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    Professor Wolfe felt a shiver creep up his back as he waited by the dungeon entrance. This place had always set him on edge, even when he was a student himself. Especially when he was a student actually. The dark, musty halls had done their part in scaring a young detention-bound Adrian into better behavior. That was most of the reason he was standing here now. But he did have to admit the area still wasn't his favorite place to be. Terror had given way to mild discomfort, but it was uncomfortable nonetheless. He smiled at a few Slytherins that were heading to their common rooms, but the taps of his foot were enough to show that he was growing impatient. There were a couple of specific students he was waiting for, but he had let the other teachers know that they send their detention earners his way if they so desired. Tonight's task was more than enough for a few sets on extra hands. As for his own attendees... he was pretty sure Axel Walkwood would show. The boy had a mischievous streak, but his antics were usually harmless and he did show a certain dedication to his classes (at least from the flying teacher's perspective). He was definitely the kind of child to earn himself detention, but didn't seem like the kind who would ditch it once it was given. If nothing else he must know the consequences for skipping it would be far greater than any task Professor Wolfe decided to assign. The other student, Aradia Warbeck, was a different story. That girl was a piece of work to say the least. Professor Wolfe tended to be pretty unbiased when it came to his students, actively trying to see the best in each and every one of them. But Ms. Warbeck made that difficult task. He didn't blame the eleven-year-old for her behavior, not entirely. He could only imagine what sort of diamond-encrusted life had lead the young girl to be so spoiled. He hated to take on the role of disciplinarian, much preferring to be "fun teacher" most of his students knew. But it was a part of the job that must be done. Still, he would've preferred it done sooner rather than later. He thought he had come up with a pretty good sentence that not only (loosely) related to their crime and the lesson they should have been learning, but was awful enough to deter any future misbehavior from them. He wasn't a fan of punishment as a concept, but that didn't mean he was no good at it. It wouldn't be quite so poetic for any students another teacher chose to hand over, but with any luck it would still be enough to set them on the right path. He might have to think of something else to add on if they took much longer though. They were already running late.
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    "I'm rarely surprised, due to my age." Andrew gestured to himself and chuckled. He knew exactly what Professor Wolf was feeling. "Teaching truly is the best, but yes first years can be rather ... annoying at times. You did not hear that from me," Andrew said, "That's why it is sometimes nice to each an elective course." he confessed. Teaching truly saved his life and helped him to process the world after Patricia. Andrew instantly straightened up when the man mentioned there might be something bothering him. In truth something was always bothering him. "Nothing more than the usual, I do not think I have truly gotten finished processing the passing on my wife. It happened sometime ago, but everyday is a challenge." Andrew opened up. He had never really been afraid to think about her death figuratively, but now it seemed even more real saying it out loud. "I don't want to drag down the mood the night." Andre's waved.

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