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Wizarding Wireless Network

Purchasing OWLs
There is no requirements that need to be met before purchasing an OWL

Purchasing NEWTs
You must have purchased the OWL in the subject before purchasing the NEWT. If this doesn't occur, you will lose your NEWT and be reimbursed the funds you spent.

Purchasing a Specialty Class Completion Certificate
Each class has its own unique pre-requisites, please read below:

  • Alchemy
    You must purchase the OWL in Potions first.
  • Animagus
    You must purchase the OWL in Transfiguration first.
  • Apparation
    Can be purchased at any time.
  • Wandlore
    Can be purchased at any time.
  • Patronus Studies
    You must purchase the OWL in Charms first.

Purchasing an Exclusive Benefit
These benefits have no prerequisites, however we suggest you read them fully before purchasing. Many of them are limited to a short period of time (i.e. one time use) or are exclusively an out of character benefit. Be careful! They also require staff to activate. So even though you don't see anything on your account right away, please know that we will get to it! Please note, that the benefit only applies to the character it was purchased on.

More coming soon!

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