, cleaver, fun and we can prove to be the ones that you should mess with. Being loyal isn't a bad thing at all, matter of fact it is a great thing to have. This house has formed many great witches and wizards, don't believe me, just look it up. Hufflepuffs are trustworthy and loyal, we don't pop off at the mouth, but if crossed we will protect ours. What you do need to know. The common room is concealed in a stack of large barrels in a nook on the right hand side of the kitchen corridor. Tap the barrel two from the bottom, middle and the second row, in the rhythm of 'Helga Hufflepuff', and the lid will swing open. We are the only house at Hogwarts that also has a repelling device for would-be intruders. If the wrong lid is tapped, or if the rhythm of the tapping is wrong the illegal entrant is doused in vinegar. Our house ghost is the friendliest of them all. The Fat Friar. You'll notice him right off. He is plump thing and wears monk robes. He is extremely helpful if you are lost or are in need of any kind of help. So if you see him say hello. I look forward to getting to know each and everyone of you while you are in Hogwarts and in Hufflepuff. Remember I am always here to help if you find yourself in any kind of bind.
  11. Donovan Kerrigan

    This section of the house is where all the important information will goes. This can rang from new house prefects or head students to changes that are made with in the house or with in site. Please keep a look out for any and all new information that could come.
  12. Donovan Kerrigan


    Donovan Kerrigan Basics Full Name: Donovan Aron Kerrigan Age (D.o.B.): 28 (01/01/2040) Nicknames: Don Gender: Male Sexuality: Heterosexual Blood Status: Pure-blood Position: Healer Wand: 12 inch Beech wood with Unicorn Hair Place of Birth: London, England Current Location: London Education: Hogwarts, Hufflepuff Alumni Languages: English Other: Preferences Likes: Making people laugh, Helping his sister, Charms & potions, eating sweets, reading, being Challenged Dislikes: Being board, someone that is mean to his sister, taking to long on a task, rainy days Relationships Relationship Status: Single Significant Other: NAME: None Past Relationship(s): NAME: CeCe Moreway, first love, moved away Family: Father: Mr Kerrigan, 52, Ministry Mother: Mrs Kerrigan, 51, house wife Sister: Eris Kerrigan, 25, Astrologist Pets: Spark the white cat with a black patch over his left eye Writer Information Writer Alias: NickyNack Writer Age: 28 Writer Pronouns: She, her Timezone: EST contact: On here will not write: Anything is fair game, but please discuss mature themes with me first so I know what your expectations and limits are. Before Hogwarts Donovan was born to Mr and Mrs Kerrigan twenty eight years ago. His father was a minster worker and his mother was a loyal house wife and mom to him and his little sister. His childhood had been just like any normal pure-blood family, balls, fancy dinners. It was then that he meet his best friend Chance. The two became extremely close and wanted to stay at each others house. It helped that both their fathers worked in the same field. Donovan had been a sweet child, normally the one that could get the two out of any trouble that Chance happened to get them into. He knew how to use that against people and would do it proudly sometimes. He turned out to be a pretty funny kid always aiming to make someone laugh. Always enjoyed being the center of attention. Hogwarts Years When Donovan got his letter, his family was excited. His mother had told him all about the school that he was going to go to. He had a house picked out that he wanted but it didn't fit him well at all. Going to get his school things, his little sister tagged along only to end up getting sick during the second shop they entered. He was scared to know what was going on with her. His mother asked him to shop with Chance and his mother which the woman was more than happy to help. The train ride to the school was very eventful. Don and Chance had a cart full of people wanting to hang out with them and chat. Jokes were told and friendships were made. Once they got to the school the boat ride cross the lake had been something else. He and Chance had made bet on what was in the water. As the group of first years entered the great hall, they were called up one by one and sorted into their houses. Chance got sorted into Slytherin which seemed right for him as his whole family seemed to be sorted into the house. Donovan was sorted into Hufflepuff much to his amusement. He embraced it with a smile. The rest of the year, he found out that he was really good with Charms and potions. Which he had to help out Chance a lot with. He soon found out that rainy days at the school weren't really that fun. He and Chance had gotten into plenty of trouble for those days. Second year, was a little different. This year he had been able to move around the castle freely without feeling like he had been lost the whole time. He was still really good with Potions and Charms but he was starting hate Astronomy now that he had to stay up later in the night taken it. This year he had got to meet a girl named CeCe. She had been placed in Ravenclaw their first year, but he could remember her from the train ride the first time. She seemed to laugh at most of his jokes. Soon he, Chance and CeCe were really close. They were known as the power three. Though it always felt a little off since there was in the words of chance one missing. Their second year went along with no real events happening. Third year happened and he was a little nervous as this year his sister was going to be coming to the school. He had been told by his mother that he was to watch her as much as he was able to. He told himself that he would find someone in whatever house she was sorted into to watch her and give details on what happened if anything. As the sorting hat called her name he was watching her every move. Chance had been just as worried as he had grown up with her as well. The sorting hat shouted out Slytherin and Don sighed knowing that Chance was going to be able to watch her from the common room. Nothing really interesting happened other than a couple failed test here and there. He was mainly watching over Eris and worked on his studies. fourth year, Donovan had found himself in somewhat of a pickle. Eris had finally found her grounds, much like he had in his second year. She had found herself a rather interesting friend named Krystal. However, something was off with the girl. Not in a bad way of course. It was just that she had looked a lot like Eris. The Kerrigan's siblings world was flipped upside down when the news came that Krystal was Eris' twin sister. To him that would mean one of two things, that either his mother was lying about having another daughter or that Eris wasn't really his blood sister. Once Eris had gotten all the facts, he knew that the later of the ideas were right. He was the only biological child of his mother and father but that wouldn't change the fact of how he felt about Eris at all. However, the new bothered him to the point where he started to do poorly in school. Which caused him to be brought into the offices of many professors fearing that he wouldn't pass the year. Fifth year came and Donovan had more or less locked himself in his dorm trying to get every bit of studying he could done. As he was getting ready to take OWLs at the end of the year. The power three had ended up studying in the library, Helping out where the others needed it. By the end of the term, the test were given out and turned out all the studying helped Don very much. He got out standings in potions and charms, he did okay in everything else. Sixth year couldn't come fast enough for him. It was a time to relax some and to have a bit of fun while he was at it. Though there were things that put into play. He would soon find himself in a rather interesting relationship. He and CeCe had been flirting with each other since he could remember but he hadn't really thought anything of it. Finally she asked him on a date and he agreed. The two goofed off a lot and most people loved the way the two were with each other, some may have even envied them. He wasn't sure. Seventh year was finally here and he couldn't wait to get out of the school. He might miss it. Honestly the only person that he was going to miss was his sisters. Though they seemed to be doing just fine on their own. His and CeCe's relationship started to get a little more serious. He was starting to think that they were going to last well after they got out of school. They were back to studying once again, this time it was for NEWTs. The last big test they had of their school career. He showed CeCe and Chance and they were amazed that he had been able to do that. NEWTs came and gone and he had passed them. Making him a graduate of Hogwarts. After Hogwarts Don and CeCe had lasted a couple years after they graduated. He was planing on asking her to marry him when she gave him the new that she would be leaving the country and not coming back. She had told him that she had not been happy for the last couple month and needed something new with her life. Heartbroken he watched her leave his life for the last time and ended up getting drunk almost every day. Chance had heard about the break up through Eris and Krystal who were getting ready to graduate school as well. Chance found Don in a bar that night and took him to the hospital telling him that it wasn't worth getting drunk over. That he needed to get his life together because he wasn't going to have a bum for a friend. It was a long year before he fully recovered from the whole mess he was in when he finally came back he knew that he was going to have to get a job and he found one that had his name written all over it. A professor at Hogwarts. There was Charms and a Potions spot open. He was excited to have either but went with the potions classes. While he was out one day, he got stopped by a couple healers that were trying to ask for help. Curious as he was, he listened and learned that they were trying to find help to find a cure for blood malediction. Which was a very hard topic for him since the family found out that his little sister had the curse. He was asked to join the cause and he accepted without and questions, even though it meant that he was leaving the school that he so longed to teach at. Character's Personality Don is a very friendly person. He is helpful with people need it. He is drawn to people who need cheering up. He is protective over people who have been hurt. He will get along with just about anyone.

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